The Sprinkler sex position is the easy move for couples to try during the heatwave without getting too sweaty

WANT to set pulses racing in the bedroom this lockdown but fear the heatwave is leaving you too sweaty to feel sexy?

You might want to try The Sprinkler sex position, which is a racy move that won't leave you too hot and heavy. 

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The cheeky position can be nailed with the man reclining on an armchair or propped up on a bed in a half-lying stance, with his legs wide apart. 

The woman then sits on his lap with her back facing him, using her arms to support her body on the armrest and her tiptoes on the floor. 

To make The Sprinkler even more sexy, the woman can half turn towards him so he gets a full view of her body and eye contact can be made. 

You will both have an intense ride but without feeling like you need to jump into an ice bath straight after.

A recent poll revealed 27 per cent of Brits would like to use their time in quarantine to 'have more sex'.

And now you have the perfect chance.

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