Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield can’t stop laughing as they look at kids’ VERY awkward artwork on This Morning

HOLLY Willoughby and Philip Schofield could barely contain their laughter as they looked as kids’ drawings on This Morning, which looked like some something very rude instead.

The presenters were left in fits of giggles as mums sent in drawings of flowers, ballet shoes, mermaid tails and even a swing which all looked rather phallic. 

Holly, a mum-of-three, read out some of the parents’ description of their children’s masterpieces. 

The 39-year-old said: “Our daughter Lily drew our families coat of arms which made it onto the wall at parent’s evening. 

“That’s a very detailed pair of ballet shoes if you were wondering.”

Philip, 57, continued: “My daughter made a mermaid tail charm to put on her bracelet. 

“That’s a lovely one isn’t it.”

While Holly chipped in: “I hope you wear it everyday.”

One little boy drew a picture for his neighbours in a kind gesture, which instead left the adults in stitches. 

Holly read: “My young son Charlie, aged five, drew this picture to say thank you to our elderly neighbours.”

And fighting back giggles, she added: “What a beautiful creation.”

Philip showed another picture, explaining: “This was my little girl’s drawing of a swing.”

The entire studio burst into laughter, as Holly declared: “That’s my favourite.”

The pair also showed off hilarious Mother’s day cards, self-portraits and 3D creations which kids had unwittingly turned into something rude.

And a mortified Mrs Hinch fan draws a huge willy on her wall but now it won’t come off.

Plus this Mrs Hinch fan transformed her bracelets using a £1 cleaning paste after damp ruined them.

For more incredible cleaning hacks, Mrs Hinch got her jewellery looking sparkling new with a £1 Stardrops spray.

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Iconic Fashion Moments You Can Watch on YouTube

Sometimes, watching a full movie feels like an undertaking—even if it’s an unforgettable fashion film like Prêt-à-Porter or Unzipped. Fortunately, there’s an equally rich trove of fashion material on YouTube, which comes with the added bonus of being free. Are you vaguely aware that Marc Jacob’s spring 1993 show was historic, but secretly hazy on the details? Have you always wondered what it was like to watch Kate and Naomi on the runway at the peak of their ‘90s fame—or why Tyra was decidedly not a part of their crew? Educate and distract yourself from the pitfalls of social distancing with the below, which range from full-on documentaries to brief clips. 

Tyra and Naomi Hash Out Their Feud 

Years and years before the coronavirus forced talk shows to do away with live studio audiences, Tyra Banks kicked out everyone but herself and Naomi Campbell so that they could resolve their longtime feud in (relative) peace.  

Kate Moss on Mario Sorrenti’s Obsession With Her 

This interview with Kate Moss last less than 10 minutes, but it’s one of her most candid. Nick Knight kicks off with Mario Sorrenti’s iconic photo of Kate stretched out completely naked on a couch for Calvin Klein’s Obsession. You might never think of the image the same way after Kate details the uncomfortable ways in which it came to be. “He was obsessed,” she says of the photographer, whom she was then dating. 

Kate Moss Eats a Popsicle on the Runway 

Back when fashion shows were truly spectacles, Vivienne Westwood passed out popsicles for models like Kate Moss to share with each other and front-row guests.

Naomi Campbell Revisits Her Runway Fall 

An even more memorable Vivienne Westwood runway moment: Naomi Campbell taking a tumble. The pair reunited to look back on that fateful day in 2019. 

A Taste of Thierry Mugler’s Couture Shows 

You don’t have to watch all 46 minutes of Thierry Mugler’s spring 1997 show, but there’s a reason it has 1.2 million views. 

Brooke Shields’s Early Calvin Klein Ads

A quick but essential watch: A teenaged Brooke Shields writhing on the ground in her Calvins. She was just 16 when she informed viewers that nothing comes between her and her Calvins, in another of Richard Avedon’s ads that got banned on networks like ABC and CBS. 

Highlights of the Isaac Mizrahi Doc Unzipped 

You have to pay $3.99 to watch Unzipped, the incredibly ’90s Isaac Mizrahi documentary in full. But you can watch some of the highlights via this 10-clip playlist, or this glimpse of the chaos before the show backstage. 

Supers Lip Sync George Michael at Versace 

Allow Tim Blanks to take you back to 1990, when Gianni Versace tapped Lindsay, Christy, Naomi, and Cindy to lip sync George Michael on the runway. (While you’re at it, watch Donatella’s tribute to Gianni in 2017, which marked a reunion for supers like Naomi, Carla Bruni and Claudia Schiffer.) 

Donatella’s Ice Bucket Challenge 

In August of 2014, Donatella tapped two shirtless male models to film the most memorable “ice bucket challenge” in history. 

‘90s Chanel’s Ode to Hip-Hop 

Another Tim Blanks summary of an iconic runway show: Karl Lagerfeld’s fall 1991 homage to…. hip-hop. Blanks is quite kind to the collection, and to be fair, it was far from the Chanel designer’s only runway controversy. 

Karl Being Karl

There’s plenty of Lagerfeld content on YouTube, though not all of it in English. Here’s 15 minutes’s worth of the late designer sounding off on “stupid things like the iPad and iPhone.”

MTV’s House of Style 

You might as well get lost in the entirety of Cindy Crawford’s House of Style oeuvre at MTV. Start off with the super interviewing Jerry Seinfeld, as well as Kate Moss. 

Coco Rocha Does the Irish Jig 

Never forget when Jean Paul Gaultier tapped a then 18-year-old, kilt-wearing Coco Rocha to do the Irish jig for his fall 2007 show, five years after she was discovered at an Irish dance competition. Of course, it’s just one of JPG’s many memorable moments on the runway; you can also watch a clip of a topless Madonna joining him for a runway finale here. 

John Galliano Nails High Camp 

Camp and all its extravagance is manifest in ‘90s and early aughts John Galliano, before his tenure at Christian Dior came crashing to an end. For the house’s fall 1998 couture show, he rolled a functioning steam engine into a room of “lost luggage” tagged with names like Cleopatra and Brad Pitt. While you’re at it, watch a recap of 10 years’ worth of Galliano’s Dior couture, and one of his backstage moments with a young Kate Moss. 

Alexander McQueen’s Best Moments on the Runway

A recap of Alexander McQueen most iconic runway moments. You can also watch Haute le Mode’s much sassier take, here. 

Marc Jacobs’s Infamous Grunge Show 

The above is a quick recap, but you can also watch the full version of Marc Jacobs’s legendary spring 1993 show for Perry Ellis. Both will make you marvel at the fact that show got him fired—not to mention that it was ever thought of as “grunge” in the first place. 

Gigi and Bella, Before They Were Famous 

“Modeling is my job. Volleyball is my sport,” Gigi says in this time capsule of her life before becoming a supermodel. But it’s her brutally honest mom Yolanda who’s the breakout star. “I thought that my daughter was a lesbian,” she says of Gigi, describing her as the “white swan” and Bella as the black.

Glenn O’Brien Interviews Leandra Medine

Name a more unexpected duo than Glenn O’Brien and Leandra Medine, aka the Man Repeller. The blogger was one of many to join O’Brien on his candid series Tea at the Beatrice, the full episodes of which have very unfortunately disappeared since the beloved downtown wit and “Style Guy” died in 2017. (Less fashion-related, but also worth watching if you can track them down: Episodes of O’Brien’s public access show TV Party.) 

Lady Gaga Meets Azzedine Alaïa

Another fun pairing: Azzedine Alaïa and Lady Gaga. It’s a very brief sighting, but extremely worth it to see Gaga towering over the 5’2” designer in her then go-to platform heels. 

Twiggy Gets Ready for the Runway

A quick, silent look at Twiggy preparing for a runway show in the 1960s.

The Battle of Versailles 

Robin Givhan’s 2015 book the Battle of Versailles is dramatically subtitled “The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History” for a reason. On November 28, 1973, French and American designers gathered for a showdown at the Palace of Versailles. It’s hard to overstate how much of an impact the competition—Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Emanuel Ungaro, Pierre Cardin and Christian Dior vs. Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Stephen Burrows and Anne Klein—had on the industry. Made to Measure surprisingly tapped Stanley Tucci to narrate its 2016 documentary, which features interviews with some of the same supers—China Machado and Pat Cleveland—that contributed to another Battle of Versailles doc in 2012. (That version costs $2.99, on Vimeo.) 

Scorsese’s Take on Giorgio Armani

A clip of Martin Scorsese’s documentary on Giorgio Armani, which captures the ‘90s Italian fashion scene at its melodramatic best. 

A Closer Look at Hedi Slimane’s Legacy 

Even if you’re one of the die-hards who will forever resent Hedi Slimane for taking over Phoebe Philo’s Céline, there’s no denying the designer’s impact on menswear and the industry overall. 

Related: The Best Fashion Films to Stream Right Now

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As millions of single Brits stay home, women reveal dating app horror stories – from d*** pics to “I’ll cook you” threat – The Sun

DATING apps have seen a surge in popularity during the deadly coronavirus outbreak, as millions of single Brits face at least three weeks stuck at home alone.

Yet while many women find love through these apps, others come away with horror stories – from unsolicited "d*** pics" and chilling remarks to YEARS of online harassment.

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London worker Andreea is one of the not so lucky ones – she had just finished playing pool with her OkCupid date when he turned to her and said: "If I was to kill you, I'd probably cook you as I'm a chef."

Laughing nervously, the 25-year-old then listened in horror as her date described how he would turn her bottom half into ham and hang her upper half in his room "because you're beautiful".

From harassment to vulgar insults

"I immediately told the guy I needed to catch my last train home, despite knowing full well I'd missed it already," she tells Sun Online. "After that, I stopped going on online dates for a long time."

And Andreea's far from alone – new research reveals 88 per cent of women using dating apps have been harassed, while more than 90 per cent have been called offensive names like "f***ing wh***" and "b****".

And a worrying 38 per cent reported being threatened with physical violence by someone they met on an app, according to the figures by CyberNews.com, which surveyed 2,321 women.


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In recent years, dating apps and sites – such as Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Hinge and Match.com – have become incredibly popular in Britain, with around one in three relationships now starting online.

And with Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week imposing a police-enforced lockdown on the country, it is likely that the number of Brits looking for love and companionship online will only soar – though they'll have to wait a while to meet their potential matches in person.

Here, Andreea and two other women living in the UK reveal their own dating app ordeals…

'My OkCupid date said he wanted to cook my body, turn me into ham and hang me up in his room'

Andreea, 25, lives in London and works at a marketing company. She was on a date with an OKCupid match when he chillingly told her he wanted to cook her body.

Andreea says: "I met a London-based pastry chef on OkCupid two years ago.

He seemed like a perfectly normal guy and even made me a Spotify playlist of his favourite songs, which was nice. The conversation was flowing so when he asked me out, I had no reason to say no.

For our first date, we decided to play pool, then go for some drinks.

He was a bit late, which I didn't like, but I thought, 'It happens'.

He said he'd stabbed another pupil when he was at school – then told me 'they deserved it'

Yet when he finally arrived, the guy didn't look like he did in his pictures. I knew he wasn't my type at all – but I didn't want to be rude, so I still went ahead with the date.

I wasn't very good at pool, so we had a few laughs about that.

Then the conversation got a bit deep. He said he didn't have the best childhood and had experienced some issues with school. When I asked him to elaborate, he said he'd stabbed another pupil.

I remarked that he probably regrets it now – but he said: 'No, that person deserved it'.

I suddenly started to feel very concerned.

I didn't think he would hurt me there and then, but I wanted to remove myself from the situation. I nervously made a joke about him being the dangerous 'bad boy' type.

In response, he said if he was to actually kill me, he would probably cook me because he is a chef.

But he said he'd only cook my bottom half. He told me he'd turn me into ham because I have nice legs and the upper half he’d hang in his room because I’m beautiful.

He told me he'd turn me into ham because I have nice legs

I know it was probably meant as a twisted compliment, but it made me feel more uneasy. I told the guy I needed to catch my last train home, despite knowing full well I'd missed it already.

He wasn't very happy about it – he'd wanted me to come over to his place.

But fortunately, he walked me to the station then let me go.

Later, the guy text me trying to explain why I needed a 'bad boy-type' in my life. I replied saying I didn't feel attracted to him at all, and the conversation ended there.

Name-calling, stalking and 'catfishing'

MORE than 2,300 women were recently surveyed about their dating app experiences.

One participant, Esther, reveals: "I stopped replying to a guy who I decided I wasn’t interested in and he continued to message. With every message, they got more aggressive.

"I blocked him and he messaged me off another number calling me a b**** for ignoring him."

The survey, published by cyber security news website CyberNews.com this month, found:

91% of women have been called an offensive name

88% have been harassed while using a dating app

74% have been continually contacted despite turning down someone's advances

71% fear being stalked by someone they're talking to online

67% have been sent unwanted sexually-explicit photos

65% have been left feeling worse about finding love

48% have been left feeling worried for their safety

38% have been threatened with physical harm

32% have been contacted on another messaging platform by someone they met on an app

19% have been 'catfished' – where someone pretends to be someone else online

After that ordeal, I stopped going on online dates for a long time. I downloaded a different app – Hinge – recently to give it another go, but I'm rarely on it.

I feel more comfortable meeting people organically. Yes, there are some lovely guys on these apps – but there are also questionable characters, like the chef.

I think it's important to follow your gut feeling and remove yourself from a situation as soon as you're feeling uncomfortable. It's your right to say no."

'I was bombarded with unsolicited d*** pics, branded a "f***ing wh***" and stalked for YEARS'

Abby, 28, is a marketing manager from London. She was living in France when she was bombarded with X-rated pictures and abusive comments by Tinder matches.

Abby says: "I moved to Paris after my then-boyfriend dumped me. I decided to join Tinder a few months later – but was never really into the whole online dating thing.

I'd say 80 per cent of the 20 or so guys who contacted me on the app were sleazy. Some of them then added me on Snapchat, Instagram and other social platforms.

I’d get all sorts of images sent to me – including guys showing me their erect penis. A lot of the time it was just the shape of it through clothing, but I got completely nude ones too.

They'd tell me, 'This is what your photo has done to me'. As well as the usual d*** pics, I also got topless ones. I even had someone send me a photo of their feet, asking if I'd send one back!

Some guys sent me awful insults when I didn't respond to them.

In 2016, not long after joining Tinder, I started talking to a guy coincidentally called Paris. He messaged me saying how beautiful I was, and asked me where in the capital I was living.

I had some chit chat with him, but he got intense really quickly.

He came off a little creepy straight off the bat.

He called me a 'stuck up b****' and 'f***ing wh***' – but I was too scared to block him

As soon as I deleted Tinder – for the sake of my mental health – Paris added me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where he began sending me messages and liking my photos.

I ignored him – which made him furious. He started insulting me – calling me things like "stuck up b****" and "f***ing wh***" – and asking me who the guys in my stories were.

I was too scared to block him in case it made his reaction even worse. You don't know what these people are capable of. He knew what area I lived in, so I avoided riling him up further.

I just waited for the harassment to fizzle out.

Finally, in December last year, it did.

Today, I'm back in London and dating someone I met at work.

It's not OK to be abused when you're simply trying to find love

I definitely don’t want to go back to online dating.

I think people, including women, are pretty blasé about it. You sort of expect a certain amount of abuse or harassment when you join dating apps – but that attitude isn't right.

It's not OK to be abused when all you have done is put yourself out there to try and find love."

'I was sent sexual messages by creepy Tinder match – who called me a "chocolate midnight snack"'

Emmanuela Agu, 19, is a student nurse from Hertfordshire. She was horrified when a Tinder match told her he'd "never done it with a black person before".

Emmanuela says: "I joined Tinder out of curiosity aged 18, having been single forever.

It was a bit daunting, but not in the way that dating is in real life. You don’t have to worry about shaky speaking or sweaty palms, but I did worry about who was seeing my account.

My first bad encounter was with a seemingly normal guy, who was 23.

At first, we were having a normal chat and getting to know each other. He was really open on his profile. He talked about what uni he used to go to, what he did now, and his two dogs.

He messaged me late at night saying 'I fancy a chocolate midnight snack'

One day, I replied to him at around 11pm because I'm a night owl and it was a busy day. My message wasn’t remotely sexual in any way, and I apologised for responding so late.

He replied with: 'Oh, it’s fine, I fancy a chocolate midnight snack'.

I remember sending him a question mark because I was very, very confused. In response, he said something along the lines of: 'Don't be shy, we all know why we are on here'.

Annoyed, I explained I wasn’t on the same page as him. But he kept going, asking me to add him on Snapchat and telling me: 'I have never done it with a black person before'.

He then sent me a picture of himself topless on another social platform.

I felt so uncomfortable and fetishised, and stopped replying to him. But he continued sending me messages well into the morning, saying, 'Hello, you there?' and 'I am just horny'.

I reported and unmatched him, but I ended up feeling guilty – like it was my fault

From past experiences, I knew he wouldn’t take it well if I simply told him he made me feel uncomfortable – people like that aren’t very self-aware.

So I reported and unmatched him – but I ended up feeling guilty.

I felt it was my fault for some reason.

Not long after, I deleted Tinder altogether.

Other users had added me on platforms like Instagram and sent me unsolicited pictures of themselves naked. Some had got angry when I didn't respond fast enough.

Now, I no longer use dating apps because it's just so messy.

People need to be more aware of the harassment taking place on them.

So many women are forced to take action themselves – and blocking doesn't necessarily stop the harassers. It can be quite a scary world sometimes."

'Zero-tolerance' towards harassment

DATING apps and social media platforms have guidelines in place to help tackle harassment. 

Tinder advises users to "always be cautious when interacting with someone you don’t know".

It encourages them to report all suspicious and offensive behaviour – including harassment, threats and inappropriate actions – via the app's self-reporting tool or by contacting its team online.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment," the company states on its website.

OkCupid also says it does not tolerate harassment, hate speech, or bullying.

Before users can interact with others, they must first agree not to send any harassing or unwanted sexually-explicit messages.

The site encourages users to report any suspicious profiles or inappropriate messages to its moderation team.

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Thrifty woman transforms her stairs for £12 using paint and tile stickers from eBay

A CRAFTY woman managed to revamp her bland staircase using a lick of paint and some tile stickers, and it only cost her £11. 

With Brits now stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown, one woman decided to use the time to do some DIY.

She decided to tackle her staircase, which was a dull white colour, and had seen better days. 

First she gave it a lick of paint in a chic grey shade, before sticking on some trendy mosaic style tiles. 

The stickers come in packs of six and have a 3D effect, with five different styles available on eBay for just £10.99.

She shared incredible snaps to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, saying: “Before and after.

“Paint and riser stickers off eBay. Very good Quality.”

She was chuffed with her work, adding the stickers were quite durable. 

She added: “Hasn’t scuffed yet and I have a 6 month old spaniel running up and down them all the time.”

Her post has racked up hundreds of likes, as people praised her mini-makeover, with one person calling the finished design “gorgeous”. 

  • Stair Riser Staircase Stickers Mural Vinyl Wall Tile Decals Wallpaper, eBay, £10.99 – buy now

One person said: “Nicest stairs I've seen yet, sadly I live in a bungalow so no stairs make overs here ha.” 

Another commented: “Excellent I've got plans to do this, you have given me the motivation to crack on thanks for sharing.” 

A third thought it had “Morocco vibes”, while another simply said: “Love this.” 

While this woman transformed her staircase for just £12 by using B&M carpet tiles.

Plus this jewellery fan used a £1 cleaning paste to get her bracelets looking as good as new.

And this cleaning fanatic used an 89p paste to transform her crockery which was so scratched she almost binned the whole set.

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Knackered mums put on their wedding dresses to cheer themselves up during coronavirus lockdown

BORED mums stuck in quarantine are wearing their wedding dresses for fun – with some even working out in them. 

With the world in a mass lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, it seems people are getting creative with ways to stop the boredom.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates  

With nothing else to do, women are digging out their old wedding dresses and trying them on – veil and all.

Mum Curtis Sittenfeld sparked the trend by sharing a snap of herself eating lunch with her kids, while wearing her white gown.

After nearly two weeks in lockdown, her children asked to see her wedding dress – and Curtis thought why not. 

She shared a snap of herself to Twitter in the dress, saying: “Social distancing Day 12: Today my kids wanted me to wear my wedding dress at lunch & I couldn’t think of a reason not to.”

Her tweet went viral, racking up more than 240,000 likes and other women were inspired to wear their own wedding dresses.

Some decided to work from home in their fancy frocks, while others thought it was the perfect workout gear.

One man replied: “My wife saw your tweet and was inspired.”

Sharing a snap of herself in her lacy gown, this woman replied: “Me either… alone at work.”

A third added: “Day 7 of quarantine in my mom's basement, her wedding dress was all I could find to wear.”

This bride said: “Well.. I had to try mine. Got married in 2006 and I made this dress myself.

“I got the zipper up 2/3s and now it's stuck.

“ I need help to get it off again.”

While this couple added: “Me and hubby decided to try our 42 year old wedding outfits on last week – just for fun.

“Mine still fits !!!”

And this devastated bride whose £30k wedding was cancelled with 18 hours’ notice over coronavirus gets ‘married’ at Burger King.

We previously reported on a couple who feared coronavirus would cancel their wedding, so rearranged in 24 hours to marry at St Pancras.

While this bride’s parents demand she ‘tone down’ her wedding after sister was left at the altar.

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Forget About French Twists and Messy Buns — This Effortlessly Cool "Banana Bun" Is Perfect For Lazy Girls

French twists have been around for as long as we can remember. The look is perfect for everything from weddings and formal events to lounging around the house, but now, we’ve found a way to relax the traditional style even more — while still keeping it more elevated than a messy bun — and incorporate it into our everyday routine. Meet the banana bun: the loose, low hairstyle that takes your typical chignon to a whole new level of chicness.

When it comes to this look, the messier it is, the better. According to Matrix SoColor celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, it works best on second- or third-day hair. “The dirt and grit gives the hair more texture,” he explained. He recommends spritzing your strands with a dry shampoo for even more texture — try Matrix Style Link Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo ($18).

Executing the look itself is simple. Put your hair up into a loose low ponytail, using bobby pins to pin strands up and into the pony.”The pony will act as an anchor to you,” shared Papanikolas.

The banana bun embraces flyaways and uncooperative strands (making it fabulous for humid days when your hair just won’t cooperate). The styling possibilities are endless, too: you can wear it in the middle of your head, lower down by your neck, or even to the side. After initially spotting the trend on Byrdie, we knew we had to try this for ourselves.

Keep reading to see photos of the effortlessly cool banana bun, and then check out the top beauty trends you need to know for the Spring.

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Rimmel Cosmetics is now up to 45% off on Amazon – and these are our top picks

Rimmel Cosmetics is loved by savvy beauty fans, because it proves to be a good value for money.

And now there's up to 45 per cent off with Amazon, so we've rounded up the best items to snap up now.

If you need to give your beauty corner a revamp or your cosmetics are running low, you're in luck.

There's an amazing Rimmel cosmetics sale happening now on Amazon: up to 45 per cent off across a wide range of choices.

  • Up to 45 per cent off Rimmel Cosmetics – check out the sale here

Look out for 25-hour liquid foundation featuring sweat-proof properties with SPF 20.

And there's also a wide range of nail polishes that you can get for under £3, making it a real bargain.

Check out our favourite options below to find something you'll like.

  1. (Ad) Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25-Hour Liquid Foundation, £5.37 – buy here
  2. (Ad) Rimmel London BB Cream, £4.41 – buy here
  3. Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder, £3.70 – buy here
  4. Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Stick Concealer, £2.90 – buy here

  1. Rimmel Wonder'luxe Mascara, £4.43 – buy here
  2. Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Eye Contouring Palette, £7.19 – buy here
  3. Rimmel 60 Seconds Super-Shine Nail Polish, £2.80 – buy here
  4. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner, £3.38 – buy here

If you're looking for a good fashion sale, ASOS just slashed its prices for up to 29 per cent.

Working from home? Here are the best pyjamas to make sure you work in comfort.

And check out Sun Selects for more amazing round ups when shopping around the web.

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Kiehl's Is Having a Huge Sale Right Now, So Go Ahead and Stock Up on Your Skin-Care Faves

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

We have some good news for the skin-care routines and wallets of Kiehl’s fanatics everywhere: the cult beauty brand has officially launched its annual friends and family sale, which means you can now go back and reup on some of your favorite skin-care products at a 20 percent discount.

The Kiehl’s friends and family sale usually happens every spring, and shoppers have a week to treat themselves to every single one of its products for a lower-than-normal price. From now until April 2, customers can shop the Kiehl’s website and receive 20 percent off any order using the code “FRIENDS20.” In addition, anyone who spends at least $150 will receive a complimentary 15-piece gift set.

Considering there’s a huge focus on self-care right now, it’s as good a time as any to stock up on a few of the brand’s bestsellers. Read ahead to see a few of our faves that you need to shop now.

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30+ Fashion and Beauty Companies Helping to Combat the Effects of Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is a global pandemic that has altered the way we live. Federal and local authorities have urged—and in some cases, mandated—their citizens to self-quarantine, leading to closures of schools, businesses, and public facilities. More pressing, hospitals are filling to capacity and draining the essential equipment they need to treat patients—particularly, surgical gloves and N95 face masks.

In the United States alone, the BBC reports more than 35,175 cases of coronavirus, a statistic expected to swell in the coming weeks. The outlet marks China at 81,496; Italy, Europe’s worst-hit country, is listed with 59,138, Spain with 33,089, and Germany with 26,220. As of today, there are more than 340,000 confirmed cases worldwide, prompting many government officials to call for aid. They are asking organizations not only to be vigilant, but to help out as best they can.

Many fashion and beauty companies, the majority of which have ceased production altogether, have heeded the call, stepping up to taper down the adverse effects caused by COVID-19. Some are global firms with a breadth of resources, while others are small, independent companies. But all, in their own ways, are committed to stopping the spread of the disease, providing assistance to those who need it during this trying time, or a combination of both. See below the brands that are playing their parts.


The Italian label is providing 1,100,000 surgical masks and 55,000 medical overalls. It also plans on donating to crowdfunding campaigns that are supporting relief efforts, including the Italian Civil Protection Department and the the World Health Organizations’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. In addition, through #GucciCommunity, it is asking fans to make a donation to the WHO’s initiative, along with giving the agency complete access to its social media channels in the hopes of amplifying official public service information.

Ralph Lauren

The American lifestyle brand has pledged $10 million to coronavirus relief efforts, the biggest donation by a luxury company thus far. The grant will go to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, the Emergency Assistance Foundation, and its Pink Pony Fund, which supports a network of international cancer institutions. It is also starting production on 250,000 face masks and 25,000 isolation gowns for healthcare workers. Additionally, the firm gifted an undisclosed amount to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund to help fashion designers hit by the economic downturn. “We believe that no matter who you are or where you are from, we are all connected,” said Ralph Lauren in a statement. “That is why we are taking significant action to help our teams and communities through this crisis.”


Prada S.p.A is financing the ICUs of three new hospitals in Milan. The Italian company has also reconfigured its factory in Perugia to produce 110,000 masks and 80,000 medical garments that will be delivered to Tuscan hospitals on April 6.


The French luxury conglomerate is using the manufacturing facilities of its perfume and cosmetics brands to process large amounts of hydroalcoholic gel, which it will distribute free of charge to health authorities in France. It has also promised to donate 40 million face masks. “Through this initiative, LVMH intends to help address the risk and lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the virus,” read a statement issued by the company.


Many of the brands under the luxury company have pledged aid. The workshops of Gucci (see above), Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga will be producing face masks as soon as they get approval from health authorities.


Following the lead of LVMH, its parent company, the Italian jewelry brand, with fragrance partner ICR, will produce more than 100,000 hand sanitizer bottles that will be distributed through the Italian Civil Protection Department. Bulgari has also donated funds to the Spallanzani Hospital, which acquired a new microscope for researches looking to eradicate the novel coronavirus.


The parent company of Valentino, Balmain, and Pal Zileri will donate a new negative pressure ventilation installation to the Sacco Hospital in Milan. It will also donate €1 million to cover all the expenses related to the spread of coronavirus at the hospital, and another million to Protezione Civile Italiana, a government organization that deals with national disasters and catastrophes.

Jewelry Brands for No Kid Hungry

Spearheaded by publicists Danielle Gadi and Jennifer Lowitz, more than 100 jewelry brands have banded together for No Kid Hungry, an organization that provides meals to children across America—many of whom relied on the sustenance provided by schools that are now closed because of COVID-19. They include Irene Neuwirth, Brent Neale, Retrouvai, Jemma Wynne, Colette, and Zoë Chicco—all who will be donating between 10 and 30 percent of sales to the nonprofit.

Estée Lauder

The beauty corporation donated a $2 million grant to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières to support its efforts in countries that lack substantial resources to combat the coronavirus. It also announced the reopening of a factory in Melville, New York, which will start producing hydroalcoholic gel. “The Estée Lauder Companies is proud to contribute to the broader COVID-19 relief efforts by reopening our Melville manufacturing facility this week to produce hand sanitizer for high-need groups and populations, including front-line medical staff,” it tells WWD.


The its H&M Foundation, the Swedish retailer has donated $500,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The company is also arranging its vast supply chain to produce personal protective equipment that will be distributed to hospitals around the globe. It also giving global aid organizations access to it is social media platforms so as to spread messages of health and safety.


Mario and Enrico Moretti Polegato, presidents of Geox and Diadora, have donated €1 million to health services in the Veneto region of Italy. Said the former in a statement, “In this historic moment of extreme emergency that Italy and Veneto are experiencing, it is our moral duty to support our doctors and nurses, working every day at the forefront in the fight against an invisible yet so fearful enemy, which makes us all equal, vulnerable, helpless.”

Grande Cosmetics

The beauty company will donate 15 percent of all purchases to Feeding America, an organization that supports a network of food banks across the nation.

Canada Goose

The outerwear brand’s manufacturing facilities in Toronto and Winnipeg will begin making scrubs and patient gowns that will be distributed to hospitals in its home nation. “Across Canada, there are people risking their lives every day on the frontlines of COVID-19 in healthcare facilities, and they need help,” said Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose. “Now is the time to put our manufacturing resources and capabilities to work for the greater good.” The company has also donated RMB 1 million to the Wuhan Charity Federation to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coalition of American Brands

Fruit of the Loom, Parkdale Inc., Hanesbrands, American Giant, Beverly Knits, Los Angeles Apparel, Riegel Linen, AST Sportswear, and American Knits have all banded together to produce and distribute medical-grade masks.


The French apparel brand is distributing 10,000 masks made from excess fabric to non-medical workers (so the medical-grade ones can be prioritized for essential personnel) at hospitals across France (particularly the Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital) and later throughout Europe and possibly the United States. It will also offer breakfast to hospital employees every Friday in alternating cities throughout the globe. The company has also designed a shirt that will be sold on its website, with 100 percent of proceeds going to the Red Cross.


The Barcelona-based apparel company has committed to donating two million masks that comply with the Spanish Ministry of Health’s guidelines to hospitals throughout the nation.


The beauty manufacturer behind CoverGirl and Calvin Klein fragrances is using its production facilities to make hydroalcoholic gel for medical and emergency services. “We stay close to our communities during these exceptionally challenging times,” said the company in a statement.

Pyer Moss

The apparel brand has formed a network called Your Friends in New York and set aside $50,000 to obtain N95 masks and medical supplies that it will distribute to local hospitals. It will be also providing financial aid to small minority- and women-led businesses suffering from this economic downturn.

Christian Siriano

The designer offered to help sew face masks in the wake of a possible medical supply shortage in the state of New York. “I am just in a unique scenario where I manufacture everything in New York already, I have a working atelier and everyone’s working from home, and my office is a townhouse,” he tells BAZAAR.com.


The Galicia-based umbrella company of Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Stradivarius has produced and shipped a great number of surgical masks to coronavirus patients and medical professionals in Spain, and will continue to do so. It also plans on manufacturing hospital gowns in its factories.


The brand is perfectly suited to aid in this global pandemic, manufacturing liquid-repellent sneakers for healthcare workers. And with the coronavirus lasting on surfaces for prolonged periods, the fact that these kicks are easier to clean are handy during this time. So far, the startup has donated $45,000-worth of sneakers to doctors and nurses that were testing patients at a hospital in Philadelphia.

John Elliott

The Los Angeles–based brand has pledged 10 percent of purchases up to $100,000 to the UCLA Health Fund. It has also made a donation of $10,000 to the organization.

Michael Costello

The Los Angeles–based designer has designed a cotton-nylon blend protective mask with a 70-to-74 percent air filtration effectiveness rate, in comparison to the 97 percent effectiveness of surgical face masks. His team will produce 20,000 that will be donated to medical professionals, first responders, and hospitals in L.A. County.


The eponymous designer has donated $1.4 million to hospitals and health organizations in Italy.


Donatella and Allegra Versace have pledged €200,000 to the ICU at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

Karla Colletto Swimwear

The brand has converted its factory in Virginia to produce protective equipment that it will distribute to medical professionals.


While its corporate offices and stores are closed, the label is producing over 5 million N95 masks to support the medical community, according to a statement.

Gap Inc.

The company, which includes Gap, Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, Intermix, Hill City and Janie and Jack brands, released a statement on Twitter saying it would “work with vendors to deliver PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies” and “pivot resources so factory partners can make masks, gowns, and scrubs for healthcare workers on the front lines.”


Kim Kardashian pledged to donate 20 percent of Skims’ profits to Baby2Baby’s response program, which is committed to providing essentials to babies, especially those impacted by COVID-19 during this time. According to a Skims rep, Baby2Baby has distributed over 1.3 million items including diapers, formula, hygiene, clothing, blankets and more in five days.


The brand donated RMB 1,000,000 (approximately $143,000 USD) to the Soong Ching Ling Foundation to aid victims of this outbreak. It also sent basic medical necessities such as facial masks through MCM’s group donation channel, the Sungjoo Foundation, in an effort to fight back.

Gelareh Mizrahi

The bag designer has raised more than $27,000 to purchase PPE for medial professionals that will be sent directly to hospitals.

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