8 Videos Of Billie Eilish Dancing That’ll Blow Your Mind

Billie Eilish has the voice of angel, but her musical talents go beyond her vocals. A few years ago, the star received professional dance lessons to bring some of her songs to life, and, while she doesn’t practice contemporary dance anymore, Eilish has learned to express herself all on her own. In fact, Eilish loves freestyling so much, she even dances video games’ background music. Eilish’s confident attitude is just one of the reasons why fans admire her so much. To see exactly how far Eilish’s dance skills go, check out these eight videos of Billie Eilish dancing over the years.

If you didn’t know, Eilish’s launch into the music scene actually happened accidentally. According to Teen Vogue, the singer recorded "Ocean Eyes" with her brother Finneas so her dance teacher could choreograph a routine to it. The duo uploaded the song to SoundCloud so their teacher could access it, but they had no idea how many people it would eventually reach. Now, Eilish and Finneas are some of the biggest stars in the music industry, with millions of fans listening to their songs around the globe.

Now that Eilish has made a name for herself as a singer, some fans may believe her dancing days are over, but that’s not the case. The star always incorporates a bit of choreography in each of her performances, even if it’s just a simple routine. "Like music, dance has always been my passion — a way to express how I feel," Eilish told i-D Magazine in 2016.

The videos below show Eilish has just as much love for dance than ever before.

1. Practicing at her old dance studio

Get ready for a throwback, because this clip shows Eilish as a young teen dancing along to a montage of fierce hits, including Missy Elliott’s "Work It." Although the video features various dancers, fans won’t have any trouble spotting Eilish among them. Spoiler alert: she’s the one wearing a black hoodie and with her hair dyed white.

2. Dancing to "Ocean Eyes"

"Ocean Eyes" is the song that made Eilish an overnight success. As her dance teacher was the one who inspired the creation of the song, it only made sense she asked him to choreograph her "Ocean Eyes" dance video.

3. Dancing with Finneas to "My Boy"

To go along with the song’s infectious beat, Eilish freestyles a few moves every time she performs "My Boy." The best part is, she and Finneas have a little dance solo near the middle of the song, and you can watch it near the 1:36 mark in the video below.

4. Dancing backstage at Lollapalooza

Even when there’s no music playing, fans can count on Eilish to flaunt her dance moves on the fly. Since the video below was taken behind the scenes at Lollapalooza, it seems dancing is one of Eilish’s favorite ways to pass some time while waiting to perform on stage.

5. Dancing to "Bad Guy"

Every time Eilish performs "Bad Guy," she gets fans hyped by completely letting loose. For example, Eilish’s dance in her "Bad Guy" music video involves her tiptoeing, tumbling around on the ground, and flailing her arms around. She always seems to have so much fun you can’t help not dancing along, too.

6. Dancing to the Wii theme song

Everyone who ever owned a Wii is familiar with that tune. You know, the one that plays in the background of the Mii channel. Apparently, Eilish loves the beat so much she even jams out to it at her concerts in front of fans.

7. Dancing to "Bad Guy" on SNL

For her gravity-defying Saturday Night Live debut, Eilish paid tribute to Fred Astaire’s iconic 1951 film Royal Wedding, which involves a scene of the star dancing on the walls and ceiling of a house. With a bit of practice, Eilish was able to pull of a similar stunt to give one breathtaking performance.

8. Dancing "Bad Guy" with fans

In 2019, the team behind the Just Dance video game franchise worked with Eilish to create official choreography for "Bad Guy." As her fans danced to the track oblivious to Eilish’s presence behind them, the singer performed with them, too.

Eilish’s dance skills aren’t talked about enough, but hopefully, after watching these clips, fans will be more appreciative of the star’s diverse range of artistic abilities.

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Metallica Launch Weekly Online Concert Series

Metallica have announced a brand-new online series called “Metallica Mondays” through which the band plans to entertain their quarantined fans across the globe by releasing full-length concerts every Monday.

The band kicked off the series on Monday, March 23 by dropping a 2.5-hour film capturing their gig in Sloane Castle, Ireland, on June 8, 2019.

“Need a break from Netflix before you binge-watch the entire library?” Metallica wrote, announcing the new project on social media. “Introducing our brand new concert series #MetallicaMondays.”

The concerts will be free to stream on Metallica’s official Facebook page as well as the band’s YouTube channel.

The group also shared the newly rescheduled dates for their South American spring tour that was originally scheduled to kick off with a performance in Santiago, Chile, on April 15, with the new dates stretching from December 4 to 20.

“We’re excited that we’ll still be able to visit this year, so please hold onto your tickets for the originally scheduled shows & visit the ticketing service for additional details or refund info if you can’t make it,” they wrote on Twitter.

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Jeffrey Epstein distanced from Weinstein after mogul tried to abuse his ‘favorite girl’

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used his close friendship with Harvey Weinstein to impress his victims — but fell out when the movie mogul tried to abuse one of his “favorite girls,” according to reports Monday.

“Weinstein was at Epstein’s apartment in France receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s girls when he attempted to aggressively convert the massage into something sexual,” Brad Edwards, a lawyer for some of Epstein’s accusers, writes in a new book, according to The Sun.

“The girl rejected his advances. As the story goes, Harvey then verbally abused her for rejecting him.

“Little did Harvey know, this was one of Epstein’s favorite girls at the time and Jeffrey viewed the aggressive mistreatment as disrespectful to him.

“Jeffrey then came into the room, got in Harvey’s face, and kicked him out of his house, delivering the message that he was never to come back.”

Edwards says in the book, “Relentless Pursuit,” that he first heard the tale from Jean-Luc Brunel, the model scout who has not been seen since being linked to Epstein’s sex ring and accused of rape himself.

“I heard various versions of this story from others, including years later from Epstein himself, who referred to Harvey as a pig,” Edwards wrote, adding, “Imagine that.”

Weinstein and Epstein were friends for decades, as seen in a photograph of them together at a costume party thrown by mutual pal Prince Andrew for his daughter’s 18th birthday at Windsor Castle.

The party was days before Epstein was first indicted for underage sex offenses — and more than a decade before Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault.

Prior to their showdown, Epstein had bragged of his connections to the Hollywood hotshot to impress girls — and even got one of his accusers a bit-part in a horror movie, according to the Daily Beast.

Former massage-therapy student Chauntae Davies is listed as “drunk girl” in the 2005 movie about surviving monsters produced by Dimension Films, the independent arm of Weinstein’s Miramax, the site noted.

“Jeffrey Epstein introduced her to Harvey and that connection is what led to her getting that audition,” Edwards, who was Davies’ attorney, told the Daily Beast.

Another accuser, Maria Farmer, has also told the site that Epstein and his accused madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, would brag of their ties to Weinstein to win over the girls.

“I said, ‘Who is Harvey?’” she recalls once asking British media heiress Maxwell after she discussed him one time. “She said, ‘Harvey Weinstein,’” Farmer told the site.

Bob Weinstein, who ran the film company with his brother, did not return the Daily Beast’s calls. An attorney for Harvey, Imran H. Ansari, did not comment on the site’s claims about connections with Epstein.

As to Edwards’ book, Ansari dismissed it as ” comprised of personal anecdotes rather than hard evidence.”

“We decline to comment as to those unverified accounts pertaining to Mr. Weinstein,” he said.

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Fans Slam Kim Kardashian West For Posting About Her Hair During Quarantine: 'Kim There's People Dying'

Kim Kardashian West hascome under fire quite a bit lately. Recordings recently leaked of KanyeWest’s extendedconversation with Taylor Swift, seemingly corroborating Swift’s story thatshe was left in the dark about most of his lyrics in the song “Famous.”

Now, Kardashian West is trying to move on from it, but her recent Instagram post about dying her hair came under fire, with fans insinuating that it was insensitive in regards to the ongoing pandemic.

Kardashian West’s social media has taken a hit these days

Kardashian West recently came under fire for the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama that had happened in 2016. To recap, Swift was upset when West released a song that spoke poorly of her (he called her a b*tch). She claimed that she never gave permission for West to say something like that, and that she had a problem with the lyrics. But West and Kardashian West released a video of a recorded phone call with Swift, which essentially framed Swift as having lied about what happened.

Now, four years later, new recordings were leaked that proved Swift had not been lying about never having been informed of certain lyrics. Cue Swift fans taking over Kardashian West’s comments section — on both Twitter and Instagram. People commented and replied under nearly every one of Kardashian West’s photos and tweets, calling her a snake (the term she used to describe Swift when the drama went down in the first place).

View this post on Instagram

90’s throwback

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Her recent post had fans suggesting she’s being insensitive

Kardashian West’s Instagram has been overrun by Swift fans, but she can’t seem to catch a break about any post these days. The KKW Beauty founder recently shared a photo of herself with blonde hair; she captioned it, “My hair is gonna be so healthy after this quarantined time. Contemplating dying it blonde when we can have human interaction again.”

Kardashian West’s post didn’t go over too well with herfollowers. All throughout the comments section, variations of, “Kim, there’speople dying,” filled the photo. (The quote is an iconic line from KourtneyKardashian, who said it in response to Kardashian West crying over dropping herearring in the ocean back in 2011.)

Some fans loved the idea though, and it might have served as a distraction to some for what’s really going on in the world. People were excited to see Kardashian West return to blonde (maybe). “10/10 agree blonde is the move,” one user wrote. “Platinum Kim >>>>>,” someone else added.

Kardashian West also came under fire for her recent charitable donation

Kardashian West’s social media announcement about donating aportion of Skims sales to charities also did not go over well. She’s beenworking to bring awareness to causes that help those dealing with various coronavirus-relatedissues, and she told fans that 20% of her Skims sales will go toward helpingpeople in need during the pandemic. However, fansattacked her for only donating 20% rather than 100%, since Kardashian Westis worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

These days, Kardashian West can’t really catch a break, but things will likely blow over. She’s managed to make it out of every scandal she’s been involved in since rising to fame more than a decade ago.

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Cardi B Wants to Start a GoFundMe to Free ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic

Cardi B wants to free Joe Exotic! The 27-year-old rapper took to Twitter over the weekend to express her love for everyone’s latest Netflix obsession, Tiger King

Granted, she had a slow start to the series, which follows big cat breeders and trainers across the country. Last week, the “I Like It” emcee tweeted, “What ya think bout TigerKing? I’m on the second episode and I’m a little lost cause I started f**king.” 

She later asked her fans to weigh in on a moral dilemma, asking, “Who you think is more wrong ? Narcissist joe ? Or Greedy Carol ? And why ?” referencing Joe Exotic and wildlife conservationist Carole Baskin. 

But ultimately she seemed to side with Joe. 

“They did Joe so dirty over and over again,” she tweeted, later adding, “Bout to start a gofundme account for Joe. He shall be free.”

She also retweeted a fan photo of her face on Joe’s mugshot. 

When one fan implied that Cardi was late to the Tiger King fandom, she replied, “I Stan him… Leave me alone.”

Joe Exotic is the stage name for Joseph Maldonado-Passage, who is currently serving 22 years in federal prison after being convicted for allegedly attempting to hire someone to murder Carole Basking, who runs Big Cat Rescue. 

Cardi isn’t the only one who wants Joe to go free. There’s also a Change.org petition with more than 18,000 signatures calling for President Donald Trump to pardon Joe. 

Earlier this month, Joe filed a $94 million lawsuit against the government and his former business partner from prison. 

According to the legal docs obtained by ET, Joe is suing the U.S. Department of Interior and the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service, the latter of which initially launched the investigation that led to his trial, for $78,840,000 for loss of personal property and nearly two decades of “research and care of 200 generic tigers and cross-breeds for 365 days a year.”

For more on the lawsuit, watch the clip below:

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John Krasinski and Steve Carell Reunite Virtually for an 'Office' Reunion

For years, fans of The Office have wondered if the Dunder Mifflin employees might ever reunite for a reboot of the popular series (and a better question, whether it actually warrants one). And over the weekend, two Office co-stars did reunite—but only as part of a one-night special. (Sorry, reboot hopefuls.)

On Sunday, Steve Carell and John Krasinski, who played Michael Scott and Jim Halpert, reunited as part of Krasinski’s new YouTube channel, Some Good News, a show about good news happening amid quarantine. In the episode, the stars celebrated the show’s 15th anniversary of its premiere and reminisced about their time filming.

Carell revealed a few of his favorite moments from the show, including an infamous exchange involving a micro flat-screen TV in the “The Dinner Party” episode and another scene that included involved eating pasta in 105 degree weather during “Fun Run.” “Most of the memories have to do with things that we shared as a cast,” Carell said.

Krasinski also admitted that he had his initial doubts about the show. “After the pilot, I went back to waiting tables,” Krasinski told Carell in the segment. “I was sure nothing was going to happen with it.” They both agreed one of their most emotional moments during filming of the series was when Jim bid farewell to his boss, too.

Other moments the pair mentioned during their chat? The time when co-star Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) casually sat on Carell’s lap during one of the cast Christmas parties and Krasinski doing a spot-on impersonation of Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) while staying in character.

As for reunions, well, no concrete details just yet. “Hopefully, one day we get to reunite as people and all get to say ‘hi,'” Krasinski told Carell.

Watch the full video here:

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This Celebrity Clarifies His Relationship with Joe Exotic

  • This celeb seems to be pals with Joe Exotic, but now he’s clearing things up… – TMZ
  • Find out what show was just renewed! – Just Jared Jr
  • A Sussex Royal update… – Lainey Gossip
  • And about Prince William and Duchess Kate – Celebitchy
  • Here’s how Norman Reedus is helping right now – TooFab
  • How are Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson doing after their diagnosis? – Popsugar
  • See Selena Gomez‘s surprise release for fans – Just Jared Jr

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Michelle Money, Former Bachelor Contestant, Reveals Daughter is “On Life Support” Due to Skateboarding Accident

Michelle Money has come out and asked for support in the wake of a family tragedy.

The former Bachelor contestant revealed on Monday morning that her daughter has been hospitalized after a tragic skateboarding accident.

“She suffered a serious brain trauma and a fractured skull,” the 39-year old captioned a photo of her daughter in the hospital (below).

Continued Money:

“She is in a medically induced coma to relieve pressure in her brain. She is in amazing hands up at Primary Children’s Hospital. Please, I am asking for prayers. …

“She needs support and healing right now. And if you could send one up for me as well, I would appreciate it. This is the worst experience of my life.”

Money’s daughter, Brielle, is 15 years old.

The ex-ABC personality, who also appeared on Marriage Boot Camp, went on as follows:

“Please — I am asking for prayers. I believe in the power of communication with whatever God you believe in.

“The energy of your conscious focus to send healing to my daughter is real. In whatever form you commune with your Higher Power, please as a desperate mother, I am begging you to do so.

“This is the worst experience of my life.”

We truly cannot imagine.

Money competed for Brad Womack‘s heart on season 15 of The Bachelor. She went on to join the Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise casts.

A Utah native, Michelle shares her daughter with her ex-husband, Ryan Money.

“Brielle has been through so much already this year. She has proven how strong she is. I know she will pull through,” added Money, prior to concluding with a message all parents need to heed:


Thank you to the neighbors who happened to be on a walk and found her and called 911. You will never understand.

I would not have found her in time. My heart is forever grateful. Thank you to all of you who have sent prayers and messages and love.

In July 2016, Money revealed she placed a son for adoption as a teenager, later complimenting Brielle for how well she responded to this news.

“She helped me feel so much more comfortable talking about it,” the former ABC personality explained to Us Weekly.

“I really owe it to her. She helped me feel so good about it all and encouraged me to talk openly about it.

“I have my daughter who is the love of my life and am hopeful that at some point I will have my son in my life as well!”

We send our very best wishes to Money and her loved ones during this impossible time.

The Bachelor & The Bachelorette: The Most Stunning Exits of All Time!!Start Gallery

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Share Final Update as Senior Working Royals

With Tuesday, March 31, marking Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s final day as senior working royals, the couple have taken to their @SussexRoyal Instagram account one last time.

A spokesperson for the couple announced today that, though they “would prefer that in the immediate weeks and months, the focus remains on the global response to COVID-19,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex understand that there are outstanding questions relating to their future outside of the Royal Household, which officially begins on April 1.

The March 30 post marks the final time the couple post under the @SussexRoyal handle and also the end of SussexRoyal.com, the website they launched at the start of the year to outline details of their transition from royal duties. From this point onwards, the accounts will become inactive.

View this post on Instagram

As we can all feel, the world at this moment seems extraordinarily fragile. Yet we are confident that every human being has the potential and opportunity to make a difference—as seen now across the globe, in our families, our communities and those on the front line—together we can lift each other up to realise the fullness of that promise. What’s most important right now is the health and wellbeing of everyone across the globe and finding solutions for the many issues that have presented themselves as a result of this pandemic. As we all find the part we are to play in this global shift and changing of habits, we are focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute. While you may not see us here, the work continues. Thank you to this community – for the support, the inspiration and the shared commitment to the good in the world. We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You’ve been great! Until then, please take good care of yourselves, and of one another. Harry and Meghan

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

As has previously been reported, the couple will now spend the future focusing on their non-profit organization, having shelved ideas last year to establish a U.K.-based Sussex Royal Foundation. Though Travalyst—Harry’s sustainable tourism venture, which was to be an anchor initiative for the foundation—will continue, all other aspects of the charity are being wound up.

“The Trustees of the Sussex Royal Foundation have been an invaluable resource to The Duke and Duchess, providing essential guidance,” says the spokesperson. “The Duke and Duchess are incredibly grateful for the Trustees’ support and counsel in recent months.”

Travalyst, one of Harry’s main focuses for the year ahead, is now being established as an independent non-profit organization based in the U.K.

“COVID-19 has presented the world with one of the greatest public health and socio-economic challenges of modern times,” says a statement released March 30. “It has also forced one of the biggest human behavioral changes in generations. When restrictions related to controlling the pandemic ease, the role of responsible tourism to support communities and destinations around the world will be more important than ever. The Duke is working closely with each of the Travalyst partners to better understand how this non-profit organization can aid in global recovery, especially by supporting communities, wildlife and the environment at the same time.”

Despite President Trump’s breathless March 29th tweet about refusing the couple security in the U.S., where they are now currently based, Harry and Meghan have already made their own private security arrangements. “For their safety and that of those protecting them, no further comment or guidance will be provided,” says the Sussex spokesperson, who adds that tabloid reports and speculation on security measures “interferes with operational ability and adds risk to all those receiving protection, those who are protecting them, and potentially to members of the public.”

From the end of Tuesday, the couple will no longer rely on their household office at Buckingham Palace, which was headed up by communications secretary Sara Latham and private secretary Fiona Mcilwham. In the U.S., PR firm Sunshine Sachs will represent the couple for media enquiries, while trusted former Royal Foundation aide James Holt will handle the role for the U.K. and Commonwealth. Starting in April, former staffer from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Catherine St-Laurent, will start in a post as Chief of Staff to the couple and also serve as Executive Director of their new yet-to-be-named non-profit organization.

“We are proud to be joined by Catherine St-Laurent in this next chapter with us,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tell BAZAAR.com in a statement. “Her leadership and proven track record working within two organizations that have tremendous impact in the world—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pivotal Ventures—make her an incredible asset and we are excited to have her on our team.”

St-Laurent joins from Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates, where she helped lay the groundwork for the organization since its inception in 2015. Prior to this, Catherine led Melinda Gates’s communications for several years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A native of Montreal, St-Laurent moved to Seattle in 2011 after nearly a decade working in Brussels and London.

“From our very first conversation, Harry and Meghan have expressed a deep commitment to improving lives and having a positive impact on society,” St-Laurent tells BAZAAR in a statement. “Their perspective on the role that empathy, connection, and compassion can play in that mission is both deeply personal and incredibly timely. I am delighted and honored to be able to play a role in realizing their vision as they embark on this journey of learning, listening, and inspiring all of us to act.”

As Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie settle in to their new lives in California, their spokesperson adds, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend the next few months focusing on their family and continuing to do what they can, safely and privately, to support and work with their pre-existing charitable commitments while developing their future non-profit organization.”

The duke and duchess remain committed and supportive to their patronages and will continue to work closely with them.

This post has been updated.

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The untold truth of Daisy Keech from TikTok

While the world of TikTok may seem utterly confusing to some, the social media app is taking the world by storm. Case in point? TikTok was downloaded more than 700 million times in 2019: a whopping 44% increase from a year prior. And that’s not all — it’s already giving Instagram a run for its money, as online influencers are flocking to the video-sharing platform as a means to make money. So, what exactly is a TikTok influencer? As Forbes puts it, “If you are asking what a TikTok celeb is—and why one matters—you are what a TikToker would call one of the olds.”

You may have heard of some of TikTok’s biggest stars (or at least recognize their faces), such as Belle Delphine or Charli D’Amelio, whose fame is already so significant that she even appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at just 15 years old. Another bonafide TikTok celeb? None other than Daisy Keech.

So, who exactly is Keech? According to Seventeen, it turns out, the blonde influencer actually got her big break on Instagram first, rising to fame as a fitness model. Turning her sights over to TikTok as well, Keech’s reputation is rapidly growing, and at the time of this writing, she has almost 4 million followers, surpassing “traditional” A-listers such as Ed Sheeran on the app.

Curious to know more about this quirky beauty? Look no further. Here’s the untold truth of Daisy Keech from TikTok.

Daisy Keech has succeeded as a fitness influencer, too

It’s not just TikTok videos that Daisy Keech is churning out, she’s highly successful as a fitness influencer on Instagram, too. Boasting over 3 million followers, Keech has also developed an e-book for her fans titled Keech Peach: Home Booty Program — a guide on how to build your “dream booty.”

Speaking of Keech’s peach (sorry, not sorry), the starlet is actually known for it so much so, in fact, that there was talk amongst her fans that it wasn’t actually real. According to The Sun, Keech decided to squash the naysayers and head over to plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami to have him “certify” her derriere. As she wrote on her Instagram page, “my booty is REAL and [is] the first certified real booty!” Uh… right.

It looks like Keech’s famous asset has also inspired her fellow celebs, too. According to The Scottish Sun, the Los Angeles-based starlet is often credited for a very specific pose that makes your bum look even bigger in photos — a stance which has been adopted by the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, and Hailey Bieber, to name a few. “I’ll stand up straight and spread my legs a little bit,” Keech explained to the New York Post. “Then I’ll … arch my back a little bit, and I’ll kind of puff out my chest. I breathe out, and my stomach cinches in as I pose.” There you have it, folks.

She's involved in a huge lawsuit

Daisy Keech’s rise to TikTok superstardom as an already-established Instagram influencer also had a lot to do with one specific mansion: the Hype House. According to a January 2020 piece by The New York Times, the Hype House is the location of a “content creator collective” based in Los Angeles. Formed in December 2019, 19 TikTok influencers produced content out of the house, and some even lived there full time, such as Keech and fellow stars Alex Thomas and Kouvr Annon.

Keech — along with fellow founders Annon, Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, and Alex Warren — all put money down for a deposit on the villa, yet paradise didn’t last long. As reported by Forbes in March 2020, the core group found themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute, resulting in Keech filing a suit in federal court against Petrou and Hudson. As the outlet reports, the pair allegedly “struck deals without [Keech], exiled her from the group and tried to position themselves as the only founders of Hype House.” Naturally, the blonde influencer gathered her belongings from the house and moved out.

Although at the time of this writing, Keech is looking to “claim control of the Hype House trademark,” she’s not sitting idly waiting for the suit to finish either. Per Forbes, Keech is building a new collective called “clubhouse,” with “Its headquarters [in] a Beverly Hills mansion almost twice the size of Hype House.” Hey, all the power to her.

Daisy Keech may or may not have a thing with Brody Jenner

Born in 1999, Daisy Keech is definitely a star who rose to fame at a young age. So, with that considered, has the celeb ever really even had a relationship? “I had one boyfriend when I was 15 and a half, maybe 16,” she told her fans in a YouTube video from December 2019. “I haven’t really had one since,” Keech explained, adding, “I’m so picky. It’s hard for me to like someone for longer than three days, and if I do, then I want to date you.”

Well, it looks like Keech may have stopped being so picky, as by March of 2020, the influencer was spotted hanging out with none other than Brody Jenner. According to the Daily Mail, The Hills alum was seen heading to a grocery store in Los Angeles with Keech by his side, later loading up grocery bags into his car, hopping inside, and jetting off.

The two may very well be just friends, as neither of them have spoken out publicly about their outing (at least not yet). It is to be noted, however, that Keech definitely knows the public is talking. As reported by Us Weekly, the fitness influencer joked around on her Instagram Story, posting a selfie in Jenner’s car “with a camera emoji referencing the paparazzi who spotted them together.” We’re guessing only time will tell if this lasts longer than Keech’s usual three-day spell.

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