'The Little Mermaid 2:' Why Disney Fans Think Ariel Is the Only Disney Princess With a Daughter

Once Ariel is finally part of Prince Eric’s world, the two wed and have a life together on land. During the sequel to The Little Mermaid, Ariel even has a daughter named Melody, who dreams of being a mermaid. Why do no other Disney princesses have children with their partners? Here are some fan theories why Ariel is the only princess with a daughter.

‘The Little Mermaid’ has been transformed into a live Broadway musical, a television series, and a sequel

Originally released in 1989, Disney’s animated movie, The Little Mermaid, told the story of a headstrong mermaid named Ariel, who dreams of being a human. After falling in love with a Prince and making a deal with Ursula the sea witch, Ariel eventually gets her wish and becomes a human permanently, marrying Prince Eric.

The Little Mermaid brought a few firsts for this company. Ariel was Disney’s first red-headed princess and the start of the “Disney Renaissance.” Ariel is also the first and only Disney princess to have children. 

Ariel is the only Disney princess to have a daughter

In the sequel to The Little Mermaid, titled Return to the Sea, fans first meet Melody, a spirited girl who dreams of living as a mermaid. After making a deal with Ursula’s sister, she transforms into a mermaid and goes on an adventure. It’s up to Ariel to save her daughter and bring her home to her family.

That’s not to say that Disney princesses haven’t married their princes or had their own sequels. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin finally wed in the sequel, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Cinderella marries Prince Charming in her original animated movie, later moving into the palace for her two sequels.

Fans have a few theories about Ariel and ‘The Little Mermaid’

Disney may not have an answer regarding why Ariel is the first mother of the Disney princesses. Still, some fans took to social media and Quora, sharing their thoughts on this character. While some fans thought Disney found an opportunity to expand their Little Mermaid franchise with a new character, others thought this sequel could link Ariel to mermaids in history and other cultures.

“The first-ever mermaid, mentioned in Mesopotamian culture, had a child with a mortal man. Disney may have wanted to stick to the original mermaid mythology where Atargatis, a Syrian sea goddess turned mermaid mated with her love and bore a daughter. Her daughter’s name was Semiramis. Ariel’s daughter was named Melody… it would only be fitting for Ariel to be the Disney princess to have a daughter,” one Quora user stated.

“In the late 90s to 2000s, Disney thought it was a good idea to continue their most successful films and turn them into franchises,” another Quora user wrote. “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea was released late 2000, but had many bad reviews from critics. Melody is a princess but is not recognized to the public due to the bad reputation of the sequel. It is to believe Ariel is the only princess to have a child because Disney wanted to expand the franchise.”

The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea are both available for streaming on Disney+. To learn more about Disney’s subscription service, visit their website. A live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid is expected to premiere within the coming years.

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Did Grey's Anatomy Have Any Other Choice With Alex's Ending?


Grey’s Anatomy has said goodbye to Alex Karev, and while we joked about the way his character left, we didn’t think they’d actually do it. 

It turns out Alex never went to Iowa to visit his mom, but in fact the whole time he’s been out of the picture since November, he was rekindling things with ex-wife Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). When he called her to help with Meredith’s insurance fraud trial, he learned that Izzie had twins who were born from the embryos she and Alex made back when she had cancer. They’re five years old, named Eli and Alexis, and they already want to call him dad. 

This was all revealed through letters Alex had written to Jo (Camilla Luddington), Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explaining that not only was he leaving, he was already gone, and he couldn’t promise he would ever come back. While he explained that if it was simply a matter of choosing between Izzie and Jo, he would choose Jo, he felt he had to choose Izzie this time because of the kids. He had already signed divorce papers, and gave everything to his wife, including his shares in the hospital. 

Needless to say there were some fans who did not find this ending exactly satisfying. Sure, we finally learned what happened to Izzie, and there’s a way you could look at this as the ultimate happy ending for Alex Karev, but there’s also a way you could look at this as the worst, most unfair ending for a character we’ve watched grow and mature for 16 seasons. 

Alex has spent a full decade moving on from everything that happened with Izzie, and moving on from the angry bully he was when he met Izzie. After Izzie left him with barely a word and some signed divorce papers, he became an incredible pediatric surgeon and then the chief of his own hospital, and he fell in love and got married again, supporting his wife through some incredibly hard times. She even gave him an out, and he didn’t take it. So to watch him now leave her with a letter and signed divorce papers after weeks of no contact feels beyond cruel, regardless of who or what he’s leaving her for. 


We don’t know the circumstances of Chambers’ sudden departure, but whatever they were, they resulted in a situation that was unfair to both the character and to all fans of this show. His final episode aired before anyone knew it was his final episode, and Alex’s whereabouts became a mystery for the show to eventually solve. But the longer Alex was away without explanation, the more it felt like there was no explanation, no solution to the mystery, they could give that wouldn’t feel like we were cheated out of an ending that didn’t destroy Alex’s long-built legacy. 

Just like Izzie left him back in season six with no goodbye, he’s now leaving Jo. And sure, he can send all the letters he can write with all the explanations he can think of, but that’s not how an evolved person ends a marriage, without a last look or even a call, and we would have said Alex had evolved a whole lot over the past few years.

This move feels like a trip back in time, to a different era of Grey’s Anatomy and of Alex himself. We often miss that era, but not that Alex, and so it’s hard to love this in the way we might have a long time ago. 

But then we also have to wonder if there was any other option here. It certainly feels like there was no way Alex could leave Jo suddenly like that without it being a crappy move, and killing him would have likely reshaped the rest of the season for a good chunk of the main characters. And what else could anyone possibly forgive him for leaving for, besides Izzie Stevens and his own kids? 

We’re not sure we can forgive him and we think Jo might never be able to do that, but it’s easier to understand the decision to leave, permanently, for long-time love and two kids than it is for anything else we can come up with. 

It also doesn’t feel like the show itself will suffer that much with out Alex Karev. There are plenty of other characters and storylines keeping the show afloat and he had barely been around much lately anyway, but his exit has obviously changed everything for his now ex-wife, Jo. 



When we talked to Camilla Luddington a year ago, after we learned about Jo’s true parentage, she was still hoping for Alex and Jo to expand their family before the show eventually, someday, ends. 

“No, please God, no!” she said at the thought of Jo and Alex never getting to have kids. 

Now we know they’re not going to get to have those kids, and even worse, Alex had those kids with someone else, and chose those kids over Jo just when she seems to be ready for her own family. That sucks, and it’s not like she’s just going to quickly get over it. We’re all going to be reminded of Alex’s choice constantly as Jo finds a way to move forward, and we can’t imagine not continuing to be mad at him. 

But then again, wouldn’t we rather watch her deal with this particular decision than with his death? Or with him leaving her for someone who wasn’t Izzie? Or just another job? 

There was simply no way, in this particular situation, to send Alex properly off into the sunset. So as cruel as it was and as much as it almost felt like a joke, it might just be possible that this was the best and only way to say goodbye to the man formerly known as Evil Spawn. 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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'90 Day Fiancé': Why Tom Brooks Didn't Call Darcey Silva On Her Birthday

90 Day Fiancé stars Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks have had a bizarre relationship, to say the very least. The two are clearly split up now, following a variety of disputes during and after their season together on the franchise. Now, it seems as if Tom Brooks still isn’t finished throwing shade at Darcey Silva. Though the two are appearing together on the newest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, it seems pettiness is still in the cards. At least, that seems to be the case based on Tom Brooks’ reasoning for not calling Silva on her birthday. Meanwhile, Darcey Silva has explained why Tom Brooks’ friendship with Jesse Meester annoys her so much. 

Darcey Silva dislikes Tom Brooks’ ‘90 Day Fiancé’ friendship

After Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks split up following their season of 90 Day Fiancé together, Tom Brooks and Silva’s ex, Jesse Meester, struck up a friendship. Darcey Silva was not pleased about it. 

In an interview with Us Weekly, Silva explained, “It was like a slap in the face, but that’s their style and they’re going to do what they want to do anyway. I think people could see through that. … What was the reason for it? [Tom] knew exactly how I got treated and he thought that I was very much disrespected by Jesse and for them to kind of band up and I felt ganged up on.”

“A lot of people saw that and they were like, ‘What the heck? That’s not cool.’ But it is what it is. I don’t like to give it attention because it just fuels their fire and it’s not worth it for me,” added Silva.

The reality star explained that when it comes down to it, she’s too busy focusing on herself to pay them much mind. “I’m me, I am what I am: Darcey. I have two beautiful children. I work hard and I want love like everybody else in the end. I don’t regret anything. I can’t regret ever being with Jesse and learning from that made me a stronger woman as I went on a relationship with Tom. So you guys will see different aspects of me. … I learned how to respect myself and love myself more and own your own worth,” she said.

Tom Brooks on why he didn’t call 

On Redditor captured a particularly petty moment from Tom Brooks on Instagram. The user posted a screenshot from the 90 Day Fiancé star’s account, which is private. 

The screenshot is of a comment one Instagram user left on a post by Tom Brooks. In the comment, they asked, “Why didn’t you call Darcey when it was her birthday? Poor girl was so upset.”

Tom Brooks replied, “She didn’t call me for mine.”

Fan responses to the comment were mixed. One user thought Brooks was being particularly immature towards Darcey Silva. They wrote, “When asked whether he thought he was being an immature baby, Tom responded with ‘I know you are but what am I?’”

Another user wrote, “This level of pettiness from people in their 40s is embarrassing.”

One Redditor suggested that both Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva were behaving poorly. They added, “Everybody get off their side for one second and recognize that these are two people in their 40’s fighting over birthdays on social media. There are VERY few things sadder than that.”

Darcey Silva says she’s a giver

Despite what fans may think of her behavior post-breakup, Darcey Silva says that when it comes to romance, she’s a giver. 

The 90 Day Fiancé star told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve always been very open in love, the giver, the big heart. I think people see a different side of me, they think that I’m kind of desperate, that I’m seeking out for it too desperately, but no. I mean, my relationship with Jesse even, and Tom, have been very real and they wanted to be in the relationship too. It wasn’t one-sided. When I give my heart, I give it big, and they said they loved me and wanted to be with me so I just … it felt right, but in the end, the one with Jesse was too toxic to stay in, and that’s when I kind of opened up to Tom. I felt like I could trust him, you know, we had that journey and it was a beautiful feeling … that they could be open and fall in love with somebody that has your back in a sense. … Maybe I am a little unlucky in love in that moment.”

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Babies season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Docuseries Babies recently dropped on Netflix and follows families across the world as they welcome a new child into the world. Over the course of a year, film crews followed new parents and their infants as they went through the early stages of development. The series also looked at the science behind babies’ brains and those of their parents, trying to find out the reasoning behind how a human grows in these early days of life outside the womb.

Will there be another series of Babies on Netflix?

Express.co.uk can reveal exclusively Babies will be returning for a second outing.

Netflix chose to split the show into two blocks and release them separately.

There are a total of 12 episodes across the two blocks with the first six released recently and the latter half coming in the not-too-distant future.

All of the episodes will be available in one go for audiences to binge.


  • Coronavirus protection: Babies who breastfeed are ‘better defended’

When will Babies season 2 be released on Netflix?

The second half will be coming out in the summer with six new episodes for viewers to enjoy.

An insider told Express.co.uk: “The thinking for the next block will be in June although that hasn’t been exactly confirmed.

“The next six episodes will be exploring more about how the baby makes sense of the world.

“So, they are a little bit older perhaps and that’s going to include more of the philosophical side of things of what makes us human.

“So while the first six have explored those developmental things like walking and eating and first milk, it’s more about how we make sense of the world.”

Express.co.uk also spoke to one of the British families who took part in the series.

Richard and Amelia along with their son Pascoe appeared in the programme across three episodes including Crawling, First Words and Sleep.

Camera crews came into their home to film the couple with Pascoe, who is their first child.

They also set up night cameras which would film them during the night with the pair turning on the devices to capture footage.

Amelia said filming took place over nearly two years for them, starting from when she was 35 weeks pregnant with Pascoe.

She said: “They filmed pretty solidly through the first year of his life and then between that and 18 months.

“They came back and did a couple of other shoots. So it was almost two years of our life, definitely 12 months was a solid period.”


  • Sleep: How much sleep does a newborn need? What about children?

Reflecting on whether the process of invasive, father Richard said: “No, not at all actually.

“The thing was – I wouldn’t say we were naive – we were just quite open-minded about what we were facing, the challenge of raising a child for the first time.

“The whole approach to the documentary was very much observational.

“So the producers, the directors, they were very much, ‘We’re going to observe you guys doing what you normally do’.”

He said there was “a lot of respect” as the couple went about their daily lives with Pascoe.

Amelia hailed the experience as a “lovely process” which documented the early years of her son’s life.

Babies is streaming on Netflix now

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Star Wars Bits: The High Republic, Battlefront II Updates, The Art and Imagery of The Mandalorian, Clone Wars Declassified, and More! – /Film

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Star Wars: The High Republic interviews and updates
  • Star Wars Battlefront II – The Age of Rebellion update
  • Clone Wars Declassified: five highlights from “A Distant Echo”
  • Talking Bay 94: A Star Wars Podcast interviews Dennis Muren, Jake Lunt Davies
  • J.J. Lendl’s Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy lithograph art prints
  • The Mandalorian – The Art and the Imagery Collector’s Edition Book coming!
  • And more!

Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars: The High Republic, previously referred to as “Project Luminous”, is a new Star Wars publishing initiative that will feature interconnected stories told through multiple voices in novels, children’s books, and comics from a variety of publishers including Disney Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey, IDW Publishing, and Marvel. Set in an era when the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order are at their zenith, about 200 years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: The High Republic may very well serve as an incubator for future Star Wars films and streaming series.

Our own Peter Sciretta attended the Project Luminous event held at Walt Disney Studios, so be sure to check out his coverage. Then, head on over to StarWars.com for a must-read interview with the talented group of writers — including Cavan Scott, Claudia Gray, Charles Soule, Daniel José Older, and Justina Ireland — behind the new publishing program. Here’s a preview:

Daniel José Older: Usually when you’re doing a Star Wars thing, you’re going to have in your head, “Okay, I’m kind of playing in someone else’s sandbox.” There’s a certain respect and there’s an understanding that there’s stuff you’re not going to get to do that you want to do. That’s still true, but now I feel like we’re actually creating the sandbox to another level. It’s a very different experience. We understand our parameters, and now we’re going to establish what we can and can’t get away with within those parameters. Which is a totally difference experience. It’s awesome.

Star Wars Battlefront II – The Age of Rebellion

On February 26, the latest update for Star Wars Battlefront II, The Age of Rebellion, was released, providing players with a great selection of new content, including seven Age of Rebellion Co-Op locations, two new Reinforcements in the form of the Ewok Hunter and ISB Agent, four new Blasters, 4 Capital Ships for Co-Op, Hero improvements, AI upgrades, and two new Heroes Vs. Villains maps. To learn more about the update, read the latest community transmission and check out the trailer below:

In other video game news, Kotaku is reporting that Electronic Arts canceled a planned spinoff of the popular Battlefront series with open-world elements, code-named Viking:

“EA Vancouver spent some time designing ideas and prototypes for Viking, and Criterion came aboard soon afterward. That was when the problems started. Although Criterion was, on paper, the lead studio, the logistical challenges of cross-country game development made that a difficult proposition. As one person involved with the game said, “too many cooks” was a running theme. Criterion leads had an ambitious vision for the game, aiming to put a strong focus on story and characters.”

Also, the team at Games Radar reported on a new Star Wars game called Project Maverick that may be coming to the Playstation Network Store. The title and preliminary artwork were discovered by @psnrelease on Twitter; a data mining bot that reports on the latest arrivals to the online PlayStation Store.

“Could this be the rumoured “smaller, more unusual project” at EA Motive described by a recent report from Kotaku earlier this year? Or might it be a potential Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order DLC that fans of Respawn’s action-RPG have been clamouring for? For its part, Respawn has said there are “no plans” for DLC. 

Other theories include another entry in the Star Wars pinball universe or a virtual reality project similar to Criterion’s Rogue One X-Wing experience from 2016. We already know that a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is in the works, but it’s far too early for a leak of that game, which has presumably just entered full production.”

Clone Wars Declassified

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for its final season on Disney+, which means Clone Wars Declassified is back too. Head over to StarWars.com for a look at the biggest moments and surprises from the second episode of season seven, “A Distance Echo.” Here’s a preview:

Padmé cuts to Anakin’s core in a way no one else can, seeing through him more adeptly than even Obi-Wan could. And with Amidala’s firm hand, she’s able to draw out what’s troubling her secret husband as he watches his friend Rex struggle with his own attachments to Echo. Extra points for Obi-Wan’s sassy quip, “I hope you at least told Padmé I said hello.” Maybe the Master knows more than he’s letting on about his apprentice’s personal life?

There’s also a detailed episode guide, which includes a behind-the-scenes featurette with executive producer Dave Filoni, cast, and crew as they discuss the liaison between Padmé and Anakin Skwalker.

Talking Bay 94 Interviews Dennis Muren, Jake Lunt Davies

Solely devoted to interviews with the cast, crew, and creators from that galaxy far, far away, the Talking Bay 94 podcast offers never-before-heard stories from background aliens to some of the biggest stars in the universe.

This week, join host Brandon Wainerdi as he sits down with special effects legend and nine-time Academy Award winner Dennis Muren. Get ready for an awesome deep-dive on Muren’s incredible career, from the space battles of Star Wars, the mine car chase from Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomWillow‘s morphing sequence, and the liquid metal insanity of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Also, be sure to check out Brandon’s chat with creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies, who helped design BB-8 and the Luggabeast in The Force Awakens, the Porgs and Thala Sirens in The Last Jedi, and D-O and the Aki Aki for The Rise of Skywalker. Also, stay until the very end to hear a cool story about how Snaggletooth made his way into Episode IX!

The Amazing History of Star Wars on Home Video

From the Kenner Movie Viewer to Laserdisc to 4K Macklunkey on Disney +, as long as there’s a way to watch movies at home, Star Wars has been there! Join Blast Points Podcast hosts Jason Gibner and Gabe Bott as they take a look back at the fascinating history of Star Wars on home video! Just about every major release is covered as the saga moves from super 8 to VHS to DVD, Blu Ray, and beyond!

After you listen to Episode 208 – The Amazing History of Star Wars on Home Video, check out StarWars.com for a look back at the ’80s and ’90s Star Wars home video box art and packaging! You can also join the Blast Points Army by supporting the podcast on Patreon, where they have exclusive review episodes of The Mandalorian and the latest season of The Clone Wars, as well as feature-length audio commentaries and lots of other cool stuff.

Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy Poster Art

J.J. Lendl’s unique artwork injects vintage sensibilities into contemporary pop-culture subjects. Check out his awesome poster-style Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy lithograph art prints, which are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $44.99 each. The vintage-style, unframed prints measure 24-inches tall x 16-inches wide and include a certificate of authenticity. Grab ’em quick, because each print – The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker – is part of a hand-numbered limited edition of only 250 pieces. You can check out the rest of Lendl’s art here.

The Mandalorian – The Art and the Imagery

According to Amazon, fans of The Mandalorian are getting an awesome gift on May 5, the day after “Star Wars Day.” A deluxe collector’s edition hardcover book focusing on the Disney+ streaming series, The Mandalorian – The Art and the Imagery will bring fans up close and personal with the cast, crew, and making of the first live-action Star Wars TV series, featuring concept art from Doug Chiang, Christian Alzmann, Ryan Church, and more! You can pre-order the book now at Amazon for $19.99.

On the topic of books, StarWars.com has a look at five things learned from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, including what happened to bounty huntin’ pal, Dengar:

“Hanging out in the lair of the ne’er-do-wells known as the Thieves’ Quarter in Kijimi City is a bounty hunter with many cybernetic parts. An old Corellian hunter with an affinity for Imperial-era stormtrooper armor, using the alias Rothgar Deng. Like how Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba were hinted at but never mentioned outright in the Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, we get hints here of someone we ought to know. But I can’t seem to place a name to this now-hideous monstrosity of low-budget-augmentation who we might have seen during the Clone Wars and chasing the Millennium Falcon after Hoth. Deng it!”

Also, in case you missed it, Marvel announced a five-issue comic adaptation of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, penned by Jody Houser (Star Wars: Tie Fighter) with art by Will Sliney (Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren). The premiere issue in this limited series will be hitting comic shops in June.

The Mandalorian Cosbaby Figures Revealed

Our Friends over at Bleeding Cool have a great preview of the first Mandalorian-inspired products from Hot Toys’ Cosbaby line, including the Mandalorian, the Child aka “Baby Yoda,” and the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian. Do the magic hand thing and check out all the cuteness here.

Additionally, Sideshow Collectibles has some amazing new pieces for the Mando in your tribe, including The Mandalorian Sixth Scale Collectible Figure and the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Sixth Scale Collectible Figure. After figures for The Mandalorian sixth scale line include a bad-ass Death Trooper, Remnant Stormtrooper, and Incinerator Stormtrooper.

Speaking of kick-ass collectibles, check out this pediatrician’s office spotted on Twitter, featuring a beautiful display of vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures, playsets, and vehicles!

— That’s no moon, it’s a Thomas (@thomasLharper) February 21, 2020

Alone: Stormtrooper on the Run

Shot in 2015 but just now released, Alone: Stormtrooper on the Run is a Star Wars fan film that picks up shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi, s the Rebels and Ewoks are nursing their hangovers from celebrating the destruction of the Death Star II. The six-minute not-for-profit short follows a single, solitary Stormtrooper who’s trapped on the Forest Moon of Endor all alone.

This month on The Star Wars Show

And finally, on the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, Anthony Carboni visits New York Toy Fair to check out all the new merchandise from The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Kristin Baver sheds light on Star Wars: The High Republic. Plus, Detective Maclunkey is on the case, determined to get to the bottom of what happened to poor Greedo.

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'Love Is Blind' Reunion: 7 Most Shocking Moments, From a Surprise Proposal to 'B—, You're Sheisty'

Netflix’s blind-dating show continues to surprise and delight


Fans have been dying to find out what went down with the cast of “Love Is Blind” in the 15 months since the show finished filming. Are the couples who got married still together? What happened after the breakups? What was it like for the cast to watch themselves on the show? Does Jessica still feed her dog wine?

We got answers to at least a few of those questions, and to a few we never would’ve thought to ask, on Thursday’s reunion special. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the special brought together all 12 of the main cast members to discuss their experience on “Love Is Blind” and share what’s become of them since.

Much like the show itself, the reunion consisted of lengthy and deeply sappy ruminations on love, interspersed with a few truly shocking moments to make you wonder if you’ve become untethered from reality. Here are seven of the biggest surprises:

Gigi and Damien are back together

It’s unbelievable that the two couples who got married on the show are still together. No one could have ever predicted that to be true. But it’s even more unbelievable that Gigi and Damien — they of the mid-workout shouting match, of the “not mind-blowing” sex and the explosive wedding breakup — are somehow dating again. Their post-ceremony shouting match certainly made it seem like whatever love they had for each other wasn’t going to save the relationship. But love, in addition to being blind, is apparently extremely durable.

“Looking back, I respect his decision,” Gigi said, being surprisingly understanding in response to Damien rejecting her at the altar and sending her running the street in tears. “Where we are now, it’s so right for us. We can just date. He has his own place, I have my own place and we can just get to know each other at our own pace.”

“B—-, you’re sheisty”

Jessica had a rough time at the reunion. Not only was she forced to confront two of her exes and relive some evidently painful moments that the show captured on camera, she also got an earful from an outraged Amber, who did not take kindly to discovering Jessica’s lingering feelings for her fiancé upon watching the show.

“To see [Jessica] throwing herself at him in Mexico–bitch, you’re sheisty,” Amber said. “You’re so fake. Coming to my face like we were cool, you’re so fake. I think you’re a very disingenuine [sic] person, and I hope seeing this, you do grow from it, because that is not what the world needs is women that go behind people’s back like that.”

To her credit, Jessica took it all very well, offering a very mature and sincere apology to both Amber and Barnett and her poor ex-fiance Mark.

A surprise proposal — kind of

So much happened after their breakup that it’s easy to forget that the disintegration of Carlton and Diamond’s relationship was one of the season’s most dramatic moments. But the duo put on a surprisingly nice show of goodwill at the reunion, putting their issues aside to show respect and affection for one another. That was all good and fine until Carlton made the unexpected choice to return the engagement ring at the reunion. It was already incredibly awkward, even before he decided to get down on one knee and put the ring on her finger… as an apology? A gesture of friendship? Unclear.

Nick Lachey keeps one of the pods in his garage and no one has questions

They should have questions.

Kelly wanted to keep dating Kenny after the show

Kenny and Kelly seemed like the show’s most stable couple right up until the very end, when Kelly started saying she didn’t feel an “intense infatuation” with her fiancé and opted to say “I don’t” instead of “I do.” Kenny didn’t take it super well (presumably, few would having been humiliated on a TV show in front of all your friends and family) lashing out at the show’s producers and leaving the wedding alone in a huff.

But a tearful Kelly hinted at the reunion that she hadn’t anticipated that that would be the end of their relationship. “I think we both agreed to an ‘I don’t’ way before the wedding,” she said before turning to Kenny. “I did love you, I was not in love with you, as we mentioned, but I wanted to continue our journey of dating and getting to know each other and that didn’t happen.”

“The D-word”

Amber and Barnett are still together, but to hear them tell it there was a time where that nearly wasn’t the case.

“There was one point where we almost broke because we had such expectations out of what we wanted out of a husband and wife. We knew we were married and we knew we were in love, but we were still learning each other,” she said, citing their joint finances and Barnett’s flirty tendencies as specific points of tension. “Normally in a relationship, as you’re dating, you take time and you adjust to that. But we were married, so immediately we expected it to be different … At one point, actually, I had called about getting a divorce lawyer.”

“Oh, you threw the D-word out?,” responded host Vanessa Lachey.

They all, for some reason, still think love is blind

Meeting someone through a wall, on a TV show and choosing to get engaged within 10 days is a patently ridiculous way to start a relationship. But for at least three of the couples, the story had a happy ending. And, for some reason, none of the others said they regret having participated in the experiment either. In an unexpected twist, they all said they’d learned a lot from being on the show that they’ve applied to their subsequent relationships. Growth!

The Lacheys closed the reunion by asking the cast, via a show of hands, which of them believes that love “can be” blind. Every single one of them — even Jessica! — raised their hands.

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The Stranger on Netflix: Was Corinne having an affair? Was she cheating on Adam?

The Stranger is a popular series on Netflix which sees the titular character (played by Hannah John Kamen) reveal secrets about people she has been spying on. One of the main characters in the series is Corinne Price, a teacher who is married to Adam (Richard Armitage). Viewers have asked whether she was cheating on her husband in the series.

In the first episode of The Stranger Adam is at his son’s football match and calls his wife during half time.

She appears to be staying at a hotel and is in her dressing gown with a glass of wine in hand.

Adam asks her how the conference is and she says: “It’s tough, I’m currently recuperating after a hot bath and two glasses of Rioja.”

Adam jokes about her lying about the conference and says he will ask the other teachers where she really is.

She quickly cuts him off, telling him she has dinner in half an hour, and she says she “fully intends” to enjoy herself.


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Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the possibility of her cheating on Adam and lying about being at a conference.

Stranger2Me said: “Did anyone else think Corinne was secretly having an affair when she was recuperating?

“I initially thought that was the case, and was annoyed because I didn’t want the storyline to be so predictable (luckily it wasn’t). I can’t have been the only one to have thought this?”

Other fans have responded in agreement, initially believing she had snuck off with another man.

Corinne would have reason to cheat on her husband and she knew about his secret when he was working on a particular case as a lawyer.

In a later episode Adam calls on an old work colleague to try and help him find out what happened to Corinne after she goes missing.

Adam is checking Corinne’s recent calls and finds a number under the name ‘That B****’.

He then correlates the number with one in his own phone, which comes under the name Sally Prentice (JoAnna Garcia).

Sally is a former colleague Adam had an affair with while he was married to Corinne, and it seems she knew about the affair.

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With her husband’s affair looming over her, it would make sense for Corinne to want revenge and go off with another man to get back at Adam.

She faked her pregnancy at the beginning of the series as a way of keeping Adam in the picture, as she was worried he would leave her for good.

Adam asks Sally if Corinne ever called her and she says: “Yes”. Corinne had called her during a particular case.

Sally says: “She knew you had been to my house. She wanted to know why you were there and I told her it was work.”

Adam asked if Corinne believed her and she said: “What do you think?”.


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The pair go on to talk about their affair and Adam said: “We agreed to step back.”

Sally said: “Yes we did, you were married, it was the right thing. She contacted me again a couple of weeks later, warned me away, told me what it would do to her family.

“I told her it was all rubbish but she knew, Adam. Women know.” She then leaves quickly, saying it was a mistake to meet him.

Fans will have to wait and see if a second series of The Stranger addresses whether Corinne was cheating on Adam as a way of getting back at him.

A second series has not yet been confirmed, but it is by no means off the cards.

The Stranger is available to view on Netflix now

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'On My Block' Cast & Creators Talk What's to Come in Season 3

The On My Block crew is back for more adventures in season 3 — and there’s going to be plenty of drama!

The recently released trailer for the fan-favorite Netflix comedy shows that the new season — which debuts on March 11 — picks up right where season 2 left off, with the crew meeting their kidnapper, who turns out to be the infamous-yet-shady leader of the Santos gang, “Cuchillos” (Ada Luz Pla).

The menacing matriarch first thanks Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) for their part in taking down the Santos’ rival gang, the Prophets. But then, she tasks them with an important job. 

“Little Ricky is alive,” Cuchillos declares of the original Santos founder, who had a hand in pulling off the RollerWorld heist that led to the friends’ major payday at the end of season 1. But it seems that the discovery — and last season’s mission to wash and protect the cash — has led them to an even more difficult task. “You’re gonna find him.”


“Season 3 is about the pursuit for Little Ricky. Trying to solve the Little Ricky mystery of it all,” On My Block creator and executive producer Eddie Gonzalez teased on set of season 3 last year, also noting that the show is taking back a “lighter” tone than season 2 — when the friends were struggling to recover from the tragic shooting death of their friend, Olivia. 

“This show has a baked-in mythology that started with RollerWorld,” showrunner and EP Lauren Iungerich added. “And now that they’ve found this money, it becomes a driving force of, who are these kids that took down the Prophets?”

Iungerich also hinted that the series’ “mythology” becomes more of a driving force in the season 3 storyline. “Normally, the real-world story is the B-story, it becomes the A-story this season.”

So, what does that mean for the Core Four, as well as their friends and family? Read on for more on what’s in store for each character in season 3 — from the stars and creators themselves.

CESAR (Diego Tinoco)

After a tense season 2 spent on the lam, Cesar is back with his pals — and his brother, Santos honcho Oscar, aka “Spooky” (Julio Macias) —  in season 3, but it seems the danger is far from over.

“I think that season 3 is by far one of the best seasons yet — the stakes are definitely higher than they have ever been before. And you will see that clearly, right off the bat, the Core Four and more, we go on a summer adventure, not by choice, but rather by force,” Tinoco explained. “If we don’t come through and find Little Ricky, our heads are on the line.”

And while Cesar and his brother worked together to get out of a deadly situation in last season’s finale, there will be a new wrinkle in their relationship in season 3 — with the surprise reappearance of their father, Ray (Ian Casselberry). 

“Dad is back,” Tinoco teased. “He is coming out of prison after 12 years, and we’re going to get to explore that relationship between Ray and Cesar.”

Ray’s return will affect each brother differently, Tinoco and Macias explained, as Oscar was older when their dad got locked up and he was forced to step into the parental role for his little brother.

“Cesar has looked upon Oscar as a father figure for many years — since he can remember. So we’re going to explore how that interacts with their dad actually coming into play now,” Tinoco explained.

Cesar’s other tumultuous relationship — his romance with Monse — is also facing new challenges in season 3, though Tinoco admits he’s sentimental when it comes to the on-again, off-again couple.

“I definitely ship them,” he laughed. “I think I would love to see them together forever, happily ever after, Notebook style.”


MONSE (Sierra Capri)

Before the kidnapping cliffhanger at the end of season 2, Monse was ready to make her break from the group — and Freeridge, in general — announcing her plans to attend a private boarding school on the East Coast. However, a dangerous summer following Cuchillos’ marching orders may throw that into chaos.

“I felt like [this season is] her evolving and growing up, growing into a young woman,” Capri explained. “She’s experienced a lot at a very young age, so she’s always been mature. But now this is a new chapter that– we’ll see if she actually goes or not. I’m excited.”

“It’s not a fluid line of just getting out [of the community],” Iungerich explained of the difficult choices facing the Core Four’s sole female member. “For her, it’s complicated. She didn’t want to leave…She wanted to dig into her community as she and her father fought in season 2, and I really believe in the power of community.”

“Her father is saying, ‘You have this opportunity,’ and he’s worried about leaving his daughter, who is now becoming more and more vulnerable as he feels that the neighborhood has changed…We still are playing with that this season. What does that look like? What does this opportunity look like, and what does that mean to leave, and how does she feel about that?”

For Monse, the split between her worlds came into sharper focus in season 2 when she reconnected with her estranged mother, who abandoned her and her dad years ago for a new life — complete with new kids and a fancy house in Brentwood.

“They still have a relationship in season 3 and it’s still a rocky one,” Capri warned of the mother-daughter connection after Monse’s rejection of her mom in season 2. “We’ll see what happens with that.”

As for one of her character’s strongest ties to Freeridge, her romantic relationship with Cesar,  the actress has the same faith as Tinoco that the pair could be happy together in the future — though she wonders if the trials and tribulations of their chaotic teenage life might get in the way.

“I’d love when they get older to see them married with kids, and both going down good paths,” she noted. “Right now, I don’t know. They’re going through a lot right now, but I think that’ll happen. You never forget your first love… They just want each other to be safe.”


RUBY (Jason Genao)

No character went through it more in season 2 than Ruby, who was dealing with the aftermath of Olivia’s death and the PTSD from his own near-fatal gunshot wound as the external drama was unfolding around the Core Four. However, in season 3, it seems the wisecracking short king will be getting back to feeling like himself and handling things in a healthier way.

“Season 3 is like bringing season 1 Ruby back, the old Ruby back,” Genao teased. “He’s now seeing the light [at the end of the tunnel] as to what the trauma can bring. Not just the depression, but he’s like, ‘Oh, life is short, so now I’m going to start taking advantage of the good stuff of life.'”

“What I love so much about Ruby was the way I got to be snarky and a little bit of a funny a**hole in the show,” the actor added. “In season 2, he was kind of just an a**hole. So I feel that in season 3 he gets to be the old Ruby again. He gets to be funny, but mean, which is my favorite part of Ruby.”

Feeling better for Ruby, it seems, also means having his eyes opened to Jasmine, whose long-standing crush took on another level in season 2 when she was able to help him through his panic attacks and prove herself as a loyal and caring friend. 

“In season 1, it was like, Ruby hated Jasmine,” Genao joked. “And then in season 2, she became this crutch where it’s like, ‘Is there anyone that knows what I’m going through?’ And clearly not, within my own Core Four.”

“In season 3, we get to explore more of how Jasmine understands Ruby,” he continued, noting that Jasmine’s expertise and law enforcement connections make her invaluable to the friends in their search for Little Ricky. “Jasmine is here and you don’t hate it. Ruby doesn’t hate it. He’s like, ‘Damn, I kind of need her. Like, what is Jasmine doing? I need her to help me with this’… Everyone needs a Jasmine.”


JAMAL (Brett Gray)

Always marching to the beat of his own drum, Jamal’s journey in season 2 was about the aftermath of finding the RollerWorld money — but even his carefully crafted plans couldn’t have predicted the can of worms that discovery opened.

“I think Jamal is finally coming to terms with the fact that he’s had a huge part in all of this. Probably the biggest part in all of this,” Gray said of his character’s season 3 journey. “I think that he’s almost taking it in a negative way.”

“He’s becoming a little bit more, I would say almost on the spectrum of narcissism, than just confidence and cockiness,” he added. “It’s starting to tip that teeter the opposite way, where he’s like, ‘OK, everybody doesn’t appreciate me, so eff it, I’m going to do whatever I want to do.’ And it’s funny because it starts affecting the whole group, in this way that he needs to be in control and he wants everything to be perfect, and he wants to be the one that’s right.”

The neurotic doomsday prepper also has another new focus this year: a love interest! (Though he initially mistakes her for a stalker.)

“It’s so funny because she’s sort of the opposite of Jamal,” Gray teased of his character’s mysterious paramour. “She’s super shy and really creepy, and really quiet and weird. So, like, it brings him down. You get a little bit more of who Jamal is as a romantic, but it’s also the most ridiculous relationship ever.”


OSCAR, aka “SPOOKY” (Julio Macias)

The aptly nicknamed gang leader has served as a stern reminder of the dangerous Freeridge underworld in the show’s first two seasons, but the new episodes will dive deeper into the sensitivity behind the scowl. As Gonzalez hinted, “There’s a reason why people become what they become. And sometimes it’s not by choice. Sometimes it’s by necessity.”

The empathetic side of the Santos general comes through as tensions with Cuchillos reach a breaking point — leading Oscar to question his position and motivations when it comes to gang life.

“He almost seems like he doesn’t even enjoy doing what he’s doing,” Macias said of his character’s struggles in season 3. “He’s kind of doing it begrudgingly, but he does it to the best of his ability because that’s going to be the best opportunity that he and his brother are going to have. Or at least, that’s what he has constructed in his mind to believe is true.”

“He’s not just banging for banging sake. Like, he has aspirations or at least, [the show] alludes to the idea that he might have aspirations,” the actor continued. “I think that he dreams a lot about it, he comes close to having thoughts of what it could be to get out. But again, he’s preached to his brother so often, ‘You’re not going to get out. So get used to it. This is the best life you can live.'”

The return of Oscar and Cesar’s father only brings about more questions when it comes to his character’s steadfast life’s code, Macias noted.

“Spooky, for the longest time, was Cesar’s father. He really assumed that mantle, and he did it the best way he could,” he explained. “He really does care about him. And there’s a couple of scenes where you see them kind of butt heads, because Ray turns out to be different from what Oscar remembers… I think I know what’s right, and I tell him that.”

“So you’ll see a deeper, I guess, appreciation for [Oscar and Cesar’s] relationship as father and son, which was kind of alluded to the last two seasons. This one, it’s like, oh no, Spooky really loves Oscar. He’s his dad, really.”


JASMINE (Jessica Marie Garcia)

“If you don’t know a Jasmine, it’s because you are the Jasmine,” Garcia joked of her hilarious character ahead of season 3. “She very much lives inside of me, and I feel she kind of represents a lot of kids who feel like they need to be the class clown, or they need to say the joke before they are the joke, in order to fit in.”

While the brash, bold (and also, asthmatic) character has served as comic relief over the show’s first two seasons, the glimpses into her difficult home life and her empathetic friendship with Ruby have hinted at the “much more well-rounded person” Garcia said fans will get to see in season 3.

“I think you get to see her relationships with other people in the Core Four really blossom, and you explore a lot of different relationships, and how they connect on different levels,” the actress explained. “I think you get to see her use the relationships, or the hardships she’s had at home, to relate to the other kids… Especially, you get to see Monse and Jasmine’s character evolve together.”

And of course, there’s her evolving dynamic with Ruby. Garcia explained that, while her character has never been shy about her major crush, she’s cautious about taking steps forward while Ruby is still managing his own trauma.

“At least on Jasmine’s side, she has these hopeful romantic feelings,” she noted. “But I feel she’s allowing Ruby to get better. He’s dealing with a lot, and she sees through that, and she wants to be there for him on a deeper level than just necessarily, I want to be your girlfriend.”

“I know when I shot that scene in the gym [in season 2], I wanted to go to the dance with Ruby. You know what I mean? I feel so many of our fans were pulling for that. But I feel she gave him his space, to come to that own conclusion. So I think, be ready for any kind of evolution with Ruby and Jasmine, whether it be friendship or romantic.”

On My Blockseason 3 debuts on Netflix on March 11.


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Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson makes shock return to TV six years after Joffrey role

King Joffrey Baratheon’s (played by Jack Gleeson) death is undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments in television history, let alone Game of Thrones. After spending four seasons tormenting, bullying and murdering those he disliked, Joffrey met his demise thanks to the devilishly smart Olena Tyrell (Diana Rigg). Actor Jack announced a shock retirement from acting after the HBO series, but now he’s decided to make a comeback.

Jack told Entertainment Weekly back in 2014 exactly why he’d decided to take a step back from acting following his GOT role.

When asked about retiring at the age of 21, Jack said: “The answer isn’t interesting or long-winded.

“I’ve been acting since age eight. I just stopped enjoying it as much as I used to.

“And now there’s the prospect of doing it for a living, whereas up until now it was always something I did for recreation with my friends, or in the summer for some fun.”


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He added to the publication: “I enjoyed it. When you make a living from something, it changes your relationship with it.

“It’s not like I hate it, it’s just not what I want to do.”

Now, six years later, Jack’s u-turned on his decision and will return in BBC series Out Of Her Mind.

The six-part comedy has been written and will star comedian Sara Pascoe and Jack will be making his return to the small screen alongside some of the biggest names in UK TV.

Sara will lead the cast alongside Jack and the likes of Emmy-nominee Juliet Stevenson.

EastEnders star Adrian Edmondson and The Split’s Fiona Button will also appear in the BBC comedy.

The big names don’t stop there as Poldark’s Sean Gilder, The Crown’s Lorraine Ashbourne and Doctor Foster’s Navin Chowdhry will also join the cast.

Speaking about the new series, Sara told the BBC: “Out Of Her Mind is a direct expression of my mind.

“We’ve turned my brain into a theme-park, and everyone’s invited!

“The cast are INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve made.”

A release date for the series hasn’t yet been revealed by the BBC so GOT fans are currently left in the dark regarding when they’ll see Jack back on screens.

Nevertheless, fans were quick to express their excitement on Twitter following the news.

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One fan of Sara’s said: “This looks amazing. What a cast. Go, Sara!”

A second weighed in: “Amazing cast with @sarapascoe writing it.. I can already tell this is going to be good..”

Another fan added: “Wow that’s an amazing support cast. Congrats to Sara and all involved!”

And a fourth tweeted: “Yessss fangirling so hard over hereeee!!!”

Out Of Her Mind will premiere on BBC Two.

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NBC News’ Richard Engel Covering The Coronavirus Outbreak: “You Want People To Take Precautions, But You Don’t Want To Induce Panic”

ENGEL: I thought it was pretty clear early on that this was going to be a major story with global implications. We decided several weeks ago to put this hour together because as it was spreading in China, as China was putting very severe restrictions in place on people’s travel and quarantine, I thought, ‘What do they know? Why are they so concerned about this? Why is China imposing these draconian measures and taking such severe action?’ … We decided early on we should do this. We should try and explain this as an hour, and do it in a way that is not just a bunch of health officials … but to go to the places to see how it’s impacting the economy, the frontline care workers, the people in the local communities, to try to get a sense of what this virus is, how deadly it is, and what can be done to contain it, and what are going to be the political and economic consequences of it.

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