Irv Gotti Says Only Hip Hop Artists Are Murdered: 'You Won’t See Justin Bieber Get Smoked' (Exclusive)

The music producer was reflecting on the recent fatal shooting of rising star Pop Smoke.

Irv Gotti said hip hop stars are far more likely to be gunned down than the likes of, say, Justin Bieber.

Reflecting on the the recent fatal shooting of rising star Pop Smoke, the music producer opened up about how upset he was that such violence often occurs to members of the specific genre, while noting it doesn’t appear to affect people related to other music categories.

"It’s sad, it really is sad. It happens in hip hop a lot," the Murder Inc Records co-founder said in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "It only happens in hip hop. And I don’t wish that on nobody, but, ya know what I’m saying. It’s not like you’re ever gonna see Justin Bieber got smoked, or whatever. It’s only hip hop."

"And people be like — well, with hip hop you always flossin’, you always doin’ this — but, like — what you want n—gers to do," added the 49-year-old.

Last Wednesday, Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Jackson, was gunned down in a Hollywood Hills home after four men broke in and shot him twice, according to The New York Times.

He died later from the wounds in a local hospital.

In an interview with the same publication, Pop Smoke detailed how his life was surrounded by violence growing up in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

"Where we come from, it ain’t sweet," Pop Smoke said. "I had a gun in school. I had guns in church. People was trying to kill me."

Gotti became emotional when speaking of the slain entertainer.

"20 years old, they took his life," he said, adding he didn’t have a chance to collaborate with the talented rapper, but Gotti’s brother was "cool and close" to him.

"I just love hip hop so I hate s–t like that," Gotti added." Ya know what I’m saying — and I was just like getting into him and his music and his vibe and the sky’s the limit and they just took his life, for what?"

"And I wish our people was different. I wish our people would think."

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