Jana Kramer Chooses Not to Hide Depression Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Urging others to reach out and talk to people while in self-isolation, the singer wife of Mike Caussin voices her belief that people ‘are entitled to feeling upset because of the times right now.’

AceShowbiz -Country music star Jana Kramer is battling anxiety as she remains in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer took to Instagram to explain she’s gone through a whole host of emotions over the past week, including “terrified, nervous, anxious, scared, and depressed,” after spending time in self-isolation due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

“It hit me like a damn truck this morning. Just out of no where (sic) I started crying. I think I shocked Mike (Caussin, her husband),” she wrote. “I was having guilt for feeling those emotions because I’m not sick, my family isn’t sick so how can I be upset? But I believe we are entitled to feeling upset because of the times right now.”

She continued: “We are all financially stressed and it keeps me up thinking how I’m gonna support my family when I can’t work. I think hiding in the depression isn’t good and I think reaching out and telling your friends you’re having a hard time is what you need to do. So this is me saying ‘hey, I’m having a hard time and you’re not alone.”

The “One Tree Hill” star, 36, also emphasised the importance of having a support system, asking fans: “Can we all be kind in the comments and be there for those that are also having a hard time. I even texted a friend this morning saying ‘hey I’m not doing so good, can we talk.’ Reach out. Talk to people.”

The “Thirty” hitmaker took to the platform later in the day, as she joined Jamie Lynn Spears and social media influencer and model, Stassie Karanikolaou, in gifting diapers and formula for the #DoYourPartChallenge.

Jana’s isolation comes as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises people to practice social distancing and stay home in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has seen more than 328,000 cases registered, resulting in a death toll of over 14,300.

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