Couple stage wedding for 115 Lindt bunny favours as their big day was cancelled

Frankie and Mark had been planning their wedding day but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It meant they were left with 115 chocolate bunnies that they had been planning to use as wedding favours.

Obviously disappointed to postpone their big day, the couple decided to have some fun with their new bunny friends.

The couple live and work in Bangkok, Thailand but had come home to the UK for their wedding. With the wedding cancelled and travel back to Bangkok almost impossible, they are working from home doing unusual hours due to the time difference.

It’s left them with lots of time to kill.

Mark said: ‘We decided to stage some recreations – mainly to stop us just scoffing the whole lot of them.’

They lined them up in rows, and Frankie added a veil to one and a blue scarf to the other and created a bunny vicar to stage a bunny wedding.

Sharing the tweet online, Mark said: ‘So our wedding has been postponed for obvious reasons and we had 115 chocolate Lindt bunnies as wedding favours – time for a bunny wedding of course.’

People loved it and said it had made them smile during these difficult days.

It had over 90,000 likes and 15,000 retweets.

Not wanting to let the bunny fans down, Mark posted some more adventures that they had created for their new colony of rabbits.

After the wedding, they all went on a huge bunnymoon and he pictured them boarding ship (which they happened to find in the loft), but they were two bunny metres apart of course.

Over on Instagram, he also featured them guarding the most valuable commodity – 10 rolls of loo roll.

He then lined them up on the stairs and put an imported among them. See if you can spot where it is.

Mark also pictured the bunnies doing some outdoor yoga with Frankie.

He said: ‘It’s important to stay fit and healthy during a period of lockdown, with exercise outside once a day.

‘Frankie has been trying to teach the bunnies some yoga to improve their flexibility, but the only pose they have mastered is rabbit.’

Of course, the bunnies need to have their daily allotted exercise so Mark posted as picture of the Bunny Olympics.

He added: ‘Continuing the massively tenuous theme of postponed events: the Bunny #Olympics2020. Featuring 100m, javelin, medal ceremony and anything else we could cobble together from the kitchen drawer.’

Honestly, we’re impressed they haven’t just eaten them all at this stage of lockdown.

They’re hoping to keep them for their rescheduled wedding (so hopefully there will be more adventures to come).

Mark said: ‘We’ll keep up with a few more scenes and think about what happens to them next – there have been loads of lovely suggestions.

‘It’s been really heartening (and, y’know, surreal) for us to see the great reaction to the bunny wedding on social media and we’re happy people like it!

‘While it’s not ideal to have to postpone, all of our suppliers and friends have been so helpful and we’re all in the same boat. We’re hoping to go ahead (maybe with some fresh bunnies) around this time next year.’

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