Chelsea lead Man Utd and Arsenal in transfer chase for Stoke’s giant teenage defender Nathan Collins – The Sun

CHELSEA are eyeing up a summer move for giant Stoke City teenager Nathan Collins.

SunSport has learned that the London club have shown strong interest in the Ireland Under-21 centre-half.

The 18-year-old is regarded in England as one of the hottest properties outside the Premier League.

Manchester United were tracking his progress last season after he made his first-team debut when still aged only 17.

SunSport revealed in July that German giants Werder Bremen had also made contact about the teenager.

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Atom bomb tech means scientists can carbon date whale sharks

Scientists have for the first time calculated the true age of whale sharks, with the help of a radiocarbon that was formed in the atmosphere during the atomic bomb tests in the 1950s.

The findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, appear to back theories that these species, which are classified as endangered, have long life spans.

Dr Mark Meekan, from the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Perth, Western Australia, and one of the study authors, said: ‘Earlier modelling studies have suggested that the largest whale sharks may live as long as 100 years.

‘However, although our understanding of the movements, behaviour, connectivity and distribution of whale sharks have improved dramatically over the last 10 years, basic life history traits such as age, longevity and mortality remain largely unknown.

‘Our study shows that adult sharks can indeed attain great age and that long lifespans are probably a feature of the species.

‘Now we have another piece of the jigsaw added.’

Biologists have found it hard to determine the age of whale sharks because they lack bony structures called otoliths that are traditionally used to obtain information about the age of fishes.

Instead, the world’s largest fish have vertebrae that feature distinct bands, or rings, which are thought to increase in number with age, much like those seen in tree trunks.

But whether these rings formed every year or every six months has been unclear.

To find out more, an international team of researchers turned to the radioactive legacy of the nuclear arms race during the Cold War.

Between 1955 and 1963, the use of atomic bombs doubled the amount of an isotope called carbon-14 in the atmosphere, which was absorbed by every living being on the planet.

Carbon-14 is a naturally occurring radioactive element used by archaeologists and historians to date ancient bones and artefacts.

The researchers measured the carbon-14 levels in the growth rings of two long-dead whale sharks stored in Pakistan and Taiwan, which helped them figure out how often the rings were created.

Analysis showed one of the specimens to be 50 years old at the time of death.

Dr Meekan added: ‘We found that one growth ring was definitely deposited every year.

‘This is very important, because if you over or under-estimate growth rates you will inevitably end up with a management strategy that doesn’t work, and you’ll see the population crash.’

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The Countess and the Russian Billionaire: Socialite breaks down

Countess whose Russian oligarch ex was known as ‘Putin’s banker’ admits she ‘lost herself’ in the ‘vulgar’ life of private jets and no-limit shopping and says she now lives in fear of eviction after he cut off her and their children

  • Cameras followed Alexandra Tolstoy, 45, and Sergei Pugachev, 57, for five years 
  • Follows the demise of their once lavish lifestyle and happy marriage 
  • Relationship fell apart when Sergei got in trouble with Russian government 
  • Billionaire accuses wife of stealing their children and cutting her off financially 
  • Alexandra breaks down as she admits the situation is ‘a nightmare’   
  • The Countess and the Russian Billionaire airs on BBC2 on 8 April at 9pm 

An English countess tells how she ‘lost herself’ in a ‘vulgar’ life of excess during her relationship with a Russian oligarch in a new BBC documentary. 

Aristocratic beauty Alexandra Tolstoy, 45, daughter of Count Nikolai Tolstoy and a distant relation of author Leo Tolstoy, fell in love with billionaire Sergei Pugachev, 57, while working as his English tutor in Russia and immediately fell for him. 

The couple went onto have three children together and Alexandra enjoyed all of the trappings of a billionaire’s girlfriend – the pair never married – including no-limit credit card shopping sprees and jaunts on private jets between their homes in Moscow, Paris, London and St Barts. 

Speaking in TV documentary The Countess and the Russian Billionaire, which airs on BBC2 on Wednesday, Alexandra tells how her world came crumbling down around her when Pugachev fled to France in fear of his life after the Kremlin issued an arrest warrant, claiming he owes the state £1billion. 

Alexandra Tolstoy, 45, and Sergei Pugachev, 57, were followed by cameras for five years for the documentary The Countess and the Russian Billionaire, which airs on BBC2 on Wednesday at 9pm

She brands her old life ‘vulgar and not me’, saying: ‘As an adult you can lose yourself. I really never thought I could lose myself. But I’m 45, I’m not old, and really I have my whole life ahead of me and this is who I am.’ 

The former couple, who allowed cameras into their lives for five years for the documentary, are now completely estranged. Pugachev has cut off Alexandra and their children financially, she claims, and she now faces being left with ‘nothing’ after the Kremlin threatened to evict them from their £12million London townhouse.  

‘My worst fear is that we have nowhere to live and no money,’ she says on camera. ‘It’s really stressful, it’s a nightmare.’  

As filming began in 2015, Alexandra offered cameras a tour of her lavish home in Battersea, south London, where her neighbours included Brian Ferry. ‘We have a PA, two housekeepers, two drivers, an English nanny, a Russian nanny and a French tutor,’ she says. 

Sergei once owned two major shipyards, the world’s biggest mine and large chunks of real estate in Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as the Mezhprombank, which he co-founded in the 1990s.

The couple met in 2008 after Sergei hired Alexandra to help improve his English while both living in Russia, where Sergei was once-close friends with Putin. 

Sergei said he enjoyed a ‘very close’ friendship with Russian president Vladimir Putin before falling out with the state 

Speaking of her relationship with her husband, she reveals on camera: ‘When I met Sergei it was electric. It was amazing. I fell so in love with him. I’ve never felt such a connection to someone ever.’   

But when Sergei revealed to ‘very close friend’ Putin that he was dating an English woman, the Russian leader was ‘very surprised’.


Before she met Sergei, Alexandra was married to a penniless Cossack named Shamil Galimzyanov. 

The pair met whilst travelling along the Silk Road on horse in 1999.

He was an Uzbek showjumper employed as a guide on the trip. They married in 2003 in London.

Tolstoy first met Sergei, then a Russian senator and trusted friend of Putin who had separated from his wife, when asked to give him English lessons while she was living in Moscow with Galimzyanov.

A year later, they met again at an awards ceremony attended by the Russian president.

Within months, Tolstoy and was pregnant with Sergei’s child. They had three children together – Alexei, known as Aliosha, Ivan and Maria.

Alexandra is the eldest of Anglo-Russian historian and writer Nikolai Tolstoy’s four children.

She grew up in Oxfordshire before going to Edinburgh University to study philosophy. She spent her gap year in Russia. 

She has also taken extensive riding trips through Mongolia and Siberia and organises riding holidays in central Asia as well as being a writer.

Alexandra said: ‘Many of these problems are because he is with me. Putin has said to him at some point, “You’re a traitor”.’ 

Putin’s frustration over the relationship didn’t stop it from progressing and, within a year of meeting, they had a baby and another on the way,  and were living a life of luxury in London, Moscow and Paris.

Alexandra said: ‘It was incredible, he would give me his credit card and I would go shopping, I had a private jet. I just had to pack my suitcase and I could go.’

The family moved between an array of properties including a £12million family home in Battersea, a 200-acre country estate in Hertfordshire, and a £40million beachfront villa in St Barts.

Alexandra revealed: ‘All that money meant I didn’t have to work, clean, I could spend as much time as possible with my children.’

But in 2008, Sergei’s bank hit problems and the Russian bank bailed it out with $1 billion loan.

Sergei, who left Russia in 2011, claims that after relations between him and Putin cooled, the Kremlin tried to seize or destroy his business empire.  

The Russians then accused him of profiting from vast sums of taxpayers’ money given to Mezhprombank by the Russian central bank at the height of the 2008 economic crisis. 

The Russian authorities froze his assets, put him on Interpol’s wanted list and obtained a court order in Britain forcing him to hand over his passports.

By 2015, he was dividing his time between France and the family home in London and reputed to be number 3 on Kremlin’s hitlist.

The billionaire revealed: ‘It’s clear this is a war. I need bodyguards to feel safe. It’s not some kind of whim, it’s a necessity for life.’ 

Alexandra breaks down in the documentary as she admits she is terrified of being left homeless after her relationship with Sergei fell apart 

In Nice, he was visited by the DIA who demanded repayment of the billion dollar loan and threatened his family, saying they could ‘cut off his son’s finger and send it back to him.’

Meanwhile in London, the family become aware that they were being followed. Later, police discovered GPS trackers on their cars.  

Sergei was summoned back to the high court in London but remained in France, deciding to go head-to-head with the Russian state and suing them for his business assets of $12 billion. 

Alexandra reveals: ‘I do feel very frightened for Sergei and for me and the children. especially in London….but I chose him and I chose this life and I love him. It’s my choice.’   

Sergei was accused by the Russian state of stealing $1 billion, and became an enemy of the country (pictured, with Putin during their friendship)

Alexandra said her partner fell out with Putin after they started dating, with the politician calling Sergei ‘a traitor’

In December 2015, three police officers arrived late at night looking for Sergei, with a search and arrest warrant, leaving Alexandra terrified to stay in the country.

She said: ‘I feel so out of control. I don’t regret it [my relationship with Sergei] because I love my children so much, I do really love Sergei.


The Russian state has been pursuing Sergei Pugachev through the High Court claiming he illegally siphoned hundreds of millions of pounds from a government bailout of the Mezhprombank he co-founded.

Mr Pugachev denies the allegations and claims Moscow is trying to steal £11billion of his assets, including two shipyards and the world’s largest mine.

Mr Pugachev has previously been declared to be in contempt of court, with a two-year prison sentence left hanging over his head should he return to this country.

He had been living in France for the past five years after being ordered to give up his passports in 2014 and having his assets frozen. 

He also claims ‘credible attempts’ had been made on his life in the UK. 

The tycoon is in another legal battle with Russia in The Hague where he is suing the Federation for £11billion.

He claims he is being targeted because of his knowledge of state secrets.


‘We have had a very turbulent relationship and I feel regret for my children that it hasn’t been more peaceful and calm.’ 

Bursting into tears, she added: ‘Some people look at me and think, “Your life is so easy. Your children are so privileged.”

‘But the most privileged upbringing is to be in a safe family unit where you’re all together.’ 

Later that month, Sergei was sentenced to two years in prison for leaving the country without permission. If he sets foot in the UK, he’ll go straight to prison. 

But while Sergei remains living in Nice, Alexandra admits the chateau makes her feel ‘too isolated’ and she resists moving the family to France.

She said: ‘I guess I just feel concerned about how our future as a family work.

‘Sergei wants us to live in France and I don’t know if I can do that really. Everything in life you’re able to cope with, if you have any idea of what will happen.  

‘But I just have no idea of what will happen and I just found that very stressful. That I can’t plan, or envisage what will happen.’ 

Alexandra leaves the chateau in the Spring of 2016 abruptly, claiming Sergei ‘physically attacked’ her, before locking the children in one room and hiding her passport.

She said: ‘Something in me snapped, and I said, “I cannot ever do this ever again”. At that point I was wavering, should I go and live there, but that was just the end.’

Meanwhile Sergei revealed: ‘She had security, I organised everything for her. Even a private plane but she said no i’ll take a BA flight, we’ll be back in two weeks. And she never came back. The mother of my children stole them.’

Alexandra toyed with moving to France to be with Sergei in exile in the country, but ended up deciding to stay in the UK (pictured) 

The countess was left devastated after Sergei cut her family off financially completely and was left terrified she and her children would have nowhere to live 

In London, Alexandra lives in fear of both the Russian state and of Sergei, having seen someone standing outside her home 24 hours a day for six months.

She said: ‘He talks really loudly in Russian. I do find it really really odd. It’s the style of person who Sergei would get to spy on us.’  

Now permanently separated, Sergei is consumed by his multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the Russian lawyers. 

Sergei once owned two major shipyards, the world’s biggest mine and large chunks of real estate in Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as the Mezhprombank, which he co-founded in the 1990s 

The children haven’t seen their father since they left France in 2016, with Alexandra saying Sergei has cut her off financially completely.

She said: ‘Our relationship is non-existent really, except he occasionally writes me abusive emails.

‘He accuses me of working with the Russian government, He says I’m a KGB spy. He thinks that because I went to the family court and sued for maintenance. Obviously he never ever paid for a penny of that maintenance. He completely cut us off.’

On the order of the high court, the family home is put on the market, Alexandra makes a deal with the Russian government to drop her claim to his fortune.

Sergei amassed enormous wealth from his companies, and lived a lavish lifestyle before becoming an enemy of the Russian state 

After Sergei cut her off, Alexandra returned to organising travel holidays and working as a writer, calling her old lifestyle ‘vulgar’

She revealed: ‘The Russian government said to me, “If you agree to waive your maintenance, we will let you stay in the house for one year”. What was i meant to do? I either signed the agreement or I left the house the next day.’ 

Alexandra tries to support herself and the children by writing and reviving her old travel business but, after a year, her deal with the Russian government comes to an end.

49.53 Alexandra said she felt she had ‘lost’ herself during her relationship with Sergei after regaining her independence 

She says: ”Each month, I sign a document saying I promise to get out by the 31st. My worst fear is that we have nowhere to live and no money. I’ve tried to shield the children… they know that I don’t know where we’ll live.’  

These days Alexandra and the children spend whatever time they can at her cottage in Oxfordshire, with lawyers telling her not to take the children to France. 

Meanwhile Sergei remains living in isolation in France, with Alexandra refusing to let her children travel to see him 

She revealed: ‘Of course the children have asked me, “Why does he never come here?” so I told them that he has a prison sentence here. And they say, “Why can’t we go there? and I say “It’s dangerous. his life is under threat”.’

She said she does plan to tell her children about their father in the future, revealing: ‘I’m going to say that he needs to sort out the situation that he’s in, and maybe when you’re older you can go find him yourself. And it’s not your fault.’ 


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‘How can you trust her?’ Susanna Reid erupts after Sturgeon’s adviser flouts OWN rules

The Scottish First Minister was grilled by both ITV hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid as she attempted to manage the disastrous backlash coming for the news her own Chief Medical OfficerDr Catherine Calderwood flaunted the Government’s advice to avoid non-essential travel. But it was when Nicola Sturgeon claimed she would have wanted for Dr Calderwood to remain in her position despite the critical mistake that Susanna Reid blasted the First Minister. 

The ITV host asked: “You wanted to keep her on initially because you trusted her advice.

“But if her advice involves going to her second home, how can you trust her?”

The First Minister replied: “Her advice to me throughout this has been good, high-quality advice.”

But Ms Reid blasted again: “It’s not going to be good high-quality advice if she’s doing precisely the opposite of what we’re all supposed to be doing.

“Because I think a lot of people will be thinking is it okay to go to my second home?

“She’s the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, not just the message but the actual fact.

“Is it ok to go to a second home?”

Ms Sturgeon promptly replied: “It’s not okay. And I said yesterday it’s not okay. And there isn’t one rule for her and another rule for somebody else.”

She added she was not seeking to defend the behaviour of Dr Calderwood who apologised on Sunday when she announced she would resign. 

Dr Catherine Calderwood was originally backed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to remain in the role, despite twice recently visiting her second home in Fife.

However, after further conversations with Ms Sturgeon, Dr Calderwood said on Sunday night she had resigned “with a heavy heart”.

In her statement, Dr Calderwood said: “I am deeply sorry for my actions and the mistakes I have made.

“The First Minister and I have had a further conversation this evening and we have agreed that the justifiable focus on my behaviour risks becoming a distraction from the hugely important job that government and the medical profession has to do in getting the country through this coronavirus pandemic.

“Having worked so hard on the government’s response, that is the last thing I want.

“The most important thing to me now and over the next few very difficult months is that people across Scotland know what they need to do to reduce the spread of this virus and that means they must have complete trust in those who give them advice.”

Dr Calderwood initially apologised after photos of herself and her family near a coastal retreat in Earlsferry were published in The Scottish Sun on Saturday.

Just days earlier, the 51-year-old tweeted a photo of her family at their main residence in Edinburgh as they clapped for the frontline NHS staff working to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The 51-year-old, who was issued with a police warning over her conduct, told the briefing at the Scottish Government headquarters in Edinburgh on Sunday she had also visited the home in Fife last weekend with her husband.

Piers Morgan leaves Nicola Sturgeon lost for words in furious clash [VIDEO]
Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP sees losses amid covid-19 [ANALYSIS]
Coronavirus symptoms: Warning signs in your nose [INSIGHT]

She will now work with her team “over the next few days to ensure a smooth transition” to her successor.

Ms Sturgeon said she did not know about Dr Calderwood’s visits to the home, a drive of more than an hour from Edinburgh, until Saturday night.

The First Minister again backed the doctor’s advice, saying: “Dr Calderwood’s advice to me, to the government and to people across Scotland over the past few weeks has been the right advice.

“People should continue to stay at home to protect the NHS and to save lives.

“It is however clear that the mistake she made – even though she has apologised sincerely and honourably for it – risks distracting from and undermining confidence in the government’s public health message at this crucial time.

“That is not a risk either of us is willing to take.”

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7.45am Chelsea news LIVE: Philippe Coutinho transfer LATEST, Jadon Sancho update, Spurs want Giroud – The Sun

CHELSEA are eyeing up a big summer rebuild to back Frank Lampard when the transfer window opens – with the club's transfer ban lifted.

We have the latest transfer talk on the likes of Gabriel Magalhaes, Alex Telles and Philippe Coutinho and – but the Blues could miss out on Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

Meanwhile, should Chelsea hope to sign Jadon Sancho, they will need to be playing Champions League football next season.

Follow all the latest updates and gossip from West London below…

  • Griez lightning

    Antoine Griezmann wants to take Philippe Coutinho’s shirt number at Barcelona next season.

    Griezmann has worn No 17 since joining Barca from Atletico Madrid last summer, but has now set his sights on No 7 – currently worn by Coutinho.

    “I would like to get the number seven shirt again,” Griezmann said during a live Twitch stream.

    Barcelona are open to offers for Coutinho this summer and will consider bids in the region of €80m (£69.45m).

    Chelsea boss Frank Lampard is thought to be keen on the Brazilian given his proven Premier League quality.


    The Blues have reportedly been given a boost in their quest to sign Jadon Sancho with the Borussia Dortmund ace ready to reject Manchester United if they fail to secure Champions League football.

    Sancho is the prime target for United in the next transfer window but the huge uncertainty created by the coronavirus crisis means the Borussia Dortmund star has no need to hurry any decision.

    But should the Red Devils land Sancho, then it could pave the way for Chelsea to complete the signing of Barcelona's Philippe Coutinho.

    Spanish outlet Sport are reporting that the United have stolen the march on the Blues in the race to sign Sancho meaning Frank Lampard's side are likely to turn their attention to Barcelona's Coutinho.

    Reportedly boss Lampard has asked Stamford Bridge owner Roman Abramovich for a substantial war chest to strengthen his attacking resources this summer.

    And Sancho is also being chased by Callum Hudson-Odoi, with the England winger wanting to play his compatriot on Fifa 20.

    Speaking to MOTDx, the teenage he said: “Listen, do you know who I’m calling? I’m calling this person on purpose because he always thinks he’s better than me but he knows he’s not. I’m calling Sanch. Jadon Sancho.

    “I’m waiting for you to play me right now. I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing, you need to play me. Make sure you’re ready.”

    In other news, Chelsea are reportedly battling Arsenal for the signature of Achraf Hakimi – with the Moroccan full-back impressing on loan at BVB.

    The Athletic state that should Real Madrid want to offload him, the two London clubs are ready to snap him up.

    And finally, TEAMtalk state the Gunners are ready to hand Willian a two-year deal should the Brazilian not sign a new deal at the Bridge.


    Ligue 1 side Stade de Remis are in shock tonight after club doctor Bernard Gonzalez tragically committed suicide after contracting coronavirus.

    According to reliable reports in Le Parisien, the 60-year took his own life at home on Sunday afternoon, linking his death with getting COVID-19.

    It is understood he was in quarantine with his wife – who also had the virus – when the devastating incident occurred.

    He is believed to have written a suicide note, explaining the reasons he killed himself.

    His death has said to have caused heartbreak throughout the city in northern France, according to its mayor Arnaud Robinet.

    He added: “He was the club doctor. A great professional, recognised and appreciated by all.

    “I have a touched thought for his parents, for his wife, his family.

    “He is a collateral victim of COVID-19, because it had been detected positive and was inside for a fortnight.

    “I know he left a note to explain his gesture, but I ignore its content. He was a committed man.”


    EXCLUSIVE by Mark Irwin: Some Premier League clubs fear they are being pushed into an unwanted war with their players by top-flight rivals.

    Teams are alarmed by the PFA’s rejection of the proposal for ALL players to take a wage cut or pay deferral of up to 30 per cent.

    And while some billionaire club owners are ready for a confrontation, others want to ease off and reach an amicable compromise agreement with the players’ union, who fear the wage-cut proposal will cost the Government £200million in lost taxes.

    More talks are planned this week and a number of chief executives are looking to take the heat out of the situation.

    But there is a growing feeling that at least three clubs are looking to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis to slash their annual wage bills.

    PFA bosses are angry their members are being singled out for criticism after Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Norwich and Bournemouth put non-playing staff on furlough.

    Top-flight stars feel they are being blamed for the actions of owners who are asking the taxpayer to pick up the tab for their lowest-paid workers.


    Both the Champions League and Europa League could be ABANDONED if coronavirus shutdown continues, warns Uefa chief Aleksander Ceferin.

    The Uefa boss added that playing behind closed doors would be the preferred option to scrapping games all together.

    Ceferin told ZDF Sportstudio: “We are waiting for the development of this terrible situation in the world, and mainly in Europe. Football isn’t the same without fans. But it is definitely better to play with fans than without fans.

    “The thing is, football is absolutely not the same without spectators.

    “But it is still better to play the game behind closed doors and have it on TV, which is what the people need and want because it brings positive energy to their homes, than not playing at all.

    “That’s what the people want, that brings positive energy, and it will be July or August. We can’t play it out in September or October.”

    “If the authorities do not allow us to play, then we cannot play.”

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Susanna and Piers pay tribute to Kate Garraway's husband Derek

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan send Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper ‘every ounce of strength’ during his ‘agonising’ recovery from COVID-19 in hospital

  • Former Blair adviser Derek, 52, taken to hospital on Monday with coronavirus
  • Kate, 52, hasn’t been tested and is self-isolating at home with their two children  
  • After first paying tribute to their GMB co-host Kate’s husband on social media last Friday, Susanna and Piers once again expressed their well-wishes to the family on Monday’s programme 

Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan paid tribute to Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper during Monday’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

Their co-host Kate is reportedly ‘sick with worry’ as Derek battles COVID-19 in intensive care, after being admitted to the hospital a week ago and testing positive for the virus.

Susanna, 49, said: ‘I know I speak for all of the team and all of our viewers when we send our love to Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper.

Expressing their support: Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan paid tribute to Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper during Monday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, as he continues to battle COVID-19 in hospital 

‘We send him every ounce of strength as he recovers from coronavirus and our love to Kate.’

Piers, 55, also discussed the ordeal, describing it as ‘agonising for everyone involved’.  

Kate, 52, is now self-isolating at home with her two children after displaying mild symptoms. 

Heartfelt: On Friday, Piers and Susanna first shared their well wishes for co-star Kate via the medium of social media

Taking to Twitter to express her support, Susanna shared: ‘All my love to Kate and Derek’ with a heart emoji.

Piers took to his account and penned: ‘Now it’s been made public, I can say this horrendous situation has brought the Coronavirus crisis sharply into the hearts of all of us. My love & prayers to Kate & Derek’, alongside a praying hands emoji.  

Also sharing his well wishes was Ben Shephard, who tweeted a message of support for his co-presenter.

He wrote: ‘Just wanted to send all my love to Darcey and Billy. Sending Derek strength and positivity. Love to everyone going through this right now.’ 

Heartbreaking: Kate, 52, has been left ‘sick with worry’ after her husband was rushed to hospital on Monday where he was tested positive for the virus (pictured in December 2019)

Kind words: A host of Kate Garraway’s Good Morning Britain colleagues and friends sent their love to the presenter (GMB team pictured at National Television Awards last year) 

This was retweeted by GMB star Richard Arnold, who added a praying hands emoji.

Also revealing his support for Kate on Twitter were Lord Alan Sugar and Spandau Ballet frontman Martin Kemp. 

The Apprentice star wrote: ‘Sorry to hear about your husband via @piersmorgan. I wish him well and a speedy recovery.’ 

Martin added: ‘sending so much love to @kategarraway and her husband Derek. Wishing your man well Kate! xxx’. 

Reaching out: Her co-presenters have shared tweets sending love to the journalist who is now self-isolating at home with her two children after displaying mild symptoms

On the frontline: ITV Love Island star Dr Alex George vowed to stand up and fight back as he shared a selfie in protective clothing during his shift at a London hospital 

Derek, who was a former adviser to Tony Blair, was rushed to hospital on Monday where he was tested positive for coronavirus.  

Kate met Prince Charles at an event on March 11, but began displaying symptoms on Monday, which is beyond the two-week incubation period.  

It comes as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK topped 38,000 on Friday, with 3,605 deaths.  

Concerns: Just days ago, the presenter voiced her fears on GMB meeting with Prince Charles before he tested positive for coronavirus (pictured at the Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11) 

Kate’s meeting with Prince Charles  

Fears that Kate could have contracted coronavirus from Prince Charles have been ruled out. 

The ITV presenter met Prince Charles at an event on March 11, but began displaying symptoms on Monday, which is beyond the two-week incubation period. 

The ‘incubation period’ means the time between catching the virus and beginning to have symptoms of the disease. 

Most estimates of the incubation period for COVID-19 range from 1-14 days, most commonly around five days. 

The GMB presenter, who hasn’t been tested but is displaying ‘mild symptoms’ is self-isolating at home with their two children – Darcey, 14, and William (Bill), ten. 

Just days ago, the presenter voiced her fears on Good Morning Britain after meeting with Prince Charles before he tested positive for coronavirus.

She spoke about their encounter live on air, revealing that the pair had got ‘relatively close’ at the Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11. 

Kate’s spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Kate’s husband, Derek Draper, has been taken to hospital and is being treated in intensive care with a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

He was admitted on Monday and has since tested positive for the virus. 

‘Kate, hasn’t been tested, however she has also been displaying mild symptoms, also since Monday, and as a result has been on strict isolation with her children at home.’    

A source added to The Sun: ‘This is a desperate situation for Kate who is sick with worry about Derek’s health. 

‘She is obviously off TV too. Everyone at GMB is so worried for her.’ 


  • London: 161
  • Midlands: 150
  • North West: 88 
  • East of England: 66 
  • North East & Yorkshire: 62 
  • Scotland: 46
  • South East: 41
  • South West: 36
  • Wales: 24
  • Northern Ireland: 12

Total: 686 

NB: The totals of all countries’ separate counts add up to more than the official total for the UK because the Department of Health stops recorded at 5pm the day before it publishes the statistics. Some of the deaths outside of England will be counted in tomorrow’s total for Britain. 

Kate shared a video of herself clapping for the NHS on Thursday night where she said her family had an ‘extra special reason’ to clap for our carers. 

She wrote: ‘We had a an extra special reason to #clapthecarers in our house tonight but there’s a special reason for us all isn’t there. 

‘Thank thank you to all the health workers caring for our loved ones and key workers keeping our lives going [clapping emojis] you are incredible.’ 

Kate’s GMB co-star Susanna Reid, who just ended her own quarantine after someone in her household displayed COVID-19 symptoms, commented with a heart emoji. 

‘I don’t have any symptoms, so I’m not blaming him for anything at all, but people are going to be concerned. He’s a man that meets a lot of people.’

Just a day later, Kate assured fans that she was in ‘perfect’ health and had been to hospital to have her eye checked over, following reports conjunctivitis is listed as a symptom of COVID-19.

The Prince of Wales has a ‘mild’ form of the illness and his doctor believes that the royal may have been contagious from March 13 at the earliest.  

Family: Former Blair adviser M, 52, pictured with their two children Darcey, 14, and William (Bill), ten, in November

Shortly after Kate met Prince Charles on March 11, GMB played footage of the two together.  

The presenter pointed out: ‘We’re relatively close there, as indeed were all the other people that were involved in that. 

Kate and Derek have been married for fourteen years, with the former lobbyist cheering his wife on for the duration of her stint on I’m A Celebrity last year, he flew out to Australia with their two children to meet her. 

The couple, who wed in September 2005, have previously discussed their union, with Derek admitting that he feared she was ‘a high-maintenance TV bimbo’.  

Following her stint on I’m A Celebrity, the couple were planning to renew their views in the coming months. 

Kate, who was married to Ian Rumsey from 1998 to 2002, met Derek when they were set up by mutual friend, then-political editor of GMTV Gloria De Piero. 

The I’m A Celeb star told The Times: ‘One day, as the sun was rising, she said, ‘I’m having an epiphany. You and Derek Draper.’ I was, like, ‘Who?’

‘Derek had just moved back from America, having left politics and retrained as a psychotherapist, and she thought we’d be perfect for each other…

‘She set up drinks with a group of people at Claridge’s. Derek arrived thinking it was a date and that I was being incredibly cool by ignoring him.’

Derek then admitted he was relieved he went on the date as Kate dispelled all the myths he believed of dating a TV personality. 

Kate’s GMB co-star Piers Morgan has previously spoke about Derek as they used to butt heads when he was a press chief for Labour and Piers was editor of the Daily Mirror. 

Heartfelt: Kate shared a video of herself clapping for the NHS on Thursday night where she said her family had an ‘extra special reason’ to clap for our carers

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Pink Says She ‘Cried’ And ‘Prayed’ During ‘Scary’ Coronavirus Ordeal With Son

In a pointed reminder that the coronavirus can impact anyone, Pink has detailed the rollercoaster experience she and her 3-year-old son Jameson had with the virus.

“It got really, really scary, I’m not gonna lie… In the beginning, all we were hearing was ’If you’re young, this is 65 and older, our kids are fine,” the singer said during an Instagram Live with her friend, author Jennifer Pastiloff. 

“I’m hoping we are out of the woods, but this thing is a rollercoaster. Just when you think you are better, something else happens.”

On Friday, the 40-year-old confirmed that she and Jameson had both shown symptoms of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, and that she tested positive. She said they had since been re-tested and were negative for the virus.

During Saturday’s livestream, she said they’re both “better than they were” but were shaken by the experience. Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, suffers from asthma, and said that she required the use of a nebulizer (a machine that changes medication from a liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled) for the first time in decades as a result of the sickness.

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She said her husband Carey Hart and their 8-year-old daughter Willow remained healthy, but reminded people that the virus can strike those of all ages.

“There were many nights when I’ve cried and I’ve never prayed more in my life,” Pink said, explaining that Jameson experienced “the worst of it.”

“It’s funny, at one point, I heard myself saying ‘I thought they promised us our kids would be okay.’ It’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this.”

Last week, when Pink announced her diagnosis, she also revealed she’d donated $1 million to two funds to support healthcare workers battling the outbreak.

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Pink announced that $500,000 would go to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia, where her mom, Judy Moore, worked for 18 years in the Cardiomyopathy and Heart Transplant Center. She also gave an additional $500,000 to the Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

On Saturday, she spoke with her friend via Pastiloff’s Instagram profile to promote viewers to donate to the author’s food drive OnBeingHuman2020, which is working to bring food to families hardest hit financially by the pandemic. 


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Diane Kruger Covers Up for Grocery Store Run with Norman Reedus

Diane Kruger makes a quick trip to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries on Sunday afternoon (April 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress stepped out wearing a mask across her face and gloves on her hands as she tried to stay safe while out in public.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

After her trip inside the store, Diane headed back out to her car where longtime boyfriend Norman Reedus helped her load up the groceries before heading home.

If you missed it, the couple was recently spotted packing on some major PDA!

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'American Idol': Twitter Is Torn Between Contestants Lauren & Grace

Once again, this season of American Idol is throwing fans an unexpected twist.

On Sunday’s new episode — shot months ago at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii, before the coronavirus pandemic — fans were expecting to learn which stars were moving on to the Top 20 and which had overstayed their welcome.

At the end of the night, with only one position left, the Final Judgement came down to Lauren Mascitti and Grace Leer, two country music-leaning vocalists who each delivered stellar performances this round.

As both singers waited to learn their fate, judge Luke Bryan had a big surprise in store: Neither were going home — yet!

“Your performances last night, both of them were really great,” Bryan told the contestants. “We have one position left, and we couldn’t make a decision… [so] we’re going to turn it over to America.”

For the first time, viewers will get a chance to vote online on who should earn a place in the Top 20, and who should get the axe. It’s a surprising cliffhanger as two women’s fates hang in the balance, and Twitter had a lot of conflicting opinions.

And not just about who should move on, but also on whether or not it was right to pit the two hopefuls against each other, instead of rewarding them for their stellar work. Quite a few felt that some of the others who’d gotten guaranteed spots on the Top 20 didn’t deserve it as much as Leer and Mascitti.

Fans can vote for their favorite on the American Idol website, or text “Lauren” or “Grace” to 21523. Voting ends 9 a.m. ET on April 7.

While viewers will find out who got picked to move on next Sunday, this did mark the last new episode for Idol before the ongoing coronavirus pandemic led the show to halt production on the current season before the live rounds kicked off.

'American Idol' Judges Reveal Why They’re More Emotional This Season (Exclusive)

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John Krasinski is Joined by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Original ‘Hamilton’ Cast to Surprise Young Fan – Watch!

John Krasinski is back with Some Good News!

On the second episode of his YouTube series, the 40-year-old actor surprised 9-year-old Hamilton super-fan Aubrey, 9, with a performance of her favorite song “Alexander Hamilton,” the opening number for the musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original Hamilton cast!

Lin-Manuel, who played Hamilton, kicked off the performance via video conference before former castmates Leslie Odom Jr, Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Javier Munoz all joined in.

Aubrey had plans to see a performance of Hamilton in Jacksonville, Florida, but due the global health pandemic, she wasn’t able to attend.

Before the Hamilton cast called in, John told Aubrey that he would send her and her mom to the Broadway show in New York “When it’s all over.”

Also making appearance in the episode was John’s wife Emily Blunt, who starred in Mary Poppins Returns with Lin-Manuel.

Find out which The Office star joined John Krasinski on the first episode of Some Good News!

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