Can I play Augusta National? Eight ways to play golf at the course that hosts The Masters 2019

EVERY golfer dreams of teeing it up at Augusta National.

And it is not impossible.

We've taken a look at all the ways you can do it…

1. Become a member

Augusta National only has 300 members but if you think there’s a chance of joining, we’ve got some bad news for you.

It’s virtually impossible. The general rule of thumb is that if you have to ask about becoming a member then you’re probably not welcome.

In other words, it’s strictly by invitation only and those invites only tend to go out when a membership lapses i.e. when someone dies.

Do you have to be minted to join?

Not necessarily, although when you consider that some of the current members include billionaires like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the investor Warren Buffett, it clearly helps.

And you don’t have to be that good at golf either.

According to one caddie, the average handicap is around the 15 mark.

Previously women were not permitted to become members but they bowed to public pressure in 2012 and accepted their first two female members at Augusta, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the billionaire investor Darla Moore.

So how much does it cost to join?

Well, it’s thought that while it’s expensive – the initial fee is said to be between £19,000 and £30,000 – it’s nowhere near the most expensive golf club in the world.

Factor in subscription fees of around £230 a month and you’ll see that it’s pretty good value compared to other, less exclusive clubs.

2. Be invited by a member

This is your best chance, as long as you know one of the members and they sign you in as a guest.

But the Augusta National’s membership policy is a closely guarded secret – so finding a member who will invite you is not as easy as it sounds.

The good news is that any guest expense gets billed to the member.

And the member does not have to play with his/her guests, but does have to be on the property.

August National treasures

FAMOUS members of  the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club include:


Bill Gates: Founder of Microsoft, worth £76bn

Warren Buffett: Business investor, worth £67bn

Condoleezza Rice: Ex-US Secretary of State

Roger Goodell: NFL boss

Jerry Yang: Former CEO of Yahoo

Michael Bonallack: Ex-captain of the R&A

Jack Nicklaus: Six-time Masters champion and 18-time major winner

3. Work as a volunteer

Though it’s never been confirmed by Augusta, it’s believed that if you volunteer to work at the Masters in April you’re entitled to come back a month later and play a round at Augusta.

That’s play a round, not play around.

That’ll just get you thrown out.

The Masters this year has been pushed back to the autumn due to coronavirus as Tiger Woods looks to defend his crown.

4. Win the media lottery

Getting media accreditation for The Masters is hard enough itself, but not impossible (The Sun was given one pass later year, for lucky golf correspondent David Facey).

Then on arrival at Augusta, all media are invited to enter the media ballot.

If you come out of the hat, you'll be one of about 20 media members allowed to play Augusta National on the Monday following the Masters.

5. Play college golf nearby

Aside from being able to boast that you're a high-level college golfer, one of the perks of going to nearby Augusta University is that once a year the golf team will be invited to play.

But the chances of getting into the university, making the golf team etc are nigh on impossible.

6. Write a book

They say everyone has a book in them, and if you get a game at Augusta out of it too, then even better.

If you can convince the Augusta National to officially sanction your opus, you may be able to play the course… for research purposes, of course.

Author David Owen, who wrote The Making of The Masters, revealed he was once playing Augusta when one of his group desperately needed to finish, so they skipped the famous Amen Corner holes.

He said: "By that point I'd played there so often that I didn't think anything of it."

7. Become a caddie

If you fancy hanging out in white overalls, carrying a golf bag, this could be the job for you.
And you get to play the course once a year.

8. Get some other job at Augusta National

Augusta National advertise online for green keepers, admin staff and other jobs.

If you get through the selection process, you'll be eligible to play the course once a year.

But don’t turn up in the summer and expect to play.

The course closes in late May, after the Masters, and doesn’t open again until October.

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‘RHOBH’ Stars in Shock After Denise Richards’ Husband Threatens to ‘Crush’ Her Hand on the Show

Erika Jayne expresses her disbelief to what Aaron Phypers says in the latest episode of the Bravo reality series with her tweet, which is echoed by Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp and Lisa Rinna.

AceShowbizDenise Richards‘ husband Aaron Phypers said the unthinkable in the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“. The 47-year-old left everyone in shock after he threatened to physically harm his wife on the show.

In the Wednesday, June 3 episode of the Bravo reality series, Denise and Aaron stormed out of a BBQ party at Kyle Richards‘ home after she was confronted by Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp about not trusting her kids around them. The two walked hand-in-hand with the camera still following them.

After Denise repeatedly told him to stay mum because they’re still on camera, Aaron made a threatening remark. “Don’t tell me what to say. I’m going to crush your f**king hand. Stop it,” he was heard saying.

His threat has left viewers as well as Denise’s co-stars in shock, with Erika Jayne tweeting, “Wait! What did he just say??” Echoing the sentiment, Kyle, Teddi and Lisa Rinna later retweeted Erika’s post.

Erika Jayne reacts to Aaron Phypers’ threat to his wife Denise Richards.

Meanwhile, fans of the show weighed in on Aaron’s threat in the comments of Erika’s post. “That was scary. I knew something was off about Aaron,” someone reacted. Another shocked user wrote, “He totally said he was going to crush her hand!! WTF?!”

A third user expressed her concern, “I’m officially scared for Denise. If he says and does that in PUBLIC ON CAMERA what is he doing behind closed doors?” while one other described the couple’s marriage as a “sad relationship.”

Some others, however, defended Aaron, believing that he didn’t really mean what he said.

Neither Denise nor Aaron has responded to the backlash regarding Aaron’s remark. Meanwhile, Teddi has made it be known that she doesn’t have the best impression of Aaron following the couple’s tense argument with the other ladies in the latest episode of the show. “When I called him an a**hole I wasn’t too far off #RHOBH,” she defended herself following her remark to Aaron.

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Couple who moved in together after one date take daily audit

Woman who moved in with man she’d been on one date with for lockdown sparks furore by revealing they do a ‘daily audit’ to make sure they’ve exercised three times, meditated and listened to a podcast together

  • Speaking to the Guardian, a couple revealed they exercise three times a day
  • They added they take daily audit to check they’ve mediated, listened to a podcast together, cooked and had a deep chat about their families or childhoods
  • Extract of the article was shared on Twitter where many branded routine ‘exhausting’ and revealed they were drinking gin and eating jaffa cakes instead 

When lockdown measures were put into place in March, couples were advised to move-in together or stay apart for the duration.

And one brave pair who took the plunge to move in after just one date have caused quite a furore on social media, after revealing they exercise together three times a day and do a daily audit to make sure they’ve meditated, listened to a podcast together, cooked and had a ‘deep chat’ about their families or childhoods.

Speaking to the Guardian, teacher Jack McGarey, 31, and marketer Francesca Elizabeth Williams, 33, from Crowthorne, Berkshire revealed their very strict lockdown habits. 

Speaking to the Guardian , teacher Jack McGarey, 31, and marketer Francesca Elizabeth Williams (pictured),  33, from Crowthorne, Berkshire revealed their very strict lockdown habits after moving in together after just one date

Journalist Eimear McGovern posted a screenshot of the article saying ‘thank god my relationship isn’t like this’ and dozens replied echoing her thoughts.

The pair moved in together after matching on dating app Bumble and going on a socially distanced walk.

After the date went well, Jack invited Francesca over for dinner, and moved the furniture two metres apart to not break measures.

 ‘Obviously, the night started with social distancing,’ Francesca told the publication, ‘but as the night wore on and we had a few glasses of wine, we didn’t keep our distance.’

Two days later, the lockdown began and Jack told Francesca to ‘grab her gym kit and laptop’ and move in. 

After an extract of the Guardian article was posted on Twitter , many were quick to share their shock at the very Type-A relationship

Jack also told the Guardian that he’s almost said ‘I love you’ a few times, but thought it was ‘too soon’. 

After an extract of the Guardian article was posted on Twitter, many were quick to share their shock at the very Type-A relationship.

Journalist Eimear McGovern posted a screenshot of the article saying ‘thank god my relationship isn’t like this’ and dozens replied echoing her thoughts.  

Many said the routine was ‘exhausting’ and said they were sticking to jaffa cakes not exercise in lockdown

‘He told her to “Grab your gym kit and your laptop, and come over.” Gym kit? It’s a global pandemic lockdown. The only thing I’m grabbing is jaffa cakes’ said one.

 ‘I’m obsessed with the audit at the end of the day’ added another.

‘This reminds me of Monica from friends. Both of these people are Monica’ commented a third.

‘Jesus christ. That’s EXHAUSTING’ one Twitter user added.

‘Nope…. Nope nope nope..’ posted another.’

‘I’ve never been more OK with living alone in lockdown’ wrote a sixth.  

The idea of a daily audit was too much for some, who declared they would rather remain single

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Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products on sale at Aldi from just 99p

FANS of YouTube cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch can now pick up some of her favourite products in Aldi – and prices start from 99p.

The supermarket is selling her much-loved Minky cloths, as well as a dupe of her talked about Zoflora disinfectant spray.

Shoppers will find Minky antibacterial bathroom cloths for £2.49 – a saving of 51p compared to buying directly from Minky.

While it isn't clear how this version differs from regular Minky cloths, Aldi says they are ideal for cleaning your shower screen or taps.

Followers of Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchcliffe, will know the YouTube star swears by Minky and regularly features the brand on her Instagram page.

Meanwhile, Aldi is also selling 60ml bottles of Fabulosa toilet disinfectant spray for 99p, with lemon, rhubarb and "electrify" scents to choose from.

Fabulosa has been dubbed by Aldi shoppers as a cheaper verison of Mrs Hinch's favourite Zoflora spray, which costs £1.30 in Tesco.

The cleaning products are part of Aldi’s latest Specialbuys, which hit stores yesterday, June 4.

Other items you'll find on sale include Cillit Bang Active Foam for £1.99 and Mr Muscle Sink and Drain Foamer for £2.99.

Sadly, you can’t buy these products online, which means you'll need to visit your nearest Aldi store to stock up.

Aldi has 620 stores in the UK – use the online store finder to locate your nearest branch.

Not a fan of Minky? One cleaning fanatic claims this £1.29 Home Bargains sponge is better than Mrs Hinch’s favourite.

Did you know Mrs Hinch’s talked about Elbow Grease cleaning spray can be used on practically everything.

Mrs Hinch reveals she MOPS her bathroom wall tiles to get them sparkling clean.

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NYPD arrests 240 people during another night of protests

The NYPD arrested 240 people overnight as protests over the police-involved death of George Floyd continued across the city, authorities said Friday morning.

The arrests came as police enforced the citywide 8 p.m. curfew imposed earlier this week, arresting multiple demonstrators in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn who continued to march in defiance of the deadline.

Police did not immediately have a breakdown of the charges against those arrested Thursday night into early Friday.

A day earlier, 180 arrests were made citywide, Wednesday night into Thursday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday declared that “enough is enough” when it comes to protesters demonstrating past the curfew.

Bronx Protest Arrests060420protestarrests21CSBronx Protest Arrests060420protestarrests10CS060420protestarrests3CSBronx Protest ArrestsBronx Protest ArrestsBronx Protest Arrests

View Slideshow

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Inside Rory McIlroy’s incredible £8.5million Florida mansion with cinema and recording studio he bought from Ernie Els – The Sun

TO chart Rory McIlroy's incredible rise, you need only peek inside his homes.

From the modest end-of-terrace childhood home in Belfast to the 12,800-square-foot Florida mansion bought for £8.5million, McIlroy has enjoyed his booming success.

But it wasn't always a life of luxury for Rory.


In August 2017, McIlroy moved into the golfing capital of the world: Jupiter.

He bought a £8.5m mansion in The Bear's Club, a golf development which was founded by Jack Nicklaus in 1999 and is 85 miles north of Miami.

It came a few short months after he married Erica Stoll in a lavish wedding in Ireland.

And the luxury property was in well-known hands before McIlroy having been previously owned by Ernie Els.

The incredible neighbourhood has been home to basketball legend Michael Jordan, tennis royalty in Serena and Venus Williams, plus fellow golfers Luke Donald, Michelle Wie and Els.

And somehow McIlroy managed to end up with even more bathrooms.

The massive property stretches over 12,800 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms and TEN bathrooms.

A huge balcony at the back of the property overlooks a tranquil swimming pool.

Inside, McIlroy has everything a young multi-millionaire could wish for, with a recording studio, games room, gigantic pool and a home cinema.

But it's a long way from where he grew up.


Parents Gerry and Rosie raised McIlroy in the family's four-bedroom house in Holywood.

It was adapted by Gerry into what would be a young aspiring golfer's dream.

A trampoline could be found in the garden but it was tucked behind a giant practice putting green.

Step into the garage and McIlroy, the 2014 Open champion, had his very own golf simulator.

Father Gerry had transformed the space into a studio where a young curly-haired McIlroy could study his swing and ball-striking with two TVs wired up to the system.

And, when he wanted to put that into practice, Holywood Golf was just a 20-minute walk from the house.


When McIlroy moved out the family home, it wasn't your typical property for a first-time buyer.

McIlroy bought Robinhall House in Moneyreagh, County Down, which is now worth around £3.2m.

Now there was no need for a golf simulator as McIlroy had his own driving range, putting green and massive practice area complete with seven bunkers on the 14-acre property.

For down time, there was a cinema, outdoor hot tub, lake with 1,200 trout and full-size tennis court where he could play with then girlfriend and former world No1 Caroline Wozniacki.

McIlroy sold the estate in 2013 for £2.5m as he jetted off to America.


McIlroy's move Stateside saw him the four-time major winner treat himself to a stunning Florida mansion.

The £9.5m pad in Palm Beach Gardens came with six bedrooms, a gym, outdoor swimming pool and, of course, a putting green.

A sprawling lounge area led on to a relaxing patio with sofas that are nestled by the pool.

The mansion was designed so the water met with the side of the house, and ran along to a water feature.

Among the NINE bathrooms is the en suite for the master bedroom which boasts a whirlpool in the centre of the room.

A private gym came with a full weights section, bike, treadmill and huge television screen on a wall-length mirror.

McIlroy could unwind in a games room, complete with a pool table, which had massive sliding doors onto the pool area.

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Tia Mowry Spreads Message of Hope When Sharing Experience Growing Up Biracial

Continuing to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the ‘Sister, Sister’ actress recalls witnessing first hand the ‘privilege’ her white father had as opposed to her black mother.

AceShowbizTia Mowry is optimistic a change will come in the wake of George Floyd’s death. As Black Lives Matter protests continued to carry on across the country, the former star of “Sister, Sister” shared a moving message that has her opening up about her experience growing up biracial and witnessing first-hand racial-profiling against her mother.

On Thursday, June 4, the 41-year-old actress put out on Instagram a photo of her with twin sister Tamera Mowry and their mother Darlene. “This is a photo of my beautiful mother,” she began before touching on the issue of white privilege. “Growing up #biracial, mom is black and dad is white, it was very clear to me seeing the #privilege that my dad had as opposed to my #mother.”

The Cocoa McKellan on “Family Reunion” went on to spill on the instances her mother was treated differently from her father because of her skin color. “Some examples, during our #sistersister days when traveling for work we would often fly first class,” she recalled. “There were several times my mother was asked if she was in the right seat.”

“Another incident that stood out for me was when we were buying our first home as a family,” the mother of two continued on with her story. “My mother walked in the house model with us asking for a brochure. A person had said the houses were sold out. My dad walked in and it was a different story.”

Because of what she had seen, the “Baggage Claim” actress admitted that her “#goal is to see #change.” As she acknowledged that “this year has been a tough year” and “several tears have been shed,” she sent a message of hope. “However, a friend told me these tears will not be wasted. The #love and #support around the world has kept me going,” she noted. “A #change is gonna come.”

Tia was one of the many celebrities that have joined the protests against racial injustice and police brutality following Floyd’s tragic death. Among them were Kendrick Sampson, who shared the injuries he got from being shot at using rubber bullets, Cole Sprouse, who shared his story of being arrested during peaceful demonstration, and Halsey, who was seen tending to injured protesters.

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Deadline: International Insider Newsletter — Boyega Says It Best & Britain’s Bullish Back To Work Strategy

Hello, and welcome to International Insider, Deadline’s new weekly newsletter containing everything you need to know about the global film and television business, brought to you by our crack team in Europe. If you want to subscribe, sign up to our breaking news alerts here.

We’ll be in your inbox every Friday, delivering scoops, contextualizing the week’s news, ushering you towards stories you might have missed, spotlighting things you need to watch, and rustling up bonus gossip.

Here are the six things we want you to know this week:

1. Moment Of The Week

John Boyega said it best: “Black lives have always mattered. We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time. I ain’t waiting.”

London calling: The Star Wars actor was addressing demonstrators in Hyde Park amid global Black Lives Matter protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week. Disney called him a “hero.”

2. Britain’s Bullish Back To Work Strategy

While Hollywood dithers over its film and TV restart plans, momentum is quickening in the UK where there is now political firepower and industry-wide coronavirus safety guidelines anchoring the back to work strategy. Just ask the guys over at Mission Impossible 7, who used the publication of the British Film Commission protocols this week to announce that the Tom Cruise franchise will spring back into action again in September. “We are convinced we can do this,” said first assistant director Tommy Gormley.

Bullish Brits: Gormley’s optimism is symptomatic of the increasingly bullish mood among the British industry. Major studios are reopening, big entertainment shows such as Graham Norton are planning to ditch Zoom interviews, and dramas like Netflix hit Sex Education are setting goals for when they can crack open the clapperboards. There is, of course, a huge economic incentive to return to production after the pandemic put thousands of freelancers out of work. It’s no coincidence that workers’ union Bectu endorsed the BFC guidelines.

But but but: Britain’s record on tackling COVID-19 ranks among the worst in the world. The UK’s daily death rate is higher than the entire European Union put together, its track-and-trace system is in its infancy, progress on testing is being obfuscated by the government, and there remains around 2,000 new cases of the disease being recorded every single day. As one industry observer put it, the virus has not just magically disappeared because the economy is reopening.

And don’t forget insurance: The other major sticking point for indie producers is the absence of insurance cover for coronavirus. Trade body Pact did a straw poll of more than 200 members last week and 73% said they would not resume shoots without a safety net. Pact has submitted proposals to the government to create a multi-million-pound emergency insurance fund, which would underwrite the cost of productions closing in the event of a second lockdown. “Every call I have been on with ministers, this has been raised as the single biggest issue for economic recovery,” Pact boss John McVay tells us.

The bottom line: TV and film can’t wait a year for the world’s boffins to invent a scaleable vaccine, so optimism and pragmatism will be essential tools for producers. Production plans will be adapted to safety protocols, longer shoots will become standard, but the biggest determining factors in returning to anything resembling normality remain out of the industry’s control.

3. Yes We Cannes

Despite its cancellation due to coronavirus, the Cannes Film Festival revealed its Official Selection this week. Among the virtual highlights were Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, two new films from Steve McQueen, and Kate Winslet starrer Ammonite. The festival also revealed a record number of women directors and debuts.

The big surprise: The inclusion of Oscar-winner McQueen. There was us thinking McQueen was working on a BBC TV series (and Small Axe will debut on the BBC and Amazon in the UK and U.S.), but it turns out we’ll also have five feature films, each about race and the West Indian community in London. In a classy move, the director dedicated his two Cannes films to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

Look out for this: How different would the Cannes lineup have looked without coronavirus and what of this Cannes-Venice tie-up? Check back next week for our interview with Cannes chief Thierry Frémaux.

4. Best Of The Rest

Poland was the latest country to set a date for cinema re-openings, but as per most other nations, this isn’t a straightforward process. Multiplex owners in the country revealed to Deadline that they won’t open their doors until they are satisfied with conditions, and the film slate is an ongoing concern. All eyes are on Tenet, dated for July 15-17 in Europe, which could be cinema’s savior, if it holds. Tom Grater has the story.

And the biggest job in TV outside of America goes to… Tim Davie. The BBC Studios CEO was today named as the next director general of the BBC — but you already knew that was coming given we told you he was the hot favorite for the role back in early April. Congratulations to Tim.

The BAFTA TV Awards nominations are in, and it was a good year for diversity. After its disaster with the #BaftaSoWhite Film Awards earlier this year (which was called out by winner Joaquin Phoenix on stage), there are eight BAME nominees in the performance categories — a 167% rise on 2019. The ceremony will be hosted by Richard Ayoade on July 31 from a closed studio, but awards director Emma Baehr tells us that there will be guest presenters and nominees will be encouraged to participate virtually. Here are the big talking points from the nominations.

Going toe-to-toe with Netflix: With the global streaming war raging, local players remain a key factor. Starzplay is the biggest streamer in MENA and celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2020. In an exclusive interview, CEO Maaz Sheikh discusses how he is staying ahead of Netflix and how U.S. studio deals have been key to success. Go deeper here.

5. One What To Watch

With the spotlight firmly on law enforcement and criminal justice in America, it’s worth noting that A&E’s excellent Accused: Guilty Or Innocent? goes global next week, launching on Crime+Investigation in the UK on June 9 at 10PM. Made by British indie Brinkworth Films, the eight-part series offers ringside seats to people accused of serious crimes from the point they are charged, to the denouement of their case in a court of law.

A shocking moment: The season opens with the story of Bryan Lawson, who is captured on CCTV shooting dead his wife in front of their child. It’s a gob-smacking moment that no amount of crime dramas can prepare you for, but it survives the edit because the episode is sensitively handled, and the stories are exclusively told in the words of the individuals involved.

Go deeper: Check out our interview with Accused‘s executive producer Malcolm Brinkworth. “Each case has got huge stakes for the individual, each case has got huge stakes for the lawyers, the defense, the prosecution. And you are there every step of the way,” he says.

6. Bonus Gossip: Sky Plants Trees

Sowing seeds: Sky Studios has shaken off the M&A downturn by taking minority stakes in two drama producers during the pandemic: Longboat Pictures and The Lighthouse. You might say the European pay-TV giant is sowing seeds that it hopes can grow into hits the size of Chernobyl, the Emmy-winning nuclear disaster drama that scooped a record-equalling haul of BAFTA TV nominations this week.

It’s not the first time Sky Studios CEO Gary Davey has got green-fingered: The Australian was among a number of top Sky executives who clubbed together last year to buy an unusual gift to mark CEO Jeremy Darroch’s 15-year anniversary at the company. What do you buy a man who can afford to donate nine months of his salary to coronavirus relief charities? Turns out it’s a tree.

Mighty oaks: The sapling marked Darroch’s insatiable appetite for growth, which ultimately led to Comcast’s mega-bucks takeover of Sky in 2018. And his colleagues couldn’t resist a more overt nod to his dynasty, quoting Sky’s slogan in a message accompanying the tree: “Thank you for always believing in better.”

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Councillor slams litter louts for leaving gas canisters in local park

Hippy crack becomes the scourge of lockdown: Countryside Alliance reveals empty laughing gas balloons and containers are ruining beauty spots as bored youngsters use parks to socialise

  • The Countryside Alliance has asked public to respect beauty spots across nation
  • Called for public toilets to avoid human excrement being thrown into the bushes
  • Twitter users shared pictures of empty ‘hippy crack’ canisters across weekend 
  • North London councillor Alessandro Georgiou slammed ‘disgusting’ park litter 

A rural campaigning group is pleading with the public to respect the countryside and green spaces, after beauty spots were blighted by litter. 

The Countryside Alliance has highlighted the scourge of empty laughing gas containers – or ‘hippy crack’ canisters – as well as disused glass booze bottles, being strewn across the nation’s parks. 

The canisters containing nitrous oxide, which causes a brief feeling of euphoria after inhaling, and are popular with young people, who currently can only socialise in outdoor spaces, while entertainment venues remain closed and house parties are banned. 

The littering of party-goers waste has caught the attention of many across the UK, with hoards of locals taking Twitter to share the grim state of their own local park. 

The Countryside Alliance has highlighted the scour of empty laughing gas containers – or ‘hippy crack’ canisters across UK parks. Pictured, a park in North London

The rural campaigning group is pleading with the public to respect the countryside and green spaces. Pictured, North London park 

In Enfield, one councillor has expressed outrage at the state of a much loved local park, where pictures have emerged of beer bottles and hundreds of discarded ‘hippy crack’ cannisters and helium balloons strewn over the green space. 

There have even been reports of human excrement being thrown into the bushes, prompting concerns over hygiene.

Councillor Alessandro Georgiou told the Countryside Alliance: ‘It’s absolutely clear that public parks and spaces need to be open; offering a place for people to meet and to embrace nature freely during these difficult times. 

In Enfield, one councillor has expressed outrage at the state of the much loved local park, where pictures have emerged of beer bottles and hundreds of discarded ‘hippy crack’ cannisters

What is hippy crack and is it illegal?

Nitrous Oxide, better known as hippy crack was first synthesised in 1772, had been used for centuries as a pain killer by dentists and doctors during childbirth.

As well as medicine, Nitrous Oxide can be used by ‘boy racers’ to dramatically increase the horsepower of their cars. 

The use of Nitrous Oxide as a ‘legal high’ was outlawed under the Psychoactive Substances Act which came into force in May 2016.  

Party and festival goers are more interested in its ‘euphoric’ effects, file photograph

Party and festival goers are more interested in its ‘euphoric’ effects

Sellers of ‘hippy crack’ for recreational use were warned they faced up to seven years in prison under a Government crackdown on legal highs  

The Psychoactive Substances Act banned any substance that can affect a person’s mental functioning or emotional state by stimulating or depressing their central nervous system. 

Some substances – including caffeine, alcohol, prescribed medicines, tobacco and chocolate – are exempt from the ban.

The two key tests for prosecutors is whether it has ‘psychoactive’ effect and secondly if it exempted for medical reasons. 

‘Trent Park is the jewel in the crown of Enfield and for most of the lockdown it has been used responsibly by the public for exercise. However we have seen the disgraceful behaviour of a few ruin it for the many. 

‘Littering has now become rife, with people disposing large amounts of rubbish in the middle of, and throughout the green areas. This also includes human waste which is truly disgusting. 

‘The Friends of Trent Park have done an amazing job cleaning up the park, but this littering really needs to stop.’

The campaigners anger has been echoed around the country, with many taking to social media to vent their frustration at hoards of rubbish littering their local beauty spots. 

Epping Forest pleaded with visitors not removing their rubbish to respect ‘this ancient woodland’ while sharing images of the land trashed with litter 

Sian Parry, of Kent, raged about having to clean up after people littering on her morning dog walk 

Epping Forest pleaded with visitors not removing their rubbish to respect ‘this ancient woodland’ while sharing images of the land trashed with empty glass beer bottles, laughing gas canisters and plastic bottles. 

Sian Parry, of Kent, raged: ‘Morning dog walks now turning into daily litter picks at Sevenoaks park in Grangetown. This is what greeted us this morning! Unfortunately, we ran out of bags! Animals.’ 

Margaret Davis, from Essex, told she felt ‘saddened’ visiting her local Sealife Centre car park to see boxes of used laughing gas. 

She wrote: ‘You could tell that last night there were obviously two cars parked here leaving hundreds and hundreds of gas canisters on the surrounding tarmac. Were the drivers fit to drive?’ 

Margaret Davis, from Essex, told she felt ‘saddened’ visiting her local Sealife Centre car park to see boxes of used laughing gas 

Replying to their local council’s twitter, a local charity group in Tamworth, Staffordshire, wrote: ‘Selfish people are just dropping litter wherever they like, including these dangerous ‘laughing gas’ canisters that we saw in Jolly Sailor car park earlier today. Please can someone come to clear the litter away? Thanks. 

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell waded in insisting: ‘Public parks and open spaces are a great way for people to exercise and beat loneliness by having contact with the outside world. 

Ian Brown, from Bristol, moaned that his dog nearly ate one of the discarded balloons littered on the grass 

Replying to their local council’s twitter, a local charity group in Tamworth, Staffordshire, complained about the empty cannisters 

‘Sadly, it’s clear from images over the weekend that a minority have no respect for others and nature. People need to be aware of how damaging leaving litter can be to the natural world.’ 

The Countryside Alliance are now calling on local authorities to consider opening up public toilets, following grim reports that park-goers are defecating in parks. 

The organisation have called on the to re-open in way where people can observe social distancing, much like those currently used at motorway service stations. 

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Comedian Sarah Cooper Reveals Why She Launched Her Hilarious Viral Trump Videos

Comedian Sarah Cooper has found a captivating and comedic way to parody President Donald Trump using his own audio.

Her viral videos took off with meteoric strength featuring Cooper acting out daily audio from Trump using exaggerated expressions. Her first video, “How to Medical,” hit as the country was being slapped with a pandemic. Trump suggested that coronavirus could possibly be treated with an ultraviolet light or even disinfectant. The video ended up attracting 18 million views on Twitter.

She told the Los Angeles Times why she started doing the videos that seem to be bringing some sense of levity to a dark time for most Americans. “When Trump started doing those daily briefings and being confronted with how incompetent he is and how out of his element he is, I was just reminded of being in the corporate world and seeing people BS-ing through a meeting, making their coworkers think they know things when they really have no idea what they’re talking about,”  she said.

She wanted to call him out

Cooper said no one was calling Trump out during his term in office. “It seems like we’ve been gaslighted for three-and-a-half years. Now he’s saying ridiculous things that make no sense, but people are nodding and no one is calling him out. That frustration is part of the reason why I wanted to do something like this,” she told the LA Times.

Trump is widely parodied. Alec Baldwin has secured his position as the “tweeter in chief” on Saturday Night Live. Other comedians have taken a stab at Trump parodies too. But Cooper shared that the world needed something even more absurd.

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“Because we’re so used to really great Donald Trump impressions, it’s like we needed something different—we needed something a little bit more absurd. And it is absurd to hear Trump’s voice coming out of my mouth,” she said, Newsweek reports. “We know that he is not a fan of women who challenge him, so I think there is something refreshing about a woman challenging him, or a woman making fun of him in this way.”

She’s the perfect observer of human behavior

Cooper shares her videos on a number of social media platforms but got into TikTok during the quarantine. “My nephew introduced me to it last summer, and then I just put it away,” Cooper said. Like many people in quarantine, Cooper found she had extra time on her hands. “I said, you know what? I’m going to figure it out,” she told The Daily Beast. “I’m going to figure this out—this TikTok you kids are doing.”

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“The thing about Trump that I noticed in these daily press briefings was that he has no idea what he’s talking about, and he can talk for so long about anything,” she added. And, “I think it was just fun for me, being so opposite from who Trump is but being able to say what he’s saying—and really pointing out the fact that I could never get away with talking like this. That was kind of what was really intriguing to me.”

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