Controversy Be Damned! Jeffree Star’s Cremated Palette Sells Out Immediately & Twitter Goes MAD!

So much for THAT controversy!

As we reported days ago, some social media users made a stink about Jeffree Star‘s new ‘Cremated’ cosmetic line — especially in light of the morbid atmosphere surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But judging by how quickly this thing sold out this morning, you’d think nobody was offended at all! Holy s**t!!!

The YouTube sensation and makeup aficionado took to his official Twitter account on Friday morning to unexpectedly share the incredible news! As you can see (below), even he was super shocked at just how quickly things sold out:

What the f**k, indeed!

And especially after so much social media controversy over the palette itself earlier in the week, too. Guess all that noise didn’t turn out to matter too much once it came time to buy, buy, buy did it?!

Some skeptical Twitter users pointed out the hypocrisy of it all, showing off their cynicism in reacting to the super-fast sell out:

No kidding!!!

Another user referenced Star’s longtime buddy Shane Dawson with a super-relatable GIF response to the sell out post-controversy, tweeting (below):

It’s tea, indeed!

And you KNOW Twitter didn’t stop there, honey!!! There were SO MANY more reactions and opinions where those came from!

One user was clearly frustrated that Star took any heat at all in the first place, tweeting (below):

“How on Earth are people offended about Jeffree Star’s Cremated palette. Are people choosing to be offended by death now? You do know people died BEFORE Coronavirus was a thing right? People have been being cremated since way back my dudes. That is REACHING”

OK then!

Still other tweeters congratulated the YouTube sensation for making them “completely forget” about the coronavirus for just a little while:

“Thank you @JeffreeStar for blowing our minds with your #CrematedPalette that made us completely forget about the corona virus for a second 👏🏼”

Yeah, sure, why not?! LOLz!!

And still others pointed out that critics of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics CEO are really all hypocrites because the ‘net is full of crazy coronavirus memes that we’ve all gotten a good laugh at here and there, anyways:

“People are really complaining about @JeffreeStar releasing the Cremated collection rn, as if the internet isn’t polluted by coronavirus memes…”

We get it!

Where do y’all stand on this one, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF about your reaction to Star’s HUGELY popular palette and all the related drama down in the comments (below)!!!

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'The Amazing Spider-Man' Franchise Disappointed Andrew Garfield: Here's Why

There’s Tobey Maguire’s classic take on Peter Parker. Then there was Andrew Garfield’s turn as the web-slinger, and finally Tom Holland’s ongoing run as Tony Stark’s protege. In short, many actors have taken on the beloved Spider-Man. 

Though we’ve seen a few different incarnations of the character, not every Spidey actor boasts the most positive experience. For one, Andrew Garfield came to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but he left “heartbroken.” During an interview with Amy Adams for Variety’s Actors on Actors, Garfield explained why, as a fan of the character, he felt betrayed as the series progressed. 

RELATED: Why Spider-Man Tom Holland Says Writing a Script Was ‘More Nerve-Wracking’ Than Joining the MCU

Andrew Garfield on Marvel’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise 

While working on Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was still a bit new to the showbiz world, and likely a bit naive. In short, the value placed on money, often over character and narrative, was likely not a challenge he had come to personally confront. Yet, Spider-Man would change that. He learned while working on The Amazing Spider-Man that the “top of the priority list” is not always what you want it to be — the art itself. He explained to Amy Adams: 

I found that really, really tricky. I signed up to serve the story, and to serve this incredible character that I’ve been dressing as since I was three, and then it gets compromised and it breaks your heart, he said. I got heartbroken a little bit to a certain degree.

RELATED: Tom Holland On Why His Spider-Man Is ‘More Interesting’ Than Tobey Maguire’s Portrayal

Andrew Garfield grew up adoring Spider-Man; he grew up dressing up as the character and pretending to shoot webs from his wrists. 

Andrew Garfield had to accept one of Hollywood’s most disappointing qualities while working on ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise

Not only did Garfield learn one of the hardest lessons Hollywood often teaches an artist, but he also had to learn it through a character to close to his heart — a character he loved and admired since childhood.

Spidey was a hero he yearned to emulate. And then, when all was peach keen, and he was in the suit for real, those behind the production sacrificed the art in favor of money-making sequels and potential side-hustles tied to the franchise, as ScreenRant argues.

In the end, Hollywood is a business, and such a fact sometimes leads the material to get “compromised,” as Garfield says. Maybe, if Garfield had more say in the whole thing, his run as Peter Parker would have been a bit more appreciated, as many often argue that Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s films compete for top dog. 

Adams went on to note that she deals with a similar struggle when playing Lois Lane in the Henry Cavill-led Superman movies. Unfortunately, Lois often serves the movie — the greater narrative — and never comes to boast a story “serving the character.” Instead, she is merely a character serving the story. Despite all the love Adams holds for Lois Lane, the fact is hard to accept. Though their problems are different, they overlap, as both see aspects of their art — aspects they yearn to see in ten-fold — amiss. 

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Amazing moment 300 Amish men lift a huge barn with their bare hands

Amazing moment 300 Amish men lift a huge barn with their bare hands and move it across a field

  • Hundreds of men in rural Amish country helped their friend move a barn 
  • At least 300 men were seen grabbing onto the skeleton of the massive structure 
  • They were then directed to move the barn to another part of the field
  • In the Amish community, men gather to help their friend build and move barns 

Who needs machinery when you can get a few hundred of your closest friends to help you move your barn?

Amazing video shows about 300 Amish men working in tandem to lift an enormous shed in a rural part of the country.

One man is heard giving directions to the men as they grab the skeleton of the red farmhouse.

When viewing the spectacle from afar, the men’s legs are seen sticking out from the bottom as they toil in unison to lift the enormous structure.

Incredible video shows some 300 Amish men use their bare hands to haul a large barn across a field

The large group of men were moving the barn from one part of the field to another

At one point the men’s legs weren’t visible even though they were still moving the structure

In the Amish community, it is custom for men to help another member of the community build and move barns

‘You see all the feet moving?’ the woman who filmed the scene says in amazement.

At one point, the men continue to move the shed but the structure is lowered toward the ground, concealing their feet.

It made it appear as if the shed was moving on its own.

In the Amish community, when one member needs help, their neighbors pitch in and lend a hand.

When building or moving a structure like a shed or farmhouse, the Amish do not use power tools. Instead, they utilize their own bare hands. 

Last year, a video filmed in Ohio showed the incredible moment Amish men surrounded and picked up a pole barn in order to move it from one location to the other.

The astonishing moment took place on the farm of Joseph Hochstetler in northern Knox County on March 9, 2019.

In the clip approximately 250 men spread on all four sides of the barn to lift it.

They then walk steadily to carry the structure all in one piece to more than 150 feet away.

A male voice behind the camera says: ‘They said they were going to turn it around. Maybe I’m mistaken.’

Then women dressed in black colored skirts and hooded tops flock into the frame of the video as the men almost reach their destination on the land in Danville.

They watch intently as the men maneuver the structure.

Some 250 men carried a barn across Joseph Hochstetler’s farm in northern Knox County, Ohio, on March 9, 2019

A female voice behind the camera adds: ‘They’ve got to straighten it up.’

The men then turn it 90 degrees and the voice adds, ‘oh look, they’re twisting it’ before they set it down at its new location across the field near a stack of logs.

Those filming the action then end the video laughing as neighing from horses is heard.

This Amish community, who are reluctant to adopt modern technology, started the task early at around 9am on Snively Road.

Footage acquired by Jukin Media lasts 2 minutes and 40 seconds and the entire process took just five minutes with a little help from friend bright and early.

Avoiding connections to the outside world by using candlelight and horse-drawn carriages instead of light bulbs and cars, means Amish communities – who also have a large presence in Pennsylvania and Nebraska – remain tight-knit to get the job done.     

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I had amazing sex with a guy who seemed nice and genuine but now he’s ghosted me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD amazing sex with a guy who chased me at the beginning, but now he has ghosted me. I feel like I’ve been played.

I am a woman of 28, while this man is 30. We got to know one another online.

Get in touch with Deidre today

Got a problem?

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

Send an email to [email protected]

Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.

You can also send a private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page.

Follow me on Twitter @deardeidre.

He seemed nice and genuine. We were both single and had lots in common.

He chased me and I made it clear I wasn’t one to sleep around but finally agreed to meet up with him. I thought he was interested in me and really liked me.

He knew I was a single mother with a three-year-old daughter.

He lives quite a distance away, so he booked a hotel in my local town so we could meet up while my mum babysat for me.

We got on really well and he kept on and on asking me to come back to his hotel room with him. In the end, I agreed.

We slept together and the sex felt brilliant. I thought we had some sort of future together.

That was three months ago. But I was shocked when I tried to reach out several times afterwards, only for him to refuse all contact.

Eventually he did reply but made it out he was the injured party.

He said I hadn’t had to sleep with him, that nobody had forced me to go back to his hotel room with him and that he had never really been interested in me.

But the truth is, he was the one who invited me back to his hotel and pressured me into sleeping with him. He knew I’d fallen in love with him.

He was the one always saying sweet things, being all lovey-dovey.

I tried to say no to him but got sucked in by his charm. Now he accuses me of being his stalker.

Why have sex with me if he had no feelings in the first place?

It was very hurtful. I would have been totally understanding if he’d just been honest and said there was no chemistry.

I wanted to stay friends but he doesn’t want that either.

My little girl is gorgeous but I’ve felt so lonely through the long weeks of lockdown.


ONE in three kids will see their parents split up before they hit 16 – and it can have a terrible impact if parents use them as pawns in a battle.

My e-leaflet When Parents Fall Out tells how to limit the damage.

For a copy email me at [email protected] or message me on Facebook.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am afraid some people are turned on by the chase and will say whatever they think you want to hear – then lose all interest after sleeping with you.

You have learned a harsh lesson that sex is rarely a good idea the first time you meet somebody for real.

But behaving like this isn’t going to make him happy now or in future.

Take a deep breath and promise yourself you won’t let this experience spoil the rest of your life.

My e-leaflet Social Life For Single Parents has lots of ideas.

Gingerbread, the organisation for single parents, can help you join up with others for company and support (, 0808 802 0925).

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Crafty dad makes amazing two-in-one bench with old pallets and everyone wants to buy one

THEY'RE two pieces of key garden furniture – but what if you could combine your bench and picnic table to create one VERY clever piece of outdoor kit?

That's exactly what one crafty dad thought when he assembled a genius bench which also doubles up as an outdoor table whenever he needs.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget, Csaba Szabo proudly showed off how the bench seamlessly transforms into a table with one simple movement.

At first glance, it looks like any other ordinary bench – which the dad made out of leftover wooden pallets.

But as Csaba demonstrates, the bench's backrest doubles up as a table when he pushes it across.

And when the dad is finished using it, he can effortlessly turn it back into a bench by repeating that movement. Genius.

His wife Szabóné Pályi Zsanett captioned the video: "This is one of my husband's pallets projects during lockdown. Our daughters love it so much!"

And if that wasn't enough, the couple have now been flooded with offers from other members of the group.

One replied: "That's amazing! You have one clever husband, he could definitely sell these."

Another gushed: "Brilliant! You should advertise them, bet loads of people would buy one."

"How clever is that," a third added.

But this isn't the only thing you can do with leftover wooden pallets.

Last month, one mum made an adorable outdoor kitchen set for son for just £10 in lockdown.

For more DIY home hacks, this woman revamped her driveway for a ‘fraction of the cost’ and people say it looks ‘amazing’.

And this woman completely changed the colour of the grotty patio she hadn’t washed in SIX years using £2 The Range spray.

Plus DIY fan transformed her tired patio tiles using £7 stencil and it looks amazing.

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Stacey Solomon creates amazing DIY beauty station using old crate to ‘keep her mind busy’ in lockdown

DIY projects can be a great distraction at the best of times – but in lockdown, they're the only thing stopping us going stir crazy.

Proving she's a girl after our own hearts, Stacey Solomon has been using this time to give a few corners of her home TLC – and now she's created an amazing beauty storage station out of things she already owned.

Earlier this week, the mum-of-three made a stunning set of garden shelves using crates she had lying around in her garage.

Yesterday the star decided to turn the last broken crate from that set into a chic storage station for her haircare bits.

Sharing a step-by-step tutorial on her Instagram stories, Stacey started by covering up the scuffed, broken sides with a layer of TipEx.

She wrote: "Soo I'm keeping my mind busy, trying to make something to hold all my hair bits and bobs.

"This old crate was in the garage, it's a bit broken so I'm using TipEx to cover it."

Once the crate was a uniform shade of white, Stacey then screwed gold hooks into the side and attached a Command hook to her wall to hang it up.

With the crate turned on its side, Stacey hung her hairdryer, comb and brush off the bottom hooks.

She then placed her different hairdryer heads in the crate along with some hairbands and styling products. And it looks SO satisfying.

Proudly posting before-and-after photos of her efforts, Stacey wrote: "It's not perfect but it's MUCH better."

Earlier this week, Stacey admitted that the coronavirus crisis is making her "feel teary all the time".

Cradling baby son Rex, the 30-year-old Loose Women star told her followers she felt "terrible" for being so emotional given how much other people were struggling.

She explained: "Joe's gone to get baby milk because we ran out and I am going to have to do something because I just feel on the brink of tears all the time."

Giggling unexpectedly, Stacey wrote on the Instagram post: "I don't know why I'm laughing. It's got to be hormones or the moon.

"Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you're welling up all the time for NO REASON what so ever?

"And then you feel terrible for feeling teary when there are so many people in the world in such awful circumstances I have no reason to be teary what so ever."

In more celebrity news, Meghan Markle has hinted at having another baby and said she wants a ‘pint-sized buddy’ for Archie, insider claims

And ‘Strict’ Kate Middleton doesn’t let Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis have too much screen time, an expert has claimed.

Plus Stacey Solomon made an amazing bathroom shelf out of household ‘junk’ she found.

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People are making amazing chocolate chip cakes in their slow cookers and you only need three ingredients

IF you’ve been craving something sweet but found the supermarket shelves stripped bare, home bakers are here to help.  

One three-ingredient cake recipe has emerged as one of the most popular to make in quarantine, and all you need is flour, condensed milk and chocolate chips. 

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Budding bakers are whipping up this cake in their slow-cookers, which also cuts down on the amount of washing up. 

One amateur chef uploaded snaps of a delicious-looking cake to Facebook group Crockpot/Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips, sharing their step-by-step method.

They wrote: “Just pulled this out the slow cooker smells amazing. 

“Looking forward to a slab with custard later on.”

After hundreds of people liked the post and called for the recipe, they later added: “2.5 cups flour (self raising). 1 can condensed milk. 

“Good hand full choc chips. 2.5 hours on high.”

Nearly 400 people have commented on the post, noting how good the bake looked. 

One person said: “Looks delicious.”

Another wrote: “Making this tomorrow!”

A third commented: “I’d eat a piece tight now, it looks delicious.”

Agreeing, someone else added: “This looks yummy!”

Meanwhile if you're trying to bake your own bread here's how to make your own yeast.

And a husband created an amazing quarantine home restaurant for his wife after all their date nights were cancelled.

Plus mums who’ve run out of pasta after stockpilers cleared shelves are making their own.

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Amazing £80million superyacht that can stay at sea for MONTHS is perfect for luxury self-isolation – The Sun

A SUPERYACHT that can go months without ever needing to come back to land is perfect for self-isolation – if you can afford £80million.

The super-rich can now get away from it all and explore the world with the self-sufficient concept vessel named Green Expedition.

The eco-friendly yacht will be covered in over 200 square metres of solar panels, has its own wind turbines, and is propelled by a "skysail".

The skysail is a kite-like rig capable of helping to move the vessel.

And just in case there's no sun, the yacht's hybrid engine will also be assisted by retractable wind and wave turbines as well as the skysail.

If the crew have food and water, the 213ft vessel could stay at sea and get away from it all for months.

Superyacht designer Dennis Ingemansson said: "This vessel is perfectly designed to isolate the superyacht owner and their family."

He added: "The ventilation system is as optimised as an aeroplane with high-end disinfecting and cleaning systems.

"Being on board this yacht is the safest place on earth these days."

The craft was designed by Mr Ingemansson and the German based Ned Ship Group, who specialise in high-tech yachts.

To keep you entertained while quarantined at sea,  buyers will be able enjoy diving up to 300 metres in the ocean with the 213ft vessel's own mini-submarine.

Or if you would rather stay above the water, you can fly in the yacht's own helicopter which takes off from deck.

Mr Ingemansson, from Copenhagen, Denmark, boasted the yacht could also act as a rescue vessel thanks to its ability to be self sufficient.

The sleek 1,400 gross tonne monster boasts a superstructure steel hull with Ice Class 1A classification, meaning it is fit to sail through the harshest Arctic conditions.

The yacht has separate helicopter and submarine hangars and if it's too cold to swim outside, the owner can take a dip in the on board heated swimming pool.

And it comes in a variety of colours, including green, silver and black.

Mr Ingemansson said he was inspired to create an eco-friendly vessel which can travel anywhere in the world but also have the least amount of effect on its environment.

He added: "There has never been any boat built with truly green features like this one.

"While the yacht is lying still for several days out on an expedition in exotic destinations, the yacht doesn't need any diesel, thanks to these green solutions.

"Meaning this will not harm the local eco-system.

"It is also a true expedition superyacht, designed for the toughest weathers and climates anywhere in the world.

"The panoramic 360-degree sea view on the captain's deck is also designed as a penthouse, which will be a truly amazing place for the yacht's owner."

Meanwhile, a £65million superyacht belonging to a Saudi prince capsized and partially sunk while it was docked in Greece.

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Mum shares 'amazing' one-pot roast chicken recipe using £1.50 seasoning – and it’s perfect for a stress free Sunday

A MUM has revealed her simple one-pot roast chicken recipe, using a cheap seasoning, and people think it's "simply amazing".

If you're cooking Sunday dinner, but want to keep things simple yet tasty, you may want to check out her slow cooker technique.

To cook the chicken, all you need is a 1.5kg bird, some oil and a packet of French onion dried soup mix.

The Continental packet soup costs £1.50 – and you can buy it online through Sanza.

Describing her recipe on Facebook, she wrote: "Spray your slow cooker with oil.

"Place onion, potato and carrot and any veggies of your choice to accompany it on the bottom of the slow cooker.

"Rub soup mix onto the chicken and place it in the slow cooker."

After doing this, you simply leave your slow cooker on high for four hours – and get on with the rest of your Sunday.

The mum added: "(It) was moist and tasted delicious. Definitely a winner with the family. The smell was amazing."

People gushed over the tip, writing: "This looks delicious – I can't wait to try".

Some questioned whether the potatoes would go soft using this method, but were assured that wasn't the case.

"I put the potatoes in under the chook (chicken). Cooked perfectly. Not crispy or too oily," the home cook said.

Yesterday, we revealed vegan and veggie meals at fast food chains ‘more likely to give you a heart attack than meat burgers’.

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