Boy, five, begs brother to give him an 'old man haircut' that he saw on TV

It doesn’t matter what age you are, you definitely should not cut your own hair. Unless you’re an expert.

And maybe don’t get a sibling to do it for you either, unless they are an expert.

One little boy who clearly didn’t care about the outcome asked his older brother to give him an ‘old man haircut’ after seeing it on tv show You’ve Been Framed.

And the results are as you’d expect.

George Moore grabbed a pair of clippers belonging to his dad Kevin Moore, 38, after finding them on charge upstairs.

He then asked brother Harry, seven, to shave a big bald spot on the top of his head – leaving the siblings giggling hysterically.

The sound of laughter alerted dad Kevin, a flooring company worker from South East London, who walked in on the pair and discovered the mischief.

Eager to please his son, Kevin then helped his son finish the look.

George is now happily sporting a shaved head – with longer hair around the back and sides.

Kevin explained: ‘I’d left my clippers on charge upstairs and the boys obviously found them.

‘They both came down and they were laughing so much. I looked over and saw this massive bald patch on top of George’s head.’

For some reason, George became fascinated with the look after spotting it on TV on an elderly man with thinning hair on top.

When the opportunity arose, George decided to rope Harry into the antics too.

Luckily, when he showed his new ‘do to his mum, she saw the funny side.

Kevin added: ‘My missus Rebekah had to go to work and I was left with George who was begging me to make him look like an old man’.

‘Neither of us can stop laughing and we FaceTimed his mum at work and she was just crying with laughter on the phone.

‘George loves it, exactly what he was after and he’s dead chuffed.’

Let’s hope he enjoys it as much in many years to come.

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Search for boy, 12, and his brother, 9, who went missing in Manchester

A SEARCH has been launched for two brothers who went missing from their home in Manchester.

Danny McLeish, 12, and his younger brother Kai, nine, were last seen near Levenshulme, in the south of the city.

Their current whereabouts are unknown but they may have travelled to the Gorton or Tameside area, police say.

The pair were last seen at around 11.30am today on Erneley Close in Levenshulme.

Danny is around 5ft tall and he was wearing grey jogging bottoms with a green parka jacket.

Kai is about 4ft tall and was wearing a green bubble jacket, black Nike trainers and shorts.

One of the brothers may be riding a bike.

Greater Manchester Police said: "Concerns are growing for their safety and family are desperate for information.

"If you have seen the brothers please call police immediately."

Anyone with further information can contact GMP on 101 quoting log number 88/31/03/20.

Alternatively call 0161 856 6516/63921.

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Six-year-old boy thrown from tenth floor of the Tate Modern is now able to sit up and use a spoon – The Sun

THE boy seriously injured when thrown from the tenth floor of London’s Tate Modern art gallery is now able to sit up and use a spoon.

The French lad, six, suffered a fractured spine, brain bleed and broken arms and legs in August’s horror.

His family say that “after a slump”, their “smiling little boy” seems to be coming back.

They revealed on a GoFundMe page that has raised £200,000 for his treatment: “He has gained muscle tone and enough strength to manage to sit longer without the help of his corset.

“He can almost eat all of his meals on his own, holding his spoon with his right hand.

"As he has more strength, he also has more breath and for that reason, we understand better what he says and he manages to speak to us more."

The family also had a message for their supporters during the coronavirus pandemic.

They added: "We are very moved to see that you continue to think of our little knight in these difficult times.

"Please stay safe and take care of yourself and those you love."

Autistic Jonty Bravery, 18, of Ealing, West London, admitted attempted murder in December.

He has been remanded in custody awaiting sentence.

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RHOC star Shannon Beador’s boyfriend John gushes ‘you are my forever’ in love letter – The Sun

SHANNON Beador's boyfriend told the RHOC star she was his "forever" in a sweet note posted to Instagram.

The reality star shared praises of John Janssen since the two went public with their relationship last July.

He wrote a sweet message to Shannon on Tuesday in celebration of her 56th birthday.

She shared the love letter she received via Instagram from her beau on her special day.

Because John's Instagram account was private, Shannon took it upon herself to share the letter on her public Instagram.

He wrote: “Our connection and chemistry are what people dream about.

"You are my person; the one I was meant to be with, the one that makes me feel whole. I started falling in love with you almost immediately and my love has grown ever stronger as our time together has flown by. I find myself thinking and wondering at times if this is real, how did I get so blessed? Then I look into your beautiful eyes and know it IS real and it is how our world should be."

John continued: “I have never believed that a woman could be so loving, generous, intelligent, creative, determined, funny, fun loving, hardworking, successful, down to earth, nurturing, protective, loyal, encouraging, and have my back no matter what. Then I met you; you are all of that and more.”

John recalled how the two first met in June, admitting it was "bad timing."

He explained they had both recently gotten out of relationships and weren't expecting to fall in love.

John wrote in the love note: “The timing was bad and made no sense to either of us or to any of our friends and family.

“I was not in the right frame of mind to meet anyone and was just trying to get my balance.

"You were not looking for a relationship, but rather were just spending time and having fun with friends after an emotional two years of ending your marriage. But once we were introduced something inside me knew that I had to talk to you.

“We started with encouraging texts that warmed my heart and then phone calls for hours that flowed so effortlessly and then came the group date. I took you and a friend of ours out to dinner.

"The night ended with you and I singing karaoke duets at the Elks club and then talking one on one until the Elks staff told us they needed to lock up. Since that night you and I have been inseparable, literally. I have never in my life spent so much concentrated time with anyone. I never tire of you, but rather thrive in your company.”

John told his lady love: “You are my best friend and the woman I can not live without. Happy birthday!!!!! I love you with all of my heart and soul. You are my forever and ever amen.”

He signed the note: “Love, John”

Shannon and John met through mutual friends and had a lot in common, including being divorced parents.

Both studied at the University of Southern California at the same time, but didn't know each other.

Shannon's beau now works at an insurance firm.

The couple have mixed their families since they began dating.

Shannon's three daughters, 17-year-old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline are around the same age as John's two daughters and son.

Shannon split from her ex husband David Beador in September 2017.

They were married for 17 years.

David has since moved on and proposed to his much younger girlfriend, Lesley Cook, in January.

Meanwhile, Shannon planned to come back as a full-time Housewife for season 15 of the hit Bravo show.

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Furious boy, 7, writes letter calling coronavirus 'the f word' after his birthday party is cancelled

A LITTLE boy has branded coronavirus the ‘f-word’ after his birthday party was cancelled due to the lockdown. 

Luka Perry Clark was due to celebrate his seventh birthday party at his home in West Cork, Ireland, but his parents were forced to break the news that it had to be cancelled. 

His parents, Liz Clark, 38, and Tessa Perry, 42, were expecting 15 kids over for a Harry Potter-themed party. 

Outraged, Luka asked mum Liz, originally from Colorado, to help him write a letter to coronavirus, and was in stitches over what he wrote. 

The furious youngster branded covid-19 ‘the f word’, which chef Tessa found so hilarious she shared it online, where it since went viral racking up nearly 85,000 likes. 

The letter says: “To coronavirus you destroyed my birthday you are the f word.” 

Liz, a musician, said: "I came close to tears when I told Luka we would have to cancel the party.

"I just explained to him that it wouldn't be very responsible for the party to go ahead and he was so good.

"He just asked important questions like if he'd still get presents then he said he wanted to write a letter.

"He asked for permission to call it 'the f word' – I saved it for Tessa when she got home from work and she thought it was hilarious.

"I really don't know where he thought it was going, because he addressed it to coronavirus."

Despite the pair having to cancel the planned party, they still made Luka’s big day, on March 16, special.

The family, including little sister Joni, two, dressed up as Harry Potter and had a scavenger hunt. 

Liz said: "We'd planned to postpone the party but we ended up going all out anyway.

"It was actually better because we could just focus on Luka, which you don't always get to do as parents.

"It was just the four of us and he definitely enjoyed himself.

"He's absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. He knows all the words and all the trivia, it's unbelievable."

The parents added they were taken aback by how popular the post was, with people from all over the world wishing Luka a happy birthday and sending him video messages. 

Liz added: “It's so weird how viral it went.

"He got so many people wishing him happy birthday and sending video messages.

"That doesn't happen often so it turns out that actually coronavirus didn't ruin his birthday, it made it more special."

Meanwhile these guilty mums are sharing throwback snaps from Christmas when they decorated their tress with loo roll.

And this mum was in shock after buying 18 loo rolls only for her kids to put them all in the bath.

Plus mums are using the pepper and glitter method to teach kids how to properly wash their hands.

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Boy, is this a fine time to listen to some Sondheim

If this were Stephen Sondheim’s heyday — by which I mean the 25-year period, from 1970 to 1995, when this songwriter was the dominant creative force in the American theater — he would surely be starting work on a musical about the coronavirus.

Sondheim never hit box-office gold, which isn’t surprising when you consider the coronavirus-esque material he wrote about — like “Assassins,” which is about what it sounds like, and “Sweeney Todd,” the operatic account of a Victorian serial killer.

And who else but Sondheim — who celebrates his 90th birthday Sunday — would have thought the opening of Japan to Western trade in the 1850s would be fertile ground for a musical?

Alas, the people who backed his somewhat obscure show “Pacific Overtures” in 1976 probably ­regretted being talked into the idea, since it only ran for 193 performances on Broadway and lost its entire $650,000 investment (about $3 million today).

But it features a Sondheim score so rich, so dazzling, so witty, so variegated and so emotionally resonant that even after hundreds of listens, its original-cast album can still bring tears to my eyes.

I think especially of “Someone in a Tree.” In this seven-minute number, Sondheim recreates a dry historical event — the treaty negotiations between Japan and the United States — through the eyes of an old man who many decades earlier watched the proceedings silently from a tree branch and his 10-year-old watching self.

“Someone in a Tree” is a profound meditation on youth, age, understanding and history itself. The watcher is, the song says, a fragment of the day, the ripple and not the stream — but if he hadn’t been there, who’s to say what happened would have happened?

It is one of the greatest songs ever written. You’ve likely never heard of it. And I’m not even sure it’s in the top 15 among Sondheim numbers.

There are the ones to which he wrote only the lyrics while he was in his 20s, like “Somewhere” from “West Side Story” and “Mama’s Turn,” the ultimate closing number of the best of all Golden Age musicals, “Gypsy.”

There are the absurdly clever pastiche songs he wrote entirely by himself, in which he repurposed classic forms of the popular song to astonishing effect, like “You Could Drive a Person Crazy” from “Company” and “Broadway Baby” from “Follies.”

There are the songs of heartfelt, even tragic yearning, like “Not a Day Goes By” from “Merrily We Roll Along.”

And there are the rueful, hard-won-wisdom songs, in which older, sadder and wiser characters take responsibility for their mistakes — like his most famous, “Send in the Clowns” from “A Little Night Music.”

Sondheim is a savage ironist, so perhaps the greatest of all his savage ironies is that he wrote these peerless tunes for shows that were, more often than not, emotionally unsatisfying.

The dominant feeling expressed through his most personal shows, from his breakthrough “Company” in 1970 through 1994’s “Passion,” is deep ambivalence — about the durability of any kind of relationship, about the demands for compromise that are the hallmark of any adult enterprise and about humanity itself.

And yet time changes things. I saw “Sweeney Todd” in its original run on Broadway more than four decades ago. The criticism at the time was that it was too punishing, too dark. Sweeney Todd slashes throats in full view of the audience and sings a love song to the razors he uses.

If you had told me that, four decades on, my own 15-year-old daughter would perform in this show at her high school, I would have said you were insane. And yet she and her schoolmates did it.

And every second of it was ­astonishing, even revivifying. That is what great art — and “Sweeney Todd” is perhaps the greatest single work of the American stage — does.

And Stephen Sondheim, New York City’s greatest living artist, has given us songs that will be sung and laughed with and cried over until people stop singing. Which could be next Tuesday.

[email protected]

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'Boy Meets World' Actor Rider Strong Almost Walked Off the Show

No matter how many difficulties or tragedies some stars endure, many people seem to feel that once you get rich and/or famous, that solves all your problems. Too many people have proven that’s not the case, from Amanda Bynes to Lindsay Lohan. 

Rider Strong of Boy Meets World fame didn’t have a high-profile case where he was constantly in tabloid headlines or unflattering paparazzi photos, but the pressure for him got so acute, he just about walked off the job. This is how Strong went to the brink – and came back from it. 

How Rider Strong gained fame and lost it

Rider Strong’s very name almost seems like a dare to the celebrity gods. It sounds like a made-up name like Cary Grant (Archie Leach) or Judy Garland (Frances Gumm), but the star of Boy Meets World has Rider Strong on his birth certificate. According to an interview with Vice, his father had the name King Arthur Strong, so unusual naming conventions run in the family. 

Rider got the lead role of Shawn Hunter, with most of the episodes revolving around his character. Boy Meets World became an ABC TGIF staple along with Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and others.

However, all was not well with Strong. One of the first signs of trouble came when he broke down on a charity cruise when he was 15. 

The normal pressures of being a teen intensify greatly when fame is the mix, so when Strong went through a breakup not long after the cruise, he snapped. “My mom and dad were there, and everybody was waiting for me to get out and do the show. I didn’t want to do it. I felt like my life was over, and I couldn’t stop crying,” he says. 

How Rider Strong came back

Strong eventually made it through with the help of his supportive parents, and he started living on his own, making friends with older people who didn’t know or care about Boy Meets World. After the show wrapped for good in 2000, Strong enrolled at Columbia where the other students included Anna Paquin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Julia Stiles. Strong felt he could disappear there as a “TV schmuck” among movie stars. 

After graduating, he deliberately kept a low profile, giving himself a chance to adjust to the real world. When the Disney Channel resurrected Boy Meets World as Girl Meets World, he initially wanted nothing to do with it, but agreed to appear on a few episodes if he could also direct. Flash forward a few years, and Strong is married with a 4-year-old son.

Outside of his family, his passion project is podcasting. He co-hosts a show called Literary Disco

“I want my work and art to get out into the world, and I want to have an effect on the cultural conversation. That’s not the same thing as wanting me, my face, my voice, my body, to be out there as a thing that people engage with,” he says. “But whatever, here I am complaining about being famous again.”

Why is fame particularly hard for child stars? 

Hundreds if not thousands of articles clog the internet about the perils of childhood stardom, or at the very least, young stardom. The web page with the Strong interview also includes links to profiles of formerly famous names like Vitamin C, Johnny Tsunami and Leelee Sobieski.

Sobieski was one of the most promising young actors of the late 1990s and early 2000s, with memorable roles in Never Been Kissed and Eyes Wide Shut, among others. Not many people can claim to have worked with both Drew Barrymore and legendary director Stanley Kubrick, but Sobieski could. 

Despite her fame and prominent parts, Sobieski has no regrets about leaving Hollywood behind, being effectively retired from acting. Unlike other stars, Sobieski goes by her married name, Kimmel, and she decided to become a professional painter instead. 

She said, “Things got complicated for me… So when I could, I stopped,” she said in one of her rare post-fame interviews. “It’s kind of a gross industry—well, they all are, when you examine them—but in acting you’re selling your appearance so much. I would cry every time I had to kiss somebody; I couldn’t stomach it.”

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Boy who suffered fatal head injury playing basketball donates organs on his 10th birthday – The Sun

A BOY who suffered a fatal head injury while playing basketball with his family donated his organs on his 10th birthday.

Ridge Scolley – a third grader from Frazee, Minnesota – was playing basketball with his cousins over the weekend when he lost his balance and hit the back of his head, his family revealed.

On Tuesday, Ridge's parents, brother, and sister did a "Hero Walk” with Ridge as they escorted him into the operating room.

Ridge's family hoisted the "donate life" flag when they said their final goodbyes and walked him into the room, according to the Grand Forks Herald.

A GoFundMe, created three days ago by the boy's aunt Stacey Morris, read: "Mike, Shannon, Clara and Troy have made the decision based on knowing that Ridge would want to help others by donating his organs.

"Ridge will be turning 10 tomorrow, March 10th and since he cannot receive gifts, he will be giving the gift of life to one or more through organ donation."

After the tragic incident, Ridge was airlifted to Sanford Hospital in Fargo, North Dakota.

It was there doctors determined that his brain would not be able to recover.

But thankfully, Ridge was able to give life to others as his recipient was be a 6-year-old boy.

Stacey told the Grand Forks Herald: "Rather than him being able to receive gifts, he was able to give a gift to someone in need.

"That is what Ridge would have wanted … he was so considerate and so compassionate of other people, all the time."

A memorial service for Ridge will be held on March 22 at the Frazee-Vergas High School.


The GoFundMe, which has since received nearly $30,000 of its $60,000 goal, thanked everyone for being a part of his life.

It read: "Ridge had such a compassionate heart and loved life and we know he would want to remind all of us to be kind to others, do things in your life to make a difference and don’t ever have any regrets, do what you love."

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Boy, 11, arrested after pupil, 14, stabbed at a Merseyside school

A BOY of 11 has been arrested after a 14-year-old pupil was stabbed at a school on Merseyside today.

The victim was rushed to hospital with a leg injury after he was attacked on the netball court at Rainhill High School, Prescot.

Emergency services raced to the scene just after 2.40pm today and the school was placed on lockdown.

Three boys aged 11, 13 and 14 have been arrested on suspicion of assault.

The offenders, described as two boys who are not pupils at the school, made off from the scene on foot.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said the schoolboy suffered a "superficial" cut to his leg and was taken to hospital.

Worried parents took to Facebook after hearing their children's school was placed on lockdown.

One wrote: "I'm terrified."

The school later released a statement explaining the school was placed on lockdown as a "precautionary measure" and the school will reopen as normal tomorrow.

Supt Tami Garvey-Jones said: "I am sure the community will be shocked to hear that a school pupil has been assaulted in this way on school premises.

"We are currently in the very early stages of the investigation and have officers in the area working to establish the full circumstances, and have already made three arrests."

She added: "I would like to emphasise that knife crime will not be tolerated under any circumstances anywhere on the streets of Merseyside, let along inside the grounds of a school.

"I want to take this opportunity to appeal directly to parents and guardians: We don’t want to be knocking on your door to tell you your child has been arrested for injuring another child or even that they themselves have been injured or killed as a result.

"Talk to your children about knife crime, educate them on the dangers and help us to make it socially unacceptable for anyone to carry a knife when they go out.

"I ask anyone who may have witnessed this incident to please get in touch as any information, no matter how small, could assist our investigation.”

If you know someone is carrying a knife then speak to us via 999 in an emergency, or @MerPolCC or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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STABBING HORROR Boy, 15, fighting for life after being stabbed in South London as man arrested for attempted murder – The Sun

A 15-YEAR-old boy has been left fighting for his life after being stabbed in South London.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police were called to Townmead Road, Fulham at 16.37 today to reports of a group of youths armed with weapons.


A 15-year-old boy was found with stab injuries and was taken to a south London hospital by London's Air Ambulance.

His condition has been assessed as life-threatening.

A crime scene is in place and enquiries are ongoing.

One male has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He has been taken into police custody.

Police are urging anyone with information to call police on 101 quoting CAD 5315/mar06.

To give information anonymously you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at

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