Pink Says She ‘Cried’ And ‘Prayed’ During ‘Scary’ Coronavirus Ordeal With Son

In a pointed reminder that the coronavirus can impact anyone, Pink has detailed the rollercoaster experience she and her 3-year-old son Jameson had with the virus.

“It got really, really scary, I’m not gonna lie… In the beginning, all we were hearing was ’If you’re young, this is 65 and older, our kids are fine,” the singer said during an Instagram Live with her friend, author Jennifer Pastiloff. 

“I’m hoping we are out of the woods, but this thing is a rollercoaster. Just when you think you are better, something else happens.”

On Friday, the 40-year-old confirmed that she and Jameson had both shown symptoms of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, and that she tested positive. She said they had since been re-tested and were negative for the virus.

During Saturday’s livestream, she said they’re both “better than they were” but were shaken by the experience. Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, suffers from asthma, and said that she required the use of a nebulizer (a machine that changes medication from a liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled) for the first time in decades as a result of the sickness.

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She said her husband Carey Hart and their 8-year-old daughter Willow remained healthy, but reminded people that the virus can strike those of all ages.

“There were many nights when I’ve cried and I’ve never prayed more in my life,” Pink said, explaining that Jameson experienced “the worst of it.”

“It’s funny, at one point, I heard myself saying ‘I thought they promised us our kids would be okay.’ It’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this.”

Last week, when Pink announced her diagnosis, she also revealed she’d donated $1 million to two funds to support healthcare workers battling the outbreak.

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Pink announced that $500,000 would go to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia, where her mom, Judy Moore, worked for 18 years in the Cardiomyopathy and Heart Transplant Center. She also gave an additional $500,000 to the Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

On Saturday, she spoke with her friend via Pastiloff’s Instagram profile to promote viewers to donate to the author’s food drive OnBeingHuman2020, which is working to bring food to families hardest hit financially by the pandemic. 


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Chris Evans: ‘Let’s not take the Mickey’ Virgin Radio host issues warning to listeners

Chris Evans, 53, urged people to stay at home over the weekend, despite the temperature soaring into the 20s. The government worried that the warm weather over the past two days would encourage people to venture outside regardless of the UK coronavirus lockdown that was enforced two weeks ago.

But bear in mind, let’s not take the Mickey – get out there for your exercise, but let’s not take the Michael because we need our hour of exercise

Chris Evans

With many celebrities using their platforms to implore fans to follow the rules, Chris was among them, warning listeners “not to take the Mickey”.

While discussing the upcoming weekend on Friday’s show, the former BBC host reiterated the important message.

“It’s going to be gorgeous over the weekend,” he said.

“It’s going to be very nice for many of us on Sunday, with highs of 21 degrees!


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“But bear in mind, let’s not take the Mickey – get out there for your exercise, but let’s not take the Michael because we need our hour of exercise.”

He noted that the UK’s situation could get a lot worse than our current state if people didn’t follow the rules.

“We are in a soft lockdown, it could be a lot more severe if we don’t do what we’re supposed to do, which is stay home, stay safe, help the NHS and save lives!”

The UK coronavirus death toll now stands at an estimated 4,934, and according to the Department of Health, the number who have tested positive across the UK as of 9am on Sunday, now stands at 47,806.

In Sunday’s daily coronavirus briefing, health secretary Matt Hancock also made clear that if people continue to break the rules, there could be consequences for us all.

He implored people not to venture outside unnecessarily despite the warm weather, and confirmed that sunbathing was against the rules as the temperatures are set to sky rocket once again this coming week.

It comes after pictures emerged of police forces up and down the country dispersing sunbathers in parks and other public areas who were lapping up the rays.

The West Suffolk MP warned that if people flout them, “we might have to take further action”.

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Chris repeated his point from earlier in the week, where he slammed people who were complaining about staying at home.

Under the circumstances, the ex-Top Gear presenter wasn’t best pleased.

“For most of us, it should be more than bearable,” he snapped, before structuring a scenario where the same rules apply, but in a different situation.

“Imagine if you were at home on a Sunday night and it’s a school night, no wine for the grown-ups, and then your boss calls you at, let’s say 4:30-5:30pm on a Sunday,” he began.

“They say ‘Do you fancy the week off? There’s one condition – you have to stay home with your kids.'”

He continued: “So, you can go out once a day to get food and you can go for a bike ride every single day. But other than that you have to stay at home.”


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He paused for a second to let it sink in before making his final point.

“You’d jump at the chance, wouldn’t you?!”

He did however, sympathise with people who have specific circumstances that would make quarantine particularly difficult.

“For some people with child care, absolutely I get it and for people who’s income – I get all that.”

“But for a lot of other people – shut up honestly. Let’s just get on with it.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekday at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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Gavin and Stacey: What time is Gavin and Stacey on tonight?

Gavin and Stacey fans were sad to see the series finish on the BBC after season three back in 2010, after falling in love with the families from Essex and Wales. The popular series was written by James Corden, who stars in the series as Smithy, and Ruth Jones who stars as Nessa. The much-loved characters will be returning to our screens tonight, but not in the way some fans may think.

What time is Gavin and Stacey on tonight?

Fans of the series will be pleased to hear the characters will be back on BBC One tonight, at 8.15pm.

But sadly this is not a new series – the channel will be airing previous episodes of the series to lift everyone’s spirits during an unusual time.

Some of the best episodes from across the series will be aired on the BBC at prime time slots, so fans can see all their favourite characters return.

A Gavin and Stacey Twitter account posted a photo of the gang with the message: “What’s Occurin’? BBC One are repeating #GavinandStacey every Saturday night starting tonight.

“Series 1 Episode 1 will air at 8.15pm. Don’t miss it!.”


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Will there be another series of Gavin and Stacey?

Gavin and Stacey saw huge success when it was airing between 2007 and 2010 on BBC Three and BBC One.

Then nine years later, fans were treated to a Christmas special, which aired on BBC One on Christmas Day in 2019 and attracted more than 18 million viewers.

The series was the most nominated show at the British Comedy Awards when it started in 2007 and has since won several more awards.

The show follows the relationship between Gavin (Matthew Horne) from Essex and Stacey (Joanna Page) from Wales, and includes their two best friends Nessa and Smithy.

In the Christmas special, Gavin and Stacey had three children and Smithy started a new relationship with Sonia (Laura Aikman).

He had planned to propose to her on Christmas Day but she realises Smithy is not the man for her and leaves the Christmas party early.

Smithy is disappointed but Nessa takes the opportunity to tell Smithy she loves him in an iconic scene, and she proposes to him.

The special ended on a cliffhanger and fans were left wondering whether Smithy had answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposal.

With the suspense still in the air, fans are wondering whether the creators will produce another series or special episode revealing Smithy’s answer.

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Corden and Jones have never ruled out the idea of another series, which gives fans hope, but it is hard to find the time with Corden living in America.

The star became popular recording his Car Pool Karaoke videos and now lives in Los Angeles as he hosts the Late Late Show.

Speaking in January 2020 at the NTA awards, Ruth Jones told The Metro: “We had no idea whether after 10 years people would be interested still.

“We thought a few people would watch it but we did not expect eight-and-a-half million. It was a shock – a lovely shock and a huge compliment.

“We don’t have any plans at all (for a new series). That’s the truth.”


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Following the Christmas special the creators hinted there could be more episodes on the horizon as they hoped fans would find out what happened after Nesa’s proposal.

Even the co-stars admitted they were expecting a follow-up episode, with Larry Lamb even calling for a film spin-off.

Director of BBC Content Charlotte Moore, told The Metro: “These incredible viewing figures (for the Christmas episode) demonstrate the power of British comedy and the love for Gavin and Stacey.

“I want to thank James and Ruth for this gem and like everyone I’m longing to find out what happens next.”

Gavin and Stacey will air on BBC One on April 4 at 8.15pm

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Nancy Pelosi’s Interview With Stephen Colbert Takes A NSFW Turn

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had a happy ending to a serious conversation on Thursday. (Watch the video above.)

The two had delved into several issues around the coronavirus pandemic ― including President Donald Trump’s opposition to vote-by-mail ― when Colbert asked Pelosi how anxious Americans can cope amid the crisis.

“Don’t hesitate to enjoy, or rest,” she said. “I always say to my members that recreate and recreate are the same word. It’s important to recreate, that is relax, so that you’re strong and recreate it for the fight ahead.”

Colbert seized the moment: “OK, you heard her, America. Pleasure is good right now. The speaker says don’t forget to pleasure yourself.”

“Not quite,” Pelosi replied with a laugh.

Fast-forward to 11:20 for the exchange.


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Author James Patterson Funding Drive To Save Indie Booksellers

NEW YORK (AP) — James Patterson has a history of helping independent bookstores.

The best-selling novelist has donated millions in recent years to booksellers, while also giving millions to schools and libraries and literacy programs. Now, with stores closed or closing nationwide because of the coronavirus outbreak, Patterson has launched a new initiative.

On Thursday, he announced #SaveIndieBookstores, a partnership with the American Booksellers Association and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. Reese Witherspoon, who has gained a wide following among readers through her book club picks, posted a video on Instagram in support of Patterson’s efforts.

Patterson is contributing $500,000 and is urging others to contribute this month.

“I’m concerned about the survival of independent bookstores, which are at the heart of main streets across the country,” Patterson said. “I believe that books are essential. They make us kinder, more empathetic human beings. And they have the power to take us away — even momentarily — from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and scared.”

ABA member bookstores have from April 10-27 to apply for a grant on Parameters haven’t been set yet for the biggest and smallest donations, and will depend on how much money is raised. Funds are expected to be distributed by May 15.

“This support for independent bookstores is incredibly generous,” ABA CEO Allison K Hill said in a statement. “It is especially meaningful to have this support from people who recognize the cultural contributions of independent bookstores, and who appreciate the vital role that independent bookstores play in connecting readers to books, and in creating community.”

On Thursday, NPD BookScan reported the second significant drop in sales in the past three weeks. According to BookScan, which tracks around 85 percent of the print market, sales fell 9 percent from the week before, when the numbers were relatively stable.

Independent bookstores have enjoyed a resurgence over the past decade, but many have thin or nonexistent profits. Some stores already have started GoFundMe drives, including Posman Books, which has closed its businesses in New York and Atlanta and laid off its workers. As of late Wednesday, it raised around $2,700 out of a goal of $4,000, with author Colson Whitehead among the contributors.


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Money Heist season 4 Netflix release date: When does it start? How many episodes?

Money Heist season 4 will be hitting the streaming platform Netflix very soon and the Spanish series has proved popular with fans. The series, which first aired in May 2017, follows a criminal mastermind who plans to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. Here is everything you need to know about when the new series is out and how many episodes there are.

When does Money Heist season 4 start?

Fans of the La casa de papal series will be pleased to hear it will be available to watch on Netflix today, April 3.

Fans in the US should be able to watch it from midnight, but fans in the UK will have to wait until 8am for the series to drop.

In the suspenseful series, eight thieves have taken hostages and they lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain.

This show is exclusive to Netflix, which means it will not be available on any other streaming platform for the time being.


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How many episodes in Money Heist season 4?

Following tradition, the new series will be made up of eight episodes, just like the previous series.

As is the norm with Netflix, the entire series will drop at the same time, allowing fans to binge-watch their way through.

In the previous series the episodes, which have not been given titles yet, are all just short of an hour-long, so this will be one to binge over the weekend.

The number of episodes has dropped since the debut series aired, as this was made up of 13 hour-long episodes.

Netflix has teased what fans can expect from season four, and they are kicking off the action and suspense without hesitation.

The streaming platform said: “La casa de papel Part 4 begins in chaos: the professor thinks that Lisbon has been executed, Rio and Tokyo have blown up an army tank and Nairobi is struggling between life and death.

“The gang is going through one of its toughest moments and the rise of an enemy among its ranks will put the heist in serious danger.”

In the new series, it seems the gang will have their own problems to face during a power struggle which could potentially see their plan fail.

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Fans should be prepared for some shocks and surprises in the new series as one of the dead characters Berlin (played by Pedro Alonso) makes an appearance in the trailer.

Fans have also spotted Nairobi (Alba Flores) in the trailer, and at the end of the third series, her future was left hanging in the balance.

At the end of the series she was shot while standing in the window of the bank, and fans were convinced they had witnessed her demise.

But the series is known for its cliffhangers, tricks and turns, so many of the characters are likely to reveal some surprises along the way.


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The official trailer shows the gang adorning their iconic red suits and masks, and they are brandishing their guns.

The narration says: “Everything can go to hell in a flash, our mastermind was losing his mind, and so were we.”

According to Deadline, a documentary about how the drama became a global phenomenon will also be released at the same time.

The La casa de papal official Instagram account has been posting artwork and teasers for the new series, with the latest post saying: “This is so much more than a heist.”

Money Heist season 4 is available to watch on Netflix today, April 3

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Kourtney Kardashian’s Son Is Starting Feuds, Spilling Family Tea On Secret Instagram

Following in the steps of many Kardashian-Jenner’s before him, Mason Disick is officially in his first online feud.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s 10-year-old son has been acting out on the internet lately, spilling the tea about his famous family on secret social media accounts without permission ― essentially momager Kris Jenner’s worst-case scenario. 

He popped up on an Instagram Live last week and began casually fielding questions from fans and shutting down rumors that aunt Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott are back together. 

Kourtney then revoked her son’s social media privileges because he was “too young,” explaining that he only has access to the internet through his iPad and a computer that are supposed to be used only for school. 

“He started an Instagram yesterday and he didn’t ask us,” the Poosh founder elaborated in her own Instagram Live last week. “I did delete it, because Scott and I felt like— he’s 10. I think there’s an age limit with Instagram. I think it’s 13.”

Heeding absolutely nobody’s warning, the pre-teen migrated over to TikTok like any good Gen-Zer less than 24 hours later to answer more questions. But now he’s back on Instagram and starting all sorts of drama once again. 

During an Instagram Live on Monday, Mason somehow began discussing the merits of various beauty influencers and took aim at controversial YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star. 

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A post shared by Kardashian Clips (@kardashianclips) on

“I don’t really watch makeup YouTubers, but I think James [Charles] — he’s really nice,” he told vlogger Addison Rae. “Because Jeffree Star is, like, spoiled AF.”

Since nothing in the KarJenner universe goes unnoticed, of course, this provoked a response from Star, who, yes, is now feuding with a 10-year-old boy. 

“I had $500 in my bank account six years ago…Maybe he’s confused with his own privilege versus mine being self-made, hopefully his father can educate him soon! ⭐,” Star hit back on Wednesday in a since-deleted tweet.

Star has a bit of a history with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. 

For years, he’s regularly clashed with Kylie Jenner over her cosmetics line in his reviews of makeup on YouTube. And when Jenner claimed to be the “youngest self-made billionaire” in history, Star threw some shade her way by retweeting’s definition of “self-made.”

More recently, he’s come for Khloe Kardashian, insisting that she “shut the fuck up” in the aftermath of the drama surrounding Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, who he called “trash.” 

Neither Mason or Kourtney nor has yet to respond, but something tells us the 10-year-old will be put on an internet time-out for the foreseeable future. 


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2 Killed While Hunting For Food After Coronavirus-Related Job Loss

On Saturday, as they hunted for food for their families after one lost his job amid the coronavirus pandemic, two Canadian men — an uncle and his nephew — were fatally shot along a rural road in Alberta, and police are investigating who killed them.

According to local reports from the National Post, the Edmonton Journal, and the Calgary Sun, Jake Sansom, 39, and Morris Cardinal, 57, were found dead on Saturday, a day after heading out on a moose hunt.

The Friday hunt was successful, as they returned home with one moose. They immediately went back out for a second.

The bodies were discovered on a country road near a black pickup truck early Saturday morning, north of Glendon, Alberta.

Relatives told Royal Canadian Mounted Police the uncle and nephew set out Friday to fish and hunt moose near Seibert Lake.

The papers report Sansom had just been laid off from his job as a heavy duty mechanic in Nobleford, and that both victims identified as Métis, aboriginal Canadian people of mixed European and indigenous ancestry.

They had ancestral rights to hunt the land where they were found slain.

Mike Sansom, Jake’s brother and Cardinal’s nephew, spoke to the Edmonton Journal and said the two men were generous people who were doing what they could for their families.

“I felt like my heart has been ripped through my stomach and I haven’t been able to eat for three days,” he said through tears on Monday, the paper reports. “They helped everybody. Nobody had a problem with them … They got murdered for no reason. There’s nothing. There’s no reason for it.”

Jake Sansom was married with three children, ages 8, 11 and 13. Cardinal — a former tree feller — had five grandchildren and three stepchildren.

Mike Sansom said his brother had run out of cash for groceries, so he planned to hunt down two moose: one to feed his family, and another to feed his uncle’s children.

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Police want anyone with information about the murders to come forward. They are especially curious to hear from anyone who may have seen two trucks driving in the area where the bodies were found the night before.

Information can be phoned into the Royal Canadian Mountain Police of Alberta at (403) 343-5575.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to support Sansom’s family.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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Riverdale cancelled: The CW will not air episode for THIRD week in a row – here’s why

Riverdale residents experienced a dramatic turn of events in the latest episode of The CW and Netflix show. After Jughead Jones’ (played by Cole Sprouse) was tormented by his peers at Stonewall Prep over the season, it was eventually revealed that Mr DuPont (Malcolm Stewart) was behind it all along.


Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode set in the dramatic town – but they still have some time to wait.

Riverdale season four, episode 17 was not released the week after episode 16, and fans have been waiting ever since.

Once again, Riverdale is not airing a new episode this week.

According to The CW’s scheduled programming, this week Penn & Teller: April Fool Us Day 2019 will be airing, followed by the 2018 version of the same show.


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Following that is a double-bill of Seinfeld, in Riverdale’s usual spot.

Riverdale’s season four, episode 17 is due to air Wednesday, April 16 on The CW, with it airing on Netflix the following day.

It is important to note the hiatus between episodes had always been planned by The CW and has not been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The episode – titled: Wicked Little Town – is supposedly going to be the much-anticipated musical episode of the season.

While each season contains a musical-focussed episode, this year will see the cast and crew taking on Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Episode 17’s synopsis gives further details about the episode, and the perils the cast will be seeing.

It reads: “When Mr Honey forbids Kevin from performing a musical number from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, he and the gang rally against their principal – by each performing a number from Hedwig, turning the Variety Show into a full-fledged musical.”

In the meantime, fans have been scouring older episodes of the teen drama in search of mistakes in the show’s narrative.

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And lately, fans have noticed a huge issue in the numbers of the houses of Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Archie Andrews (KJ Apa).

The pair have been best friends since childhood and a lot of their friendship is due to them living next door to one another for so long.

However, fans have recently spotted their door numbers don’t exactly make sense.

Speaking out on online movie site moviemistakes, one fan explained: “Archie and Betty are shown as living in houses next to each other.


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“But in shots of their houses, Betty’s address number is 111, while Archie’s is 2037.”

Betty and Archie have spoken about living next to one another frequently and have also spotted each other through their windows.

But as their numbers aren’t adjacent, could the pair have been wrong all along? Or is it simply an oversight on the writers’ part?

Riverdale airs on The CW in the US on Wednesdays and Thursdays on Netflix UK.

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