You can now get KitKats, Smarties and Fruit Pastilles delivered to your door in cities including London and Manchester

GOOD news for snack fans: you can now have KitKats, Smarties and Nescafe Gold coffee delivered directly to your door via Deliveroo.

Nestlé, which makes the products, has signed up to Deliveroo’s Essentials delivery platform, meaning you can order some of its most popular items straight to your home in as little as half an hour..

You can choose from a variety of chocolate, sweets or snacks, including KitKat two finger bars, Fruit Pastilles and Smarties. 

You can also have instant coffee delivered to your door within minutes with tins of Nescafé Azera or Nescafé Cappuccino sachets available.

The Deliveroo range also includes San Pellegrino drinks.

The deliveries are available from 11 Deliveroo sites in Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham – so you'll only be able to get them if you live in these areas.

Alexandre Manoukian, e-commerce lead for Nestlé Professional, said: “With people not able to just pop to the shop as easily on their lunch break for their favourite drink or snack, it made complete sense for us to be able to work with Deliveroo to bring it directly to their door. 

“Deliveroo offers a completely contactless delivery so it means even those having to self-isolate can enjoy a well-deserved treat.”

Remember if you're ordering from Deliveroo, you will have to pay for delivery depending on where you live.

And you may want to price check the products before you buy.

For example, when we looked, a sharing bag of Fruit Pastilles was being sold via Deliveroo for £1.30.

The same product is currently on offer for £1 in Tesco, but would usually cost £1.24.

Meanwhile, a packet of nine two-finger KitKats was being sold for £1.95 on Deliveroo – similar to the £1.99 the same product currently costs in Tesco.

Morrisons and Deliveroo are now delivering beer and wine to your doorstep in 30 minutes.

Aldi has tested a new same-day delivery service with Deliveroo.

Meanwhile, Pizza Express has reopened 13 branches today for delivery only.

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The bizarre reason Lululemon got its name

Lululemon is a leggings giant. The company has grown from a single store in 2000 to having a billion-dollar valuation shortly over a decade later (via Motley Fool). Dreamed up while founder Chip Wilson was at a yoga class, the brand’s trademark leggings, called Groove Pants, sell for $98. These premium pants dominate the world of yoga clothing with a patented fabric called “luon” which is a lycra/nylon mix that stretches four ways and wicks away moisture. 

Some have called Lululemon’s fan club a cult-like following with an entire culture behind the look emphasizing health and self-empowerment (via Business Insider). The pants themselves have caused a scandal, with the opacity of the fabric stretching a bit too much for curvier body shapes. In a 2013 interview Wilson reportedly said, “They don’t work for some women’s bodies … it’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it” (via Business Insider).

Unfortunately critiquing women’s body shape is only the beginning of Wilson’s bizarre, and at times creepy and offensive behavior. Just take the misguided (and downright offensive) reason for the brand’s name.

You can't spell Lululemon without a lot of L's

In a now (smartly) deleted letter, Wilson shared that he named the brand Lululemon because it had three L’s, which were difficult for Japanese people to say, and he thought it was funny. In a later interview, Wilson continued sharing his take on Japanese culture and his brand name, “I was playing with Ls and I came up with Lululemon. It’s funny to watch them try to say it,” (via Financial Post). Um, slightly rude, disrespectful, and insulting? That would be putting things mildly!

The extent of Wilson’s off-putting behavior reaches far beyond naming his yoga empire, and ultimately caused him to part ways with the brand. Indeed, in 2015 Wilson left the company, following his resignation as chairman of the board the year before, and his departure as chief branding and innovation officer three years prior. Still, Lululemon’s name hasn’t changed since Wilson left, and continues to be a mega-selling brand in the yogasphere.

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'Ozark': Why Julia Garner Says Coronavirus 'Unfortunately Helped' the Show Become More Successful

26-year-old actress Julia Garner took the entertainment world by storm with her Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Ruth Langmore in popular Netflix series, Ozark. The third season saw a significant uptick in first-day viewership from its second season, and Garner acknowledged the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) might have “unfortunately helped.”

Julia Garner on ‘Ozark’ as Ruth Langmore

The Jason Bateman and Laura Linney-led crime drama series revolves around financial adviser Marty Byrde, who has to relocate his family to a small town in Missouri to set up a money-laundering operation for a Mexican drug cartel.

Viewers are introduced to tough and sharp-tongued 19-year-old Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) in the second episode when she attempts to steal the initial money meant for Marty to begin laundering.

While she initially came off as only another member of the local crime family, Marty soon realizes she’s brilliant and invites her to work for him. Ruth agreed with the intentions of learning his trade and then turning on him.

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However, she began to see Marty as a father figure and decided to partner with him, even cutting off most of her family for the financial adviser. In the third season, viewers see a new side of Ruth when she falls in love with an unexpected visitor.

Although innocent at first, the relationship threatens to come between her and Marty forever.

‘Ozark’ Season 3 became very successful

The third season of Ozark launched on March 27, 2020, only days before stay-at-home orders were enacted in nearly every state in efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to Nielsen’s data, 975,000 Americans watched the crime drama series’ third season on the day it dropped on Netflix, a noticeably massive uptick from the 314,000 viewers who tuned in on the Season 2 premiere date. Additionally, over a million Netflix users logged in the day after the Season 3 premiere to watch the series.

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While many credit the jump in viewership to the recognition Ozark has received at several award ceremonies, Netflix shows overall have enjoyed a nice surge because people are practicing social distancing and spending more time at home. 

Julia Garner says coronavirus ‘unfortunately helped’ the show

In a Deadline interview, Julia Garner acknowledged the series’ recent success, and admitted the novel virus might have something to do with it, although it “sounds terrible.”

She explained the third season “unfortunately” dropped at a “perfect time” due to the social distancing recommendations. Garner also talked about how her character developed this season and her excitement to play a different side of Ruth as she always views her roles as real people “evolving.”

Even though viewers see another side to the sassy Langmore in the third season, Garner acknowledged her character still “only knows how to be a criminal.”

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Outside of Ozark, the 26-year-old appeared in an Emmy Rossum-directed episode of Modern Love and the main character in whistleblower film, The Assistant.

The actress has other projects in the works, including an upcoming Shondra Rhimes Netflix series, where she portrays jailed fraudster, Anna Delvey. Ozark is available to stream only on Netflix.

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Matalan reopens 15 stores as government relaxes rules to allow homeware shops to reopen

MATALAN has reopened 15 stores across the UK as the government has relaxed lockdown rules to allow homeware shops to reopen.

The retailer closed all stores in March after non-essential shops were ordered by the government to do so.

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But official guidance has now been updated to state stores selling homeware are allowed to reopen.

As a result, Matalan started welcoming back shoppers to its stores on Monday, May 18, with strict social distancing measures.

The reopened stores, which we've listed in the box below, are located in out of town retail parks.

They have large homeware departments and come with parking outside.

Which Matalan stores have reopened?

THE retailer has so far reopened the 15 branches below.

  • Basildon
  • Bradford Green Gates
  • Bolton
  • Cortonwood
  • Darlington
  • Halifax
  • Leeds Halton
  • Luton
  • Milton Keynes
  • Osterley Park/Southall
  • Rotherham
  • Southport
  • Stockton
  • Truro
  • Walsall – North

Matalan said its high street stores, stores in shopping centres, clearance stores and shops in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales remain closed.

The Sun has asked for details of when these will open, so we'll update this article once we hear back.

Matalan has around 230 branches across the UK. You can find your nearest one using its store locator tool.

New measures to protect staff and shoppers from coronavirus include a reduction in the number of customers allowed in a store as well as a changed layout so you have more space.

The retailer has also given all staff PPE and will provide hand sanitiser and cleaning products to shoppers so you can clean your basket.

Plus, it's temporarily closed its fitting rooms, cafes, toilets and baby nurturing rooms.


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Matalan shoppers can click and collect to the 15 reopened stores for free.

Alternatively, you can order on Matalan's website for home delivery but your order may take up to 10 days to arrive.

Standard home delivery costs £3.95 for orders up to £50, and is free for orders over £50.

Matalan said in a statement on its website: "With our new safety measures in place, we are extremely happy to be back serving families across England, and look forward to welcoming our customers back into stores, and our colleagues returning from furlough.

"We are extremely grateful to all of our colleagues for their huge efforts in caring for our customers and the business, and to our customers for their continued loyalty to Matalan."

We've listed the homeware shops that are allowed to reopen now that the government rules have been relaxed.

Plus, here are the shops and food chains that have reopened during lockdown.

Today McDonald's reopened 39 branches for drive-thru – you can check out the full list here.

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Ed Brown Defends 31-Year Age Gap with Rosemarie Vega: Age Is Just a Number!

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days has had an eventful season.

Rosemarie Vega has vowed to expose the truth about Ed Brown.

Fans are furious with what they've heard about Ed and even what they've seen on screen.

In fact, the backlash has been so intense that Ed has accused these fans of "bullying" him.

(Notably, calling out a famous person for his bad behavior is not what bullying means)

Now, Ed is trying to explain his creepy behavior in the hopes that he can win back the hearts and minds of viewers.

1.Ed Brown has a lot to answer for

2.A lot of fans are creeped out

3.First and foremost

4.He hopes that self-deprecation will win people over

5.Ed recalls how they first met

6.It was totally on impulse

7.Ed is 54. Rosemarie is 23.

8.Ah yes, "help"

9.Ed claims that they talked about it

10.Allegedly, Rose didn't care

11.What about his on-camera behavior?

12.And about attacking her over her breath

13.Still …

14.Especially since Rose can't stand him

15.She's MAD

16.Don't buy his act

17.If he doesn't love her, why all of this?

18.What about his alleged desire to "help" her?

19.She wasn't the ONLY one he didn't love

20.She directed her ire at Ed

21.Those are strong words

22.Of course, it's no secret that Ed is dishonest

23.That's a fine decision for him to make …

24.But that was just one piece of the puzzle

25.But …

26.But you don't need spoilers to guess

27.But we do know some spoilers

28.Which does explain some things

29.Does Ed's interview soften your view of him?

30.Honestly? We're Team Rosemarie

Wait! There’s more! Just click “Next” below:

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Woman shows how to transform grubby trainers so they look brand new using a couple of £1 products

IF, like us, you're guilty of throwing away old trainers because they simply don't look new anymore, then think again.

A cleaning obsessed mum has shown how you can get them looking brand new in minutes using a couple of bargain cleaning favourites.

Nat and Kat, who run a popular Instagram page dedicated to cleaning hacks, have taken to their stories to show just how easy it is to get a pair of old Vans looking new again.

One of the mums demonstrated the cleaning task using two products from the popular cleaning brand The Pink Stuff as well as the Sonic Scrubber cleaning brush also used by Mrs Hinch.

The cleaning guru started by removing the laces from the shoes and popping them inside an old unstoppable scent booster bottle to soak in The Pink Stuff Oxy powder and hot water.

The "Miracle Laundry Powder" is a stain remover used to brighten clothes in the wash, but it seems to work wonders on shoelaces too.

After just a few minutes, you can see the water already turning brown revealing just how much dirt is lurking inside the fibres.

But while that soaks, the mum got to work on the shoes using The Pink Stuff cream cleaner – another popular favourite that has proven to work on EVERYTHING.

She squeezed a generous amount along bottom edges of the shoes and used the Sonic Scrubber to remove the otherwise stubborn stains.

Mrs Hinch previously revealed that she uses the £9 tool from Amazon to get pesky corners of her grimy washing machine drawer sparkling clean – and it takes the tough scrubbing out of cleaning.

Once she'd finished cleaning one shoe, the cleaning fan put the two side by side which revealed the amazing results.

Before the clean, the typically white soles appeared almost entirely brown in colour, but The Pink stuff got them looking super clean and almost brand new.

The brand refers to it's products as "miracle cleaners" and results like this prove it to be true.

Other cleaning fans have used it on a range of household goods including ovens, bathrooms, jewellery and even outdoor patio tiles – so it's no wonder it's become the most talked about product among cleaning fans.

In other news, a clever mum uses the hole in her sink to fit a soap dispenser – and claims washing up has never been easier.

Plus a Hinch fan shows how she gets her windows sparkling using fabric softener and washing up liquid.

Meanwhile we revealed the cheap DIY hacks which add thousands to your home – and why ditching wallpaper and picking the right paint is key.

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Doctor saves masked security guard’s life after he collapses in Beijing

This is the dramatic moment a security guard in Beijing suddenly collapses and goes into convulsions – before a heroic doctor rushes to his side and gives him CPR.

The mask-wearing man is seen falling backward, the back of his head hitting a car, the Newsflare video shows.

A few seconds later, the woman – a doctor named Zhu Haoyu – jumps out of a vehicle down the road, runs over to the man, rolls him over onto his back and starts performing chest compressions.

hero doc 3hero doc1hero doc 2

View Slideshow

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Guillermo del Toro Creates Massive Quarantine Watch List With Aronofsky, Aster, and More

Guillermo del Toro has been unusually quiet on social media during his quarantine, but that all has changed with the publication of a giant Twitter thread revealing the many books he’s been reading and films he’s been watching while on break from filming his new movie, “Nightmare Alley.” The “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Shape of Water” Oscar winner encouraged his fellow filmmakers to weigh in with their own watch lists, and the result is an incredible thread featuring the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Ari Aster, Ava DuVernay, Sarah Polley, Edgar Wright, Rian Johnson, Brad Bird, Scott Derickson, James Mangold, and a lot more. Click here to begin the Twitter thread.

It should not be too surprising to hear del Toro has been streaming a lot of titles on The Criterion Channel, including Gustaf Molander’s “A Woman’s Face,” Ermanno Olmi’s “Il Posto,” and Celine Sciamma’s “Girlhood” and “Tomboy.” The director is even using the streaming platform to show his kids the “bulletproof stuff” such as “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Rear Window.” As for the television shows taht del Toro is watching, the director singled out critical favorites such as “Ozark” and “Better Call Saul,” plus guilty pleasure classics like “Chopped.”

“Doctor Strange” director Scott Derickson replied to del Toro and said he’s obsessed with Alex Garland’s “Devs,” which just ended its run on FX on Hulu. “It is a compelling thriller built upon some very advanced science/philosophy many-worlds theories and the the visuals are gorgeous,” he wrote. “Just an amazing show.”

Popular on IndieWire

Ava DuVernay admitted to having some strange tastes while in quarantine, mentioning her one day back-to-back binge of “Notting Hill” and Béla Tarr’s “The Turin Horse.” Ari Aster has been re-watching the third season of HBO’s “The Sopranos.” Rian Johnson checked out Robert Altman’s “3 Women,” which won Shelley Duvall the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Darren Aronofsky listed some of the films he’s watched in his 40 days of quarantine and counting: “Barton Fink,” “Amelie,” “Rashamon,” and “Total Recall.” The “mother!” director added he’s also been reading classic works from Henry David Thoreau and Pablo Neruda.

Check out highlights from the Twitter thread below. Read del Toro’s full chain here.

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Mother transforms her family garden for her daughter's birthday

Mum’s lovin’ it! Mother turns back garden into a McDonald’s drive thru and open-air cinema to celebrate her daughter’s 17th birthday in lockdown

  • Amy Lovell, 37, planned a celebration for her daughter’s birthday in lockdown
  • She set up an outdoor cinema and drive thru McDonald’s in their garden  
  • Mother-of-five from Weston-Super-Mare, impressed Facebook with the party 

A mother created a McDonald’s drive thru and outdoor cinema in her back garden as a treat for her daughter who celebrated her 17th birthday in lockdown. 

Amy Lovell, 37, who lives in Weston-Super-Mare with her husband Chris, 39, and their five children, Taylor, 17, Finely, 12, Bean, eight, Molly, seven, and Isla, seven, transformed the family garden for her eldest daughter’s birthday.

She made a decision to create a ‘birthday bonanza’, after seeing how disappointed Taylor was to learn that her birthday plans would be cancelled due to the lockdown. 

Scroll down for video 

Amy Lovell, 37, who lives in Weston-Super-Mare, organised a drive thru McDonald’s and outdoor cinema celebration for her eldest daughter’s 17th birthday 

Mother-of-five organised to fill Taylor’s birthday with her favourite activities, after seeing how disappointed she was that lockdown had forced her to cancel her original plans. Pictured: The family watching a film in their garden 

Amy said organising the celebration didn’t cost much and she brought items gradually in her weekly shops. Pictured left to right :Finley, 12, Chris, 39, Molly, seven, Amy, 37, Bean, eight,  Isla, seven and Taylor, 17

Amy wrote on Facebook: ‘My eldest was quite upset all her plans for her birthday had been cancelled, including her driving lessons, I decided to create a ‘Birthday bonanza’, filling her day from start to finish with all her favourite things including a mcds drive through and an outdoor cinema.’ 

The mother-of-five shared photographs of the birthday party on Facebook, revealing they set up a buffet, organised games and decorated the house throughout with balloons. 

Amy continued: ‘It’s strange, it didn’t cost a lot although it was a fair few hours of planning but she said it was the best birthday she’s ever had, it’s really made me evaluate how I usually do things with regards to birthdays. 

‘We had to ‘make do’ with a lot of things but it seems to have paid off! I started gathering things on my weekly shops over the last few weeks, adding bits when I could. 

‘I was very conscious not to do ‘extra trips’ to shops. Anything I couldn’t get in a supermarket was purchased from eBay.

‘I can’t believe the response that we have received from everyone, I decided to share my ideas in the hope someone else could make their child’s birthday in lockdown special too but I’ve been blown away by the responses I’ve received.’

Amy who organised games, buffet-style food and decorated the family home, said the celebration took a few hours of planning. Pictured, the DIY McDonald’s breakfast

Amy claims the experience has made her reevaluate how the family celebrates birthdays. Pictured: The buffet spread packed with treats for the whole family

Amy shared a selection of photographs from the celebration, including fairy lights surrounding a table filled with snacks for the outdoor cinema

Another photo shows the children playing a game which involves eating food, which is being dangled from above by a string 

Photos from the birthday party received almost 200 shares, along with a stream of comments from people praising Amy’s creativity.

‘Wow! What a fantastic lockdown 17th birthday! One that will be remembered forever! So creative just brilliant and of course happy birthday Taylor,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘That McDonald’s is amazing. I’ve seen something on Tiktok that someone did, but that was brilliant and definitely a birthday Taylor will remember well done hun’ 

A third added: ‘Lush great job! Lot’s of mum points there, looks fab! Happy birthday Taylor’

A stream of comments on Facebook praised Amy’s creativity and wished Taylor a happy birthday 

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Boris Johnson waved 'in gratitude' at NHS nurses after leaving coronavirus intensive care unit

BORIS Johnson is back on his feet as he recovers from coronavirus in hospital.

The PM is now able to do “short walks” in between resting after returning from the intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster.

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A No10 spokesman said: “The Prime Minister has been able to do short walks, between periods of rest, as part of the care he is receiving to aid his recovery.

“He has spoken to his doctors and thanks the whole clinical team for the incredible care he has received.
“His thoughts are with those affected by this terrible disease.”

The Prime Minister has been able to do short walks, between periods of rest, as part of the care he is receiving to aid his recovery.

The PM is in "very good spirits" as he waved to NHS staff and thanked them earlier today.

His spokesman said: "I am told he was waving his thanks towards the nurses and doctors that he saw as he was being moved from the intensive care unit back to the ward.

"Hopefully it was clear to the staff that he was waving his gratitude."


The spokesman said it was too early to say how long the PM would need to remain in hospital.

He added: "The Prime Minister is back on a ward and continuing his recovery which is at an early stage. He continues to be in very good spirits.

"Decisions such as this will be on the advice of his medical team. They have given him brilliant care."

It comes as Mr Johnson's dad today said the prime minster "almost took one for the team" with coronavirus – and he "isn't out of the woods yet".


Stanley Johnson, 79, praised the NHS for taking care of the PM and added that his son's illness shows just how serious the killer outbreak is.

The PM's father told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "To use that American expression, he almost took one for the team. We have got to make sure we play the game properly now."

He also played down suggestions that his son would now quickly return to work at Downing Street.

He must rest up. As I understand it, he has moved from the ICU into a recovery unit but I don't think you can say this is out of the woods now.

Stanley said: "This is pretty straightforward now. He must rest up. As I understand it, he has moved from the ICU into a recovery unit but I don't think you can say this is out of the woods now.

"He has to take time. I cannot believe you can walk away from this and get straight back to Downing Street and pick up the reins without a period of readjustment."

It comes as the PM was said to be in “extremely good spirits” and back on a normal ward at St Thomas’ in London.

The PM’s progress came as a massive morale boost to the nation as we enter the key Easter period in the fight against coronavirus.

Officials believe the infection rate could peak on Easter Sunday.

But it is critical that Brits observe the lockdown and stay home through 25C (77F) temperatures.


The Government hopes that would enable the country to turn the tide within three weeks.

Mr Johnson, 55, passed a message back to No 10 from hospital yesterday.

His official spokesman said: “The Prime Minister thanks the NHS for the brilliant care which it is ­providing.

“The claps for carers have provided wonderful, unifying moments for the entire country.

“I’m sure that tonight we will once again see people in their millions paying tribute to our fantastic dedicated care workers.”

It also emerged last night that Boris was well enough to make quick calls to his pregnant fiancee Carrie Symonds, 32, and his family.

Doctors handed his two mobile phones back to him.

The birth of his child with Carrie is only weeks away and the couple have been apart since he went into isolation on March 27.

Relieved fiancée Carrie Symonds posted a picture of a rainbow with clapping emojis after the good news, timing it for the 8pm Clap for Carers this evening.


Senior Tory allies and aides in No 10 were relieved last night with one admitting they had all been “feeling pretty sick with worry” for Mr Johnson.

The PM’s recovery marks an extraordinary turnaround from the dire straits he faced just 72 hours ago.

After a terrifying initial 24 hours in hospital, hope had been growing in No 10 since Wednesday that the PM was on the road to recovery.

Senior aides had feared the worst on Monday night because of Boris’s extraordinarily rapid descent.

He seriously struggled to breathe, with doctors warning it was likely he would have to go on to a ventilator if his condition worsened any more.


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But they held back, after managing to stabilise him with just the use of oxygen.

And two days on, Chancellor Rishi Sunak declared his Downing Street next door neighbour was well enough to sit up in bed.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to pass on his best wishes to the recovering Prime Minister.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said that Boris's vast improvement was "good news" and said he "hoped it was the beginnings of a speedy recovery".

Health Secretary Matt Hancock paid tribute to the NHS as Boris left the ICU.

In a tweet he said: “So good that the Prime Minister is out of intensive care and on the road to recovery. The NHS is there for us all and I know our amazing NHS staff have given him their characteristic world-class care.”

Minutes after the news was announced, US President Donald Trump voiced his delight.

He tweeted to say: “Great News: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just been moved out of Intensive Care. Get well Boris!!!”

UK politicians from across the divide united to express their relief.

Tory grandee Iain Duncan Smith said: “It really is great news, and is the most wonderful news going into what is likely to be a difficult Easter weekend.

I knew he would pull through, he is a fighter, and the whole country will be smiling and resting easy now that he is OK.

“I knew he would pull through, he is a fighter, and the whole country will be smiling and resting easy now that he is OK.

“I would imagine it will be a little while before he’s as strong as before but he can now move on.”

Former Chancellor Sajid Javid simply tweeted: “Thank goodness.”

Trade Secretary Liz Truss added: “Brilliant news PM is out of ICU!”

And Zac Goldsmith, a good pal of his fiancée Carrie, simply said: “Hooray!”

Deputy Speaker and Tory MP Nigel Evans tweeted last night: “Great news Boris — we are all behind you ! Get totally well and back on the job xx”

Labour frontbencher David Lammy said: “Pleased Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care.

“The whole country is willing him on to make a full recovery as soon as possible.”

Mr Johnson could be out of action for several weeks.

Doctors said he was still in the early stages of recovery.

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BRITAIN’s four million NHS staff are on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus.

But while they are helping save lives, who is there to help them?

The Sun has launched an appeal to raise £1MILLION for NHS workers.

The Who Cares Wins Appeal aims to get vital support to staff in their hour of need.

We have teamed up with NHS Charities Together in their urgent Covid-19 Appeal to ensure the money gets to exactly who needs it.

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