Why Is Maggie In Prison On ‘Space Force’? Lisa Kudrow’s Role Is A Mystery

So you just watched Space Force — the new Netflix series based on Donald Trump’s proposed interstellar military branch — and you have some questions: How, exactly, is the U.S. going to make the moon habitable? Can Space Force and Air Force learn to get along? Will General Naird ever say "that’s what she said"? (Warning: Spoilers for Space Force Season 1 ahead.) These are all very valid concerns, but there’s an even more pressing question that’s been looming over the series since the beginning: Why does Maggie go to prison at the beginning of Space Force? It’s a question that doesn’t get addressed in any of the 10 episodes, and fans are so curious.

Space Force, which debuted on May 29 on Netflix, is a slightly political satire based on the creation of the United States Space Force, which came to fruition in December 2019 and is still moving forward as of May 2020. The series also marks Steve Carell’s return to a comedy series since The Office ended in 2013. He teamed up with Greg Daniels, co-creator of The Office, to bring the show to life.

Carell plays Mark Naird, a decorated general who dreamed of leading the Air Force but instead was assigned to start Space Force and put "boots on the moon" by 2024. Lisa Kudrow plays Maggie Naird, Mark’s wife, a woman who has “sublimated parts of herself to her husband’s career for two decades.” At the beginning of the series, fans saw the couple in D.C. together, but when Mark told Maggie they’d have to move to Colorado for Space Force, she did not seem happy.

The scene in which Maggie cried over relocation was the last fans saw of her as a free woman. The series then time jumped a year in the future to show Mark running Space Force, and only when he hopped on a helicopter to visit a prison did fans find out Maggie was jailed for a "very serious" crime.

But what that crime was, fans can only guess. There are no solid answers, but it could have had something to do with her having to uproot her life for Space Force. Considering she was clearly upset when she found out about moving, perhaps she acted out in a way to try to stop the relocation some way.

If Space Force has shown fans anything, it’s that it’s really unpredictable. Every episode seemed to have some unexpected twist, so it’s totally possible the writers have something else up their sleeve for Maggie that viewers just wouldn’t see coming. With this question — and many others — left up in the air even after the season finale, here’s hoping a Space Force Season 2 is on the horizon.

Space Force Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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‘Dark’ Season 3 Trailer: Netflix Thriller Heads Towards Apocalypse

It’s the beginning of the end for “Dark,” Netflix’s popular German-language sci-fi thriller series. The streaming service has unveiled the trailer for the show’s upcoming third and final season, which will premiere on Netflix on June 27.

The “Dark” Season 3 release date is plenty appropriate, given that “an apocalypse” was intended to occur in the series on June 27, 2020. The show’s sophomore season ending with the beginning of the apocalypse and a shocking twist that other planets may exist. The third season’s new trailer promises to answer all questions when the time is right, but until then, Netflix is keeping things cryptic. Here’s the streamer’s description of Season 3: The time-twisting madness reaches its conclusion in a strange new world, where some things are quite familiar — and others are disturbingly not.

“Dark,” Netflix’s first German-language series, has built a considerable following since its first season premiered in 2017. Series co-creator Jantje Friese discussed the series in an interview with IndieWire last year, where she expressed surprise at the series’ global popularity, given that it is a German-language series that twists and turns through multiple timelines.

“When we started with the show, obviously we weren’t sure whether we were going to get any audience because it’s just such an unusual narrative,” said Friese. “We weren’t 100 percent convinced that we would get people [away] from the second screen and actually take the time and investment to watch what’s going on. And also why would they like weird German-language things? In the development process we never thought of it as [just] a German show. We always approached it as a global show, but we never, never, never expected that kind of success.”

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It’s not just dedicated fans of sci-fi and time travel who have taken to the show, either. Critic Hanh Nguyen praised the series in her B+ review for IndieWire last year, where she praised the show’s themes and characters.

“Despite all of the time travelers gadding about where they don’t belong and the mind- and time-bending activities, devoted fans of ‘Dark’ will only be inspired to dig in more,” Nguyen said in her review. “The characters are just far too compelling to abandon in their never-ending hours of need, and the challenge of having these characters break the cycle is also a draw. While ‘Dark’ probably won’t solve humanity’s biggest philosophical conundrums, it does offer an existential playground that few other shows dare venture into.”

Check out the trailer for “Dark” Season 3 below:

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31 Fun, Drama-Packed High School Shows to Watch on Netflix

31 Fun, Drama-Packed High School Shows to Watch on Netflix

No, you don’t have to be a teen to love watching TV shows (or movies) about high school. Years after getting my diploma, teen dramas and comedies are still one of my favorite TV genres. Lucky for me, they’re all over Netflix. Whether you’re looking for a boost of nostalgia (like Gilmore Girls) or you’re hoping to catch up on a show that’s still on, there are tons of great high-school-centric series you can watch right now. Take a look to get our recommendations!

Looking for even more Netflix recs? Check out the new movies and TV shows that are available on Netflix in June here.

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Have a Million Questions About Netflix's Space Force Series? Here's the Lowdown

Have a Million Questions About Netflix’s Space Force Series? Here’s the Lowdown

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels teamed up for something out of this world, and no, it isn’t a revival of The Office. The duo cocreated Netflix’s new comedy series, Space Force, inspired by the real-world military branch conceived by Donald Trump to wage “space warfare.” Yes, that is a real thing.

Carell stars as decorated pilot General Mark R. Naird alongside a star-packed cast in the workplace comedy, where the stakes are sky high and the ambitions even higher. Keep reading for everything we know about the upcoming series, and be sure to check out Space Force when it premieres on Netflix on May 29.

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‘Blood & Water’ Review: Netflix’s Second African Original Series Lacks Bite

Earlier this year, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and a team of executives traveled across the African continent, meeting with local creatives, as part of an aggressive content expansion into areas that are still relatively untapped sources of talent. Sarandos did so as the streaming giant’s first African Original series, the spy drama “Queen Sono,” was released worldwide. Now its second African Original series, the teen mystery/drama “Blood & Water,” premieres on May 20. And like “Sono,” it’s regrettably pedestrian. It has “Euphoria” aspirations, but instead settles for the after school special-esque melodrama of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” except it’s set in a part of the world that rarely gets this kind of high-profile, international exposure on screen.

The series stars Ama Qamata as 16-year-old Puleng Khumalo, an intelligent, proactive and impulsive teen on a mission to find her long-lost sister. Unfolding in the surroundings of Parkhurst College, the prestigious school for elite scholars and academic overachievers, “Blood & Water” follows Khumalo’s exploits as she engineers her transfer to the school to investigate the 17-year-old cold case of the abducted-at-birth older sister she’s never met.

Khosi Ngema plays the popular, beautiful and alluring Fikile “Fiks” Bhele, who just might be the missing sister.

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As a teen drama series created entirely by Africans, with a diverse African cast, and produced on a Netflix budget, “Blood & Water” is certainly something of a novelty that will likely draw audiences for that reason alone. But, in the long run, it’ll need to rely on more than its landmark arrival in order to stay relevant and stand out in a world awash with content.

The series really ought to be retitled “Secrets and Lies,” because just about every main character is concealing something from family and/or friends — and the revelation of each something would all but end the series within a couple of episodes. Of course the drama is instead drawn out over six roughly hour-long chapters, although they will leave viewers mostly apathetic.

The family skirmishes and confrontations are recognizable, but captured so unremarkably, so as to render them nowhere as aching as they are likely expected to be. And that’s unfortunate, because there is a lack of emotional clarity. It doesn’t quite know what exactly it wants to be. And if you have some experience with African television you may find “Blood & Water” unsatisfyingly non-committal, as a lukewarm attempt to dress up a mild Western-style drama.

If the series has a star, it’s unfortunately not Qamata. Instead, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, showcasing Capetonian life, it’s the splendor of its many plush locales, captured in a way that most of the world rarely gets to see of an African country. African content creators don’t often get to tell their own stories with the kind of budget that a studio like Netflix can provide — even though they aren’t on par with the budgets of average American series — and “Blood & Water” maximizes whatever amount of money the streaming giant allocated to its first season. It captures an Africa that might be a shock to some audiences in the West, who are used to very specific, limited depictions of the continent and its people.

Against this lush and at times frenzied backdrop, the performances are mostly competent, although the relative inexperience of the younger actors compared to the veterans is evident; their delivery of dialogue at times clunky. But it’s beautifully shot, with an attractive cast that look like they just walked out of a J.Crew catalogue, and the central mystery — whether Fikile is indeed Puleng’s long lost sister — is what drives the season forward, and what audiences will likely care about most.

We get the predictable answer at the very end of the sixth and final episode, but the path it takes to get there is  circuitous, with numerous subplots that include infidelity among secondary characters, sabotage, romances and roller-coaster friendships that really aren’t all that fascinating. Honing in on Puleng’s investigative work is where the series is most enthralling, but it doesn’t follow through well enough to keep the viewer fully engaged throughout. Your patience will be tested.

Overall, it wants to project edginess, with a reasonable amount of profanity, alcohol and drug use, as well as frank sexual situations that aren’t typical in teen dramas, unless it’s on HBO and stars Zendaya. The payoff isn’t entirely worth the trip. The series could have worked as a thriller if it prioritized the darker themes it attempts to tackle. Instead, what it offers is a rather facile teen melodrama that doesn’t pack much of a wallop. It’s pretty kids from mostly wealthy families, attending elite schools, dealing with high class problems. It’s very soapy, but not quite addictive, ending with a cliffhanger that all-but screams a second season is as inevitable as Thanos.

Rounding out the main cast are Thabang Molaba as Karabo’ KB’ Molapo, the resident bad boy and high school heartthrob struggling to live up to his father’s high expectations; Puleng’s ally and assistant investigator Wade, played by Dillon Windvogel; and the opinionated Wendy Dlamini, who at times is a bit too “woke,” played by Natasha Thahane.

“Blood & Water” is written and directed by award-winning South African filmmaker Nosipho Dumisa, whose 2018 feature film debut, “Number 37,” a reshaping of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Read Window,” performed particularly well on the international film festival circuit. It is produced by Gambit Films, led by Bradley Joshua and Benjamin Overmeyer as producers, with Daryne Joshua & Travis Taute as co-directors and writers.

“Blood & Water” joins other Netflix teen drama offerings like “On My Block,” “13 Reasons Why,” and syndicated CW staples like “Riverdale,” on a platform that seems to have found a solid niche in exploring the everyday lives of teenagers, in all their temperamental glory.

And with that, it will likely find an audience. After all, South African teens deserve on-screen representation as well, even if the series spins its wheels. Encompassing a sprawling cast, it inevitably does, but there just aren’t many other teen shows available globally with a cast that looks and sounds like this one, set in a country that rarely gets this kind of attention on the international stage. For that reason alone, it’s at least worth a look.

Grade: C+

“Blood & Water” is available on Netflix.

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White Lines: You Can Actually Go to the Western Theme Park in Almeria

White Lines: You Can Actually Go to the Western Theme Park in Almeria

Netflix’s White Lines takes you on a journey with Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock), a Mancunian who just wants to know what happened to her brother, Axel (Tom Rhys Harries), 20 years ago when he disappeared in Ibiza. After his body is discovered buried on a rich family’s property in Almeria, Spain, she goes there to get to the bottom of it all. Immediately upon arriving in the Spanish desert, a police officer tells her the area used to play host to spaghetti westerns back in the day but now it’s a theme park. And that is a very true story.

Zoe and her husband, Mike (Barry Ward), sit down with the officer in what looks to be a saloon in the middle of what appears to be a Western-themed road in this desert. Believe it or not, there are a couple Western-themed spots in and around Tabernas, Spain. There is an actual theme park called Oasys (formerly known as Mini Hollywood) in Almeria. The park employs performers to put on Westerns, there’s an animal reserve with more than 200 species, a water park, restaurants, and event space.

Just a little ways up the road from Oasys is another spot that goes by both Fort Bravo and Texas Hollywood. It’s a smaller location that was also used to film Westerns until it was turned into a small theme park. It also employs performers who put on Westerns and has real saloons and restaurants. Fort Bravo is still an active film set and was most likely used to film the scenes in White Lines.

As part of the only desert in Europe, Tabernas is the perfect backdrop for Westerns, with the dust kicking up and pulsing sun overhead. In Texas Hollywood, the area is split to show off both Western-style architecture as well as traditional Spanish influences. Oasys, as the more commercial park of the two, is more showy and has more activities for the whole family to join in on. Both parks are open to the public, though, and thanks to them being so close together, you can easily see them both in the same trip.

There’s no word yet on whether or not White Lines will have a season two, but we never got all the answers on how Axel’s body came to be in Almeria, so that means we may head back to the desert again in the future.

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‘Ju-On: Origins’: Netflix Adapting ‘The Grudge’ Franchise into TV Series

Netflix subscribers are in for a horrifying surprise. The long-running “Ju-On” franchise, also known as “The Grudge,” is getting adapted into a television series that will hit the streaming service on July 3.

Here’s the upcoming Japanese-language series’ synopsis, per Netflix: The J-horror classic franchise “Ju-On” was actually based on real events that occurred over four decades — and the truth is even more terrifying. Can the people haunted by this house escape from its curse? And what kind of grim incident occurred in this cursed house in the past?

The series stars Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Yuina Kuroshima, and Ririka. Most other details, such as episode directors, executive producers, and episode numbers, are unknown. IndieWire reached out to a Netflix representative for further details about the series.

The “Ju-On” franchise was created by Takashi Shimizu via two short films in 1998. The “Ju-On: The Curse” feature film was released two years later and the franchise made its first stateside splash in 2004 with “The Grudge,” which received a mixed reception but nonetheless led to several sequels.

Prior franchise installments have centered on a haunted house and a curse that causes deeply enraged people who die to become spirits and perpetuate the curse. The franchise consists of 13 films — nine Japanese productions and four American installments. The latest, simply titled “The Grudge,” released earlier this year and suffered from scathing critical reception; IndieWire’s Kate Erbland lambasted the film as a “pitiful retread” in her C- review.

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Thankfully, the Netflix series’ trailer, which is full of violence, blood, a grisly newborn, and suitably horrified individuals, suggests the upcoming television adaption won’t skimp on the horrors that have made “Ju-On” one of the most celebrated franchises in the horror genre. The trailer offers plenty of disturbing scenes and grisly dialogue — that throat slicing has nothing on the truly terrifying bloodied infant — which should please fans who might’ve soured on the franchise’s recent installments.

“Ju-On: Origins” marks the latest in a string of Japanese-language projects that Netflix is distributing this year. The streaming service released the “Followers” and “The Forest of Love: Deep Cut” drama series earlier in the year.

Check out the trailer for “Ju-On: Origins” below:

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Fuller House Trailer: A Wedding Brings Back Familiar Faces in Final Episodes

Though we aren’t holding our breath for signs of Michelle or Aunt Becky, it looks like every other character in the Fuller House universe is RSVP-ing to the wedding event of the century.

Netflix has released the official trailer for the sitcom’s final nine episodes, which follow D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber) as they attempt to plan a triple She-Wolf wedding.

Danny (Bob Saget), Jesse (John Stamos) and Joey (Dave Coulier) are all spotted in the 90-second trailer, though you might be surprised to hear which other beloved Full House characters are returning for one last hurrah. (Click here for series finale spoilers, courtesy of the show’s emotional, social media-friendly cast.)

Fuller House also stars Michael Campion as D.J.’s oldest son Jackson, Elias Harger as D.J.’s middle son Max, Soni Nicole Bringas as Kimmy’s daughter Ramona, Juan Pablo Di Pace as Kimmy’s fiancé Fernando, Scott Weinger as D.J.’s fiancé Steve, John Brotherton as D.J.’s ex-boyfriend/business partner Matt, Adam Hagenbuch as Kimmy’s brother/Stephanie’s fiancé Jimmy, and Dashiell and Fox Messitt as D.J.’s youngest son Tommy.

The remaining episodes of Fuller House‘s fifth and final season premiere on Tuesday, June 2. Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at the sitcom’s last run, then drop a comment with your hopes for the series finale below.

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Hannah Gadsby Praises 'Y'all' in 'Douglas' Standup Special Trailer

Hannah Gadsby’s newest Netflix standup special, Douglas, is premiering May 26th, and on Tuesday the Australian comedian gave the first look at what’s to expect in the follow-up to her landmark comedy special Nanette.

“I had no plans to make it in America,” Gadsby tells her U.S. audience in the trailer. “If you’re here because of Nanette…why?”

Gadsby pokes fun at how sweeping the prior special was in its discussion of trauma, history and Gadsby’s own personal journey as a lesbian comic: “I went and put all my trauma eggs into one basket like a fucking idiot, and now here we are.” She also touches on how she was pressured to “Americanize” her language for her North American tour, and her love of the word “y’all.” (“Thank you, the South! What an ally!”)

Nanette, Gadsby’s debut special, premiered in 2018 and went on to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special in 2019; the live show had previously won Best Comedy prizes at both the Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Following its Netflix premiere, the special was praised for its topics of same-sex marriage, autism, art history and the dominance of men in the field of standup comedy.

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Does Jen Die In ‘Dead To Me’? The Season 2 Finale Was Darkly Ironic

When the first season of Dead to Me ended, it was very clear Steve was dead, but the Season 2 finale shocker is much more ambiguous. After all the twists and turns Judy and Jen had been through in the new season, the biggest surprise of all came at the very end. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Dead to Me. After an unexpected car crash in the season’s final moment, fans want to know if Jen is going to die in Dead to Me.

The latest twisty cliffhanger in Dead to Me is a darkly ironic one for multiple reasons. Not only did Jen experience a major car crash at the very intersection where she had campaigned so hard to install a stop sign, but it was at the hands of a man who looks exactly like the man she had only recently killed. On top of that, the crash was a hit-and-run, echoing how Jen’s husband Ted was killed, and Judy found herself helpless in a car after witnessing disaster once again. Yeah, there are a lot of levels to this once you start connecting the dots.

The crash came after everything seemed to have actually worked out for Jen and Judy — the tape Charlie found in Steve’s car had incriminating evidence against the police chief, and Judy turned it over, leading to his arrest and a seemingly closing the investigation into Steve. Plus, Jen’s bonding session with detective Ana Perez led to Ana returning Judy’s paintings, which were secretly lined with a ton of cash. At long last, it seemed Jen and Judy were completely free of worries. But of course, that couldn’t last long.

After getting intimate with Jen, Steve’s twin brother Ben received a phone call that seemed to be confirmation Steve’s body was discovered in the woods. From the looks of it, this devastating revelation drove Ben to drink, and it was a drunken Ben who wound up slamming his car right into the new car Jen had bought for Charlie. Since Judy was on the opposite side of the collision, she seemed relatively unharmed, but Jen was more or less unresponsive when Judy tried to see if she was OK. Upon seeing what he had done, Ben quickly drove off before the women could see who hit them.

Thankfully, Jen didn’t die on impact, as Judy was finally able to wake her up and and she said, "What happened?" However, just because she’s not dead doesn’t mean she didn’t sustain some serious injuries, which could become a major focus of the potential third season. The most dramatic possibility, it seems, is that Jen could have amnesia. That’s obviously a very melodramatic direction for the show to go, but hey — it did have a secret twin reveal this season, so it looks like it’s leaning into the soapiness of it all.

Whatever happens with Jen as a result of the crash, fans can be sure it will definitely complicate things between her and Ben. Plus, with Steve’s body uncovered, Jen and Judy are at risk of being found out again. Netflix has yet to officially announce a third season of Dead to Me, but hopefully it will get picked up soon so fans can rest assured they will find out Jen’s fate — and the fate of everyone else wrapped up in her web.

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