Meet The Winner of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 12 — Virtual Finale Recap

Three queens are battling for the crown, but only one will become “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” Will Gigi Goode, Jaida Essence Hall, or Crystal Methyd be victorious? Here’s our look into the final episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 and the winner of this reality competition series.

This article contains major spoilers from the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Read at your own risk, Squirrel Friends!

RuPaul premiered the finale of ‘Drag Race’ Season 12 on May 28

Although these queens might’ve been physically separated, the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 reunited for a virtual finale, crowning the winner of this reality competition. After one-on-one interviews with RuPaul, the host explained that there would be five lip-sync performances throughout the course of the evening.

The first lipsync was a close-up version of RuPaul’s song, “Bring Back My Girls.” After that, each queen showcased their own self-produced musical numbers. Crystal Methyd did a kooky version of “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado, dressed as both a mom bird and her baby.

Gigi Goode was next, and she performed a version of “Take On Me” by Aha!, inspired by the original music video for the song, complete with a costume change and quirky head movements. Jaida Essence Hall was the last to perform and she did a spirited version of “Get Up” by Ciara, filled with hair-flips. Then, RuPaul crowned the Miss Congeniality of season 12: Heidi N. Closet.

Jaida Essence Hall is the winner of Season 12 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Although RuPaul initially shared that the Top Two would lip-sync for the crown, all three performers made it to the final lip-sync which would determine “America’s Next Drag Superstar.”

To make it fair, each of the Top Three had the same background and props. RuPaul’s song of choice? Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor.” There were shoe ru-veals and even a cape moment from the queens. However, after the lip-sync for the crown, Jaida Essence Hall became the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12.

Jaida Essence Hall proved her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent throughout this season

For some fans, the winner of this season doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Jaida Essence Hall has been the “essence of beauty” since the premiere, slaying her competition in the “Ball Ball” maxi challenge and proving to be a queen for the people during the “Frock the Vote” political debate.

“If you feel like today you want to be the Grinch, then, baby, be the Grinch. Drag is all about expression. Whatever I’m feeling, I just let it out in drag,” Hall said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Clearly, I’m very much trade. I do live for the transformation. There’s something so sickening about the art. Drag is the embodiment of being who you want to be. “

“People would never expect me to be like this glamorous doll that loves beautiful things in a rich fantasy,” she continued. “I think I’m the one percent, even though I have no money to pay my rent at the end of this month. It’s not just [a physical] transformation of myself to Jaida, but an emotional shift when I get in drag. I stand up a little bit better, I feel more sexy. I move more snaky and slithery and slinky!”

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Cleaning fan gets rid of the black mould in her shower in minutes using Poundland spray

IT'S one of the trickier areas of your home to clean – but the longer you put off tidying the bathroom, the worse it gets.

Well if you're ashamed of the unsightly black mould that's starting to spread around your shower (guilty as charged), cleaning fans are singing the praises of a £1 spray which promises to get rid of it in no time.

Posting on her TikTok channel Cleaning Obsessed, Katie Grace explained: "My shower was covered in [mould] until I bought the Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster."

In the short clip, Katie begins by spraying the product directly onto the areas of mould.

She captioned the video: "Spray and leave for 3-5 minutes then scrub!"

After working it in with an old toothbrush, Katie was amazed by how well it removed the unsightly mould lingering around the bathroom grout.

She added: "So much better! #satisfying"

The clip has racked up over 4,000 "likes" from other cleaning fans and Katie's hack has been hailed a "life-changer".

"I have this stuff," one replied. So good!"

Another raved: "

  • Astonish Mould and Mildew Cleaner, £1 from The Range – buy now

A third said: "I leave it on overnight and rinse it the next morning, MY BATHROOM IS BEAUTIFULLY WHITE."

What's more, other cleaning fans have used the bargain Poundland spray – which is available to order online from The Range – to get rid of nasty mildew stains on window sills.

For more cleaning tips and tricks,



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5 of Prince William and Princess Charlotte's Sweetest Moments

A father of three, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge has been a dad since 2013. He and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge aren’t traditional when it comes to royal parents. Catherine and William are hands-on; they take their kids to school and aren’t afraid to shower them with love.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might have some strict parenting rules but they know how to have fun with their little ones too. Ahead, check out five times William and his daughter, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, shared some seriously adorable moments together.

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed Princess Charlotte in 2015

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became parents to Charlotte on May 2, 2015. Catherine delivered the little girl at the Lindo Wing of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. After following in royal tradition and standing on the steps of the Lindo Wing with their new baby, the couple took Charlotte home where she could get acquainted with her older brother, Prince George of Cambridge. 

When the new parents introduced Charlotte to the world, they couldn’t help but stare at their newborn daughter. Below see William and Catherine both grinning at little baby Charlotte. 

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So sweet! 

Moments later, just as he did with George and later Prince Louis of Cambridge, William got Charlotte safely in the car for the drive home. 

Princess Charlotte and Prince William have fun together

Even though Charlotte and her brothers have to be on their best behavior at royal events, they do get time to just be kids. When William and Catherine visited Canada on an eight-day royal tour in 2016, they took Charlotte and George along. Together they went to a children’s party complete with balloons. 

People got to see just how adorable William and Charlotte are together. The Duke of Cambridge couldn’t help but smile as he handed Charlotte a balloon. 

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How cute!

During a family ski trip to the French Alps in 2016, William and Catherine posed for photos with George and Charlotte all bundled up in coats and hats. The Duke of Cambridge held a happy Charlotte in his arms as they smiled for the camera. 

On another occasion, William and Charlotte shared a sweet moment when they boarded a plane back to England from Germany. 

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Standing behind Charlotte as she climbed the steps, William guided her with his arms outstretched in case she needed help. 

Princess Charlotte holds Prince William’s hand

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became parents for the third time in 2018 upon the arrival of Prince Louis of Cambridge, William took Charlotte and George to meet their new brother.

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On their way inside the Lindo Wing, George wore his school uniform while Charlotte wore a blue dress. William held their hands while the three of them passed the media camped out outside anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of Louis. An adorable wave from Charlotte made the moment that much sweeter. 

Let’s hope we get to see more sweet moments between William and Charlotte (and the rest of the Cambridge family) soon!

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Prince William warns of mental health dangers to NHS workers

Superheroes still need support: Prince William warns of the ‘hidden mental health dangers’ of praising NHS workers amid fears they won’t ask for help if they are struggling

  • Duke of Cambridge, 37, warned of ‘alienating’ NHS staff fighting coronavirus
  • Prince William said calling health workers ‘heroes’ risked burdening them by making staff unwilling to ask for mental health support 
  • BBC1 documentary Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health airs tonight 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Prince William has warned of the hidden dangers to mental health caused by describing frontline NHS staff fighting coronavirus as ‘heroes’. 

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, called for ‘preparing for a very different mindset for mental health’ as Britain slowly emerges from a 10-week lockdown.

He said that calling NHS workers fighting Covid-19 ‘heroes’ risked placing a burden on their shoulders and causing them not to ask for mental health support. 

Prince William’s intervention was broadcast on the BBC’s The One Show tonight ahead of his new documentary Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health.

The royal is promoting his Heads Up initiative, which aims to raise mental health awareness and encourage football supporters to speak about their problems. 

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, called for ‘preparing for a very different mindset for mental health’ as Britain slowly emerges from a 10-week lockdown

In a pre-recorded statement, the Duke said: ‘We’ve got this global pandemic which is unprecedented. It’s scary, it’s making a lot of people anxious and uncertain.

‘I think the country as a whole is going to need a lot more support when it comes to their mental health. I am still concerned about what I’m hearing from the frontline which is said certain staff still find it difficult in the NHS to talk about their mental health and to be open about it for a lot of reasons.

‘We’ve made the NHS frontline staff rightly heroes, but in doing so we once again give them the burden that we gave our soldiers fighting the war.

‘They should rightly be hailed as superstars and brave and wonderful staff, but I’m very conscious from a mental health point of view that we don’t alienate some of them where they feel that once they have this hero tag they can no longer shake that and therefore they can’t ask for support, they have to be this strong pillar of strength.

‘In actual fact, what we need them to be is examples of positive mental health, doing the job, beating this pandemic, helping and caring for so many people, but also looking after themselves so they come through this in one piece and we’re not having broken NHS staff all over the country.

‘We really have got to be prepared for a very different mindset for mental health going forward. What it looks like, certain hospitals around the country have very good support networks for their staff and mental health, others don’t.’ 

William, here giving a speech in November last year in London, said removing his contact lenses helps him to overcome anxiety about speaking to mass audiences 

During the BBC documentary, called Football, Prince William And Our Mental Health, Prince William met with grassroots and professional footballers, including Joe Hart

The Duke added: ‘I want to make sure that we can support the hospitals that are struggling to prioritise their mental health for their staff.’ 

In his new documentary, which is being broadcast tonight, Prince William revealed football has become more important to him as he has got older: ‘You know it’s weird because, I’ve always loved football but I love football more now than I’ve ever loved it before and I don’t know what it is, whether it’s because I’m a parent now and I need football more in my life, I don’t know maybe it is that.’

The Duke of Cambridge also spoke openly about the issues surrounding male suicide, saying: ‘It’s scary and it’s frightening and it’s real.’

Prince William believes the continuing ‘stigma’ around mental health stems from the internalised grief and sadness the country felt after two world wars and people’s desire to forget the experience and ‘get on with life’.

During the programme, he speaks to a grassroots footballer suffering anxiety and reveals how his ageing eyesight helped to overcome nerves. 

Prince William made the admission in a soon-to-air documentary on mental health within football, involving the Prince’s work with the initiative Heads Up

On a visit to West Bromwich Albion Football Club to meet players past and present who have experienced people close to them committing suicide, the Duke said: ‘It is one of the biggest killers of young men under 45.

‘As pain and grief goes, and I’ve heard this from sadly too many families who have been bereaved by suicide, it is one of the rawest forms of grief because you’re left with so many unanswered questions.

‘Could I have done more, should I have done more, why did they do it?’

Prince William goes on to say: ‘Suicide, it’s scary and it’s frightening and it’s real. Men seem to have a real issue with opening up and being able to talk about it.  If we can have a major impact on lowering suicide rates, that’s a success from this campaign.’

The coronavirus outbreak has meant the Heads Up project is on hold due to the disruption to football matches across the country. 

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Empress Of Is Redefining What the Latinx Experience Sounds Like

Empress Of’s musical aesthetic isn’t easily definable—and that’s precisely the point. For the 30-year-old Honduran-American musician, her genre-leaping sound is always inspired and defined by the physical places she finds herself in—whether it’s the calming chaos of New York City, her laid-back hometown of Los Angeles, or a different city every day while on tour with the likes of Lizzo and Blood Orange.

Empress Of, born Lorely Rodriguez, does more than simply make dance music, however. Her status as an experimental artist serves as a current-day example of the ever-changing notion of what it means to be a Latinx musician. Her latest album, I’m Your Empress Of, explores the infectiously intriguing territory Rodriguez finds herself in when she embraces all the factors, moments, and memories that have shaped her identity up until this very moment. Whether it’s via the subtle sampling of salsa music in tracks like “I’m Your Empress Of” and “Void,” or incorporating the words and advice of her mother throughout the new project, Rodriguez’s message is clear: Her Latinidad absolutely defines her life and her sound—but not through the shallow lens that has defined mainstream success for Latinxs in America thus far.

Below, we speak with Rodriguez about the inspiration behind her latest project and share a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her stunning album art and “Give Me Another Chance” music video.

For our readers who maybe are just now being introduced to you, I would love to know how you personally describe your musical sound.

I think my music is kind of genre leaping and a mix of all the things that you love. It’s got pop, it’s got dance, it’s got electronic, it’s got a little bit of R&B, a little bit of jazz. It’s everything in one. It’s really hard to put me in a genre box.

I was reading up on a few of your past interviews, and I noticed you talked about how you recorded your record at a very significant time in your life and you wanted it to sound a bit broken. But I feel like when I listen to it, even though obviously some of the lyrics are very personal, very intimate, I think it sounds sonically celebratory and free. So I would love to know, how did your experiences at that time dictate how this new project was going to sound?

I think I was at a point in my life where I just crossed the threshold of not giving a fuck or not giving a damn. And sometimes, you have to be so down to not be afraid of falling anymore or afraid of letting fear dictate your artistic choices. And so I don’t know, maybe that’s where you get that liberating sound where it’s just, well, I’ve already been through so much emotional baggage that I don’t know, there’s not really anything to hide anymore. And if music is the one thing that I have that makes me feel the best, why would I limit myself in my writing and my music making? Also, broken things are great things. Sometimes, those are some of the best things.

Your mother makes a few appearances on the project, and I love those little cameos. Why did you decide to include her in this, and what is it like creatively collaborating with your mom?

I wanted her to talk on the record, because she just always has such incredible things to say, also really annoying things to say. I think I talk about her a lot, and I just got to the point like, “Why not finally introduce her in my music and bring that whole full circle?” And she had already been working on clothes with me for my live shows. And I always talk about how much she influences me as a kid of an immigrant in the States. And just trying to bring both of those cultures together, American culture and Latin American culture. So I just, I wanted something to put on the record that is a through line of my identity as all those things. A woman and a kid of an Internet and all that stuff.

What do you think were some of the specific stories you were trying to tell with this new project?

It’s a breakup record, so there’s a bunch of stuff about that. All the different phases you feel, desperation and lust and jealousy and love. There isn’t a jealousy theme on there, but yeah. Just vulnerability and just all those feelings that you feel towards someone. But also, it’s not just about how you feel towards someone, it’s how those feelings let you find out stuff about yourself, how you want to be treated and how you want to be seen and how you want to be perceived as a woman. It’s the things you find out about yourself, more importantly, on this record.

You’ve mentioned how your music obviously leaps through different genres—it’s not a monolithic musical experience. Who have been some of your biggest musical influences who have kind of helped shape your sound thus far?

I think Kate Bush is a really big one. I think Björk’s a big one. I think Blood Orange is a really big one. Whenever I put his records on, I feel like I want to go to the place where I become a better artist. I just like listening to stuff that makes me want to become a better artist. Yeah. So those things, Childish Gambino makes me feel like that.

I know you’re home in L.A. right now, but you also spent a few years in New York, kind of toward the beginning of your music career. Do you feel like there’s a difference between creating in New York and creating in L.A.? How do you feel like those different cities have influenced you creatively?

I think it’s just different periods. New York is a different place now, because it’s just been overrun by Apple stores and Starbucks and all that stuff. And so there’s not really a very thriving artistic community towards the end of when I lived there. But when I lived there, there was a very chaotic energy, and there were a group of artists that I just felt really inspired to live around. I mean, that’s not fair to say. New York has very incredible artists that live there. And just walking down the street, you get inspired by the history and the culture that there are there. It’s an intense place to live and I think that influences my music.

I think living in L.A., it’s just, I don’t know. I don’t know if it affects my music or not, because the record, I made most of those beats on tour, in a plane, in tour centers and stuff. I’m not in the point in my life where a surrounding really affects the way I write. I think it’s more me internally will affect the way I write and just where I am. So I’ve just been touring for four years and we just hear that. I think you hear that more.

I love that you don’t hide your identity in your projects and in your music, whether it means that you have a few lyrics in Spanish or, with the new one, include your mom’s words on the record. But you also don’t make what I think mainstream radio and media would define as “Latinx” music. So my question to you is, do you ever feel pressure to sound or appear a certain way in your music because of your identity?

I think pressure isn’t the word, I think I just have an obligation to myself to discover who I am and portray that to myself. To me, what’s really important is for people to see me the way I see myself and just really explore that. So, how should I say this? I know I’m not a typical Latinx artist, but being Latinx is a vital part of who I am. And so with my album cover and the other artists I chose to collaborate with on this record, I knew that that story was going to elevate who I was as a Latin-American woman and in my art.

I just wanted to explore that more and push that, and do it in a way that I haven’t seen and that I haven’t seen myself in. Because it’s really easy to just do the person I am, which is growing up in L.A. and wearing Dickies and we’re in Cortezes and wearing a lot of workwear stuff. But I don’t know, I wanted to go to Mexico, and I wanted to collaborate with other artists who were pushing those fundamental things that are in Latin-American culture to another level. And it was really inspiring, and it brought out a lot of confidence in me to do that.

What do you feel that the music industry right now gets wrong or kind of misunderstands about Latinx artists today?

I think because our community hasn’t had the type of exposure that we have right now, that we’re starting to have. I think it’s very easy to put everything into just the Latinx box. And right now, reggaeton has had a huge moment. But not every Latinx artist makes reggaeton. There’s The Marías who make completely different music. Cuco, who’s obviously a mega star, and Kali Uchis. They’re just so many different artists who make different types of shining music in the Latinx community. So I just think diversity is going to be the next thing that needs to happen with exposing more Latinx artists.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance slammed by fans for ‘copying’ American Idol in show’s new format – The Sun

WORLD of Dance fans are outraged with the show’s new format, with many claiming it’s copying fellow reality competition show American Idol.

The NBC series, led by judges Jennifer Lopez, 50, Derek Hough, 35, and Ne-Yo, 40, received a poor response from viewers for the never-been-done-before changes.

Season four of the dance competition returned on Tuesday night but it’s the first time the auditions were held in an old warehouse rather than on-stage in a large studio.

However, the biggest surprise came during the round one qualifiers after contestants unexpectedly had to perform in front of the superstar panelists.

In past years, producers of the show judged the auditions and the Jenny From the Block singer, Dancing With the Stars champ and Miss Independent crooner were not seen until much later.

The participants had no clue the three stars would be judging them during the qualifiers rather than production until they walked into the room.

The new move was made so the hopefuls would be tested to see how they perform under immense pressure.

Viewers “hated” the new way the show is running, with many saying it feels like a completely different show all together.

"I feel like the stage made world of dance special and without it there’s nothing special about it #WorldOfDance,” one person confessed.

Another said: “So after several seasons, #WorldOfDance decided it would become American Idols that Think They Can Dance? No to this "new" format that's been done to death.”

"This new format reminds me of American Idol…” someone else agreed.

One person tweeted: “I'm undecided about this stripped down version of #WorldofDance . I hope that the studio changes through the season tho.”

More to follow…
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This is what 25 years worth of stockpiling looks like

This is what 25 YEARS of stockpiling looks like: Mum shows off the cavernous pantry she started in 1995 – packed with pasta, long-life milk and a 12-month supply of custard powder

  • A mother has stunned people by sharing photos of her stockpiled pantry online
  • She has been stockpiling, or ‘bulk buying’ as she calls it, for the past 25 years
  • One of the bedrooms of her Queensland home is used to store long-life foods 
  • She has two 1,000 litre freezers fully packed with frozen veg, chips and desserts
  • Her passion for hoarding has passed on to her kids who also buy in bulk
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A mother has shared a glimpse inside an enormous stockpiled pantry she started building 25 years ago in a series of Facebook photos.

She said stockpiling, or ‘bulk buying’ as she calls it, has saved her family of 10 from incalculable stress during natural disasters like the Queensland floods of 2010 and emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic by having food at their fingertips at anytime.

One of the bedrooms of her home has been converted into storage space for long-life foods, while two 1,000 litre freezers – the size typically used in restaurants and catering – are packed to the lids with frozen vegetables, chips and desserts downstairs.

Filled to capacity, she said the freezers alone hold enough food to feed her household of seven adults, three teenagers, two dogs and a cat for six months.

Photos show the result of 25 years of stockpiling, with stacks of buckets large enough to hold six months supply of dry goods (left) and shelves laden with biscuits, crackers and crisps (right)

Family-size bags of pasta, long-life milk and party supplies like napkins and paper plates are piled high in one of the bedrooms of the home

‘I’m that obsessive about them I can tell you exactly what is in each and where to find it,’ she wrote. 

She said she buys fruit and vegetables every fortnight and non-perishable pantry foods and household essentials once a month at Costco, a wholesale supermarket where she is a member.

She also spends roughly $2,500 every three months on trays of tinned food and bulk bags of dry goods at Bidfood, Australia’s leading wholesaler, and bakes her own bread from the ingredients she buys. 

The photos reveal the result of two and a half decades of hoarding.

One shot shows two stacks of six buckets marked with labels like ‘custard powder’, ‘quick oats’, ‘self-raising flour’ and ‘pasta’. The containers look large enough to hold at least a year’s supply of each.

She said she fills the buckets from individual packets and leaves a bay leaf in each.

Bay leaves are thought to repel insects like cockroaches, beetles and ants who detest the herb’s powerful fragrance.

She said she draws from her massive supply of custard powder and almond milk almost daily, using both to make hot and cold desserts, cakes and cookies. 

Enormous boxes of crisps, cereal and popcorn (left) arranged beside piles of toilet paper and vats of baking supplies like cocoa powder and candied cherries (right)

Other photos show shelves laden with biscuits, crackers and instant coffee, and floors filled with trays of water and fizzy drinks.

In one, an entire rung is devoted to wholesale-size bottles of sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise and barbecue dip.

Another is filled with jars of non-perishable condiments like tomato puree, peanut butter and Mexican salsa.

Enormous boxes of crisps, cereal and popcorn are arranged beside piles of toilet paper and vats of baking supplies like cocoa powder and candied cherries.

Top tips for stockpiling

* Only buy items that are half price or less.

* If they are cheap buy as many as six of the same product at a time.

* When placing them on a shelf ensure the best before label is in order of when they go off.

* don’t buy perishables unless you know you’ll be able to eat them.

* Cans are easy to stockpile, as is toilet paper and soft drink.

An inside view of one of the 1,000 litre freezers, stacked full with frozen chips and desserts

A corner of the bedroom filled with kitchen utensils, pots, pans and plastic lunchboxes

Her passion for hoarding has been passed on to her adult children, who buy in bulk for their families too. 

‘As a full time stay home mum this is what I take pride in. This is me helping provide for our family by making sure there is always food and snacks and more available,’ she said. 

A woman from Western Australia who was impressed by the stockpile replied to her post with a Game of Thrones meme that read: ‘Hail to the Queen.’

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Two of TikTok's biggest stars are arrested on drugs charges in Texas

Two of TikTok’s biggest stars, aged 19 and 20, are arrested on drugs charges in Texas after traveling from California to party at luxury rented Airbnb

  • Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested by police in Giddings on Monday
  • Both were charged with marijuana possession; Hossler was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance in penalty group two
  • If found guilty Hossler faces up to 20 years in prison, or a fine of $10,000
  • Hall and Hossler usually live together in a Bel-Air mansion alongside a number of other TikTok influencers, who are together known as the ‘Sway House Collective’
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Two of TikTok’s biggest stars have been arrested on drugs charges.  

Bryce Hall, 20, and Jaden Hossler, 19, were taken into custody Monday morning in Giddings, Texas. The Los Angeles based influencers have reportedly been staying in a luxury Airbnb rental in the Lone Star state amid the coronavirus lockdown.  

Hall was slapped with a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession and later released on $5,000 bail. 

Hossler was also charged with marijuana possession. He was additionally hit with a second-degree felony charge for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group two.  

Police did not disclose which drug Hossler was carrying – but drugs in that group ‘include most hallucinogens and stimulants’, according to Insider.  

TikTok stars Bryce Hall (left) and Jaden Hossler (right) were charged with drug possession in Giddings, Texas. Both have been released on bail 

Vision of the pair being pulled over by police was – ironically- shared on TikTok Tuesday. Officers did not say why they flagged down the pair’s vehicle

A second-degree felony charge is punishable by up to 20 years in prison or a fine of $10,000. 

Hossler was released from custody after posting a $6,500 bond. 

Vision purportedly showing the pair being pulled over by police was – ironically- shared on TikTok Tuesday. Officers did not say why they flagged down their vehicle.  

Hall and Hostler are two of the most famous content creators on TikTok. Hall boasts a whopping 7 million followers on the social media app, while Hostler has 6 million.  

Hall and Hostler are two of the most famous content creators on TikTok. Hall boasts a whopping 7 million followers on the social media app, while Hostler has 6 million

Hall and Hossler – who are both represented by TalentX Entertainment – usually share videos of themselves clowning around with their friends inside their luxury residence.

The pair usually reside together in a Bel Air mansion with a group of other young influencers who are together known as ‘the Sway House Collective’. 

Hall and Hossler – who are both represented by TalentX Entertainment – have become famous for recording videos of themselves clowning around with pals inside their luxury residence.

The duo have not posted any content since their arrests.   

According to Insider, the pair have been in Texas along with fellow influencers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson since early May. 

On Monday, the group posed for pictures on social media accompanied by the caption ‘Road Trip!’

On Monday, Hall (far left ) and Hossler posed for pictures on social media with fellow members of the ‘Sway House Collective’ accompanied by the caption ‘Road Trip!’

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Beyoncé Lost the Role of This Disney Princess After Refusing to Audition

Most people love a wholesome Disney animated classic, and The Princess and the Frog is an example of such. The film tells the story of Walt Disney’s first animated Black princess, Tiana, a smart, hard-working, and independent young woman who has shown young girls around the world that no dream is too big to achieve.

Since Tiana is such a powerhouse character, several female go-getters were considered for the role, including Beyoncé, who lost her chance to become this Disney princess after refusing to audition.

Beyoncé was the top pick for Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog”

Beyoncé was almost a Disney princess. Emphasis on almost.

According to Jen Rubin, author of Confessions of a Casting Director, the Queen Bey was one of several high profile Hollywood women who were in the running for the lead voice role in The Princess and the Frog.

“Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson wanted it. Alicia Keys auditioned three times . . . They had to sing, so we made it clear they needed sheet music,” Rudin told New York Post (via Page Six) in 2013. “Tyra came in with a CD, but it didn’t matter because she was so pretty and nice.”

While Beyoncé was casting directors’ first choice for Tiana in the 2009 animated film, she ultimately lost out on the opportunity to play the iconic character after acting a bit too entitled for her own good.

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“Beyoncé expected an offer, but wouldn’t audition and so she didn’t get one,” Rudin shared.

In the end, the part went to Anika Noni Rose, a less-known talent who was Beyoncé co-star in the 2006 musical drama Dreamgirls.

Rose made history by voicing the lead character

Though many women auditioned for the role of Tiana, Rose “was the most qualified” to play the iconic Disney princess, according to Rubin.

Before playing Lorell Maya Robinson in Dreamgirls, the actress starred in several stage productions, including the 2004 Broadway musical Caroline, or Change, which she won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical that same year.

Since she clearly had the pipes for the job, Rose ended up being cast as Tiana, the young woman who shares a kiss with a frog prince in the fairy tale set in Jazz Age-era New Orleans.

The Princess and the Frog has since made history as the first Disney animated film to feature an African American princess and a predominately minority cast.

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Though it’s been more than a decade since the film was released, it still resonates with fans — especially young girls who now have another princess of color, besides Princess Jasmine, Mulan, and Pochohantas, to look up to.

Even Rose is still marveling over the film’s trailblazing impact, which has made Black princesses the new normal.

“Being the first black Disney princess, that was such a first and it really has changed the way young brown children are looked at in school and fantasy when they are playing,” Rose told Variety at the Academy’s anniversary screening in 2019. “It’s no longer ‘You can’t be the princess.’ It’s expected and normal.”

Beyoncé went on to voice animated characters after all

Though Beyoncé lost out on playing the first black Disney princess, she has gone on to lend her voice to a few animated films since then.

Instead of playing a princess, Beyoncé has voiced the role of Queen Tara in 20th Century Fox’s 2013 CG-animated fantasy adventure Epic. She’s also starred in the voice-over role of Nala in the 2019 live-action remake of The Lion King.

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While we’re not sure what her audition process was like for these films, we can easily guess that casting directors offered her a pretty penny to lend her incomparable vocals to these projects.

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The untold truth of Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss was born to be a star. The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member might be more of a mainstream, household name since joining the cast in Season 2 if only because of the reach the Bravo show has, but Kandi has been working in entertainment for ages and her successes include much more than just reading her co-stars during reunion shows (although she’s really good at that, too). Kandi was born outside of Atlanta in 1976, and her first television appearance was on BET’s Teen Summit in 1992, when she was just 15 years old with her R&B group Xscape. She posted a throwback video of the appearance on Instagram, in which the group (which included a fifth member at the time, Tamera, who eventually left) performed a cover of En Vogue’s “Hold On.”

The group was eventually signed and released its first album, Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha, in 1993. That project went certified platinum, peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Charts and No. 17 on the Billboard 200. But being part of one of the most iconic ’90s R&B groups was just the start of Kandi’s career in the music industry. 

Behind the mask is a '90s R&B legend

Not only was Xscape one of the most popular groups in the early nineties, but Kandi Burruss went on to have a successful music career outside of the group. The members of Xscape broke up in 1998 to pursue solo careers, and Kandi got down to work behind the scenes. For example, she co-wrote “No Scrubs” for TLC and “Bills Bills Bills” for none other than Destiny’s Child. She also worked on Pink’s first single, “There You Go.” She even got a songwriting credit on Ed Sheeran’s hit single “Shape of You” — because a portion of the song reportedly sounded a lot like “No Scrubs,” per The Huffington Post. So even if you don’t think you know Kandi’s body of work, you’ve definitely danced to one of her songs before.

Her solo albums are a different story. They never really took off as well as her work with Xscape or the tracks she wrote for other artists. Burruss released solo albums in 2000 and 2010. In 2020, she won The Masked Singer Season 3 and also released a single, “Used to Love Me,” featuring Todrick Hall and Precious. Performing as “Night Angel” on the singing competition was a confidence boost for Burruss, who said the show helped reignite her passion for music, per Entertainment Weekly

Kandi Burruss can do it all

Kandi Burruss knows how to hustle when it comes to building a brand on television. Not only has she been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since Season 2, but she’s also produced her own shows. Bravo aired The Kandi Factory in 2012, which followed Kandi helping young artists land record deals, as well as Kandi’s Wedding in 2014, which documented her and Todd Tucker’s wedding preparation. There was also a three-part spin-off called Kandi’s Ski Trip in 2015, which was just a miniseries about her family going on a ski trip. In 2019, she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, and of course, she won big on The Masked Singer in 2020. Burruss is also getting another Bravo spin-off called Old Lady Gang, which will take place at one of the three locations of her and Todd’s restaurant of the same name. 

To top it off, Burruss also runs a sex toy company called Bedroom Kandi and leads a sex and relationship podcast called Kandi Koated Nights. See? This woman does it all, and that’s no accident. She told Money that diversifying her revenue streams was “intentional,” even during the early days of her music career. “I wanted to have businesses outside of music that were still poppin’.”

Kandi Burruss wants her kids to know how to make money

Family and music have always been central to Kandi Burruss’ brand. Her and husband Todd Tucker, a former line producer on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, have two kids together, son Ace Wells, born in 2016, and daughter Blaze, born via surrogate in 2019. They also co-parent Todd’s daughter, Kaela, born in 1996, from another relationship, and Kandi’s daughter, Riley, born in 2002 from another relationship.

Burruss is unapologetic about being a working mom, and she tries to pass her business acumen to her kids, especially her eldest daughter. She told, “I talk with her about the importance of money and why I have to work so hard. You know I have to work this weekend just so you can get this extra this or that.”

In fact, Burruss said one of her first lessons in financial planning came from her mom after Kandi received her first music biz paycheck. “I only got a few thousand dollars, but my mom was like, ‘OK, we’ll put this with my money’ and we purchased the house across the street from where we lived,” she told Money. “That was my first investment — with my mom.”

Kandi’s career and rich personal life are truly something to admire — and they give her the cred she needs to stand up to her Bravo castmates on RHOA.

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