Sophie Turner shows off bare baby bump as she hits the beach with husband Joe Jonas – The Sun

SOPHIE Turner showed off her bare baby bump as she hit the beach with her husband Joe Jonas.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the actress' growing bump popping out from under a possibly too small t-shirt.

Over Memorial Day Joe and Sophie drove up the California coast to Santa Barbara for lunch and then strolled the beach with their golden retriever.

Sophie wore a t-shirt with "New York" printed across the top with blue shorts.

Her growing baby bump could be spotted underneath.

She then threw on a white sweatshirt when the parents-to-be walked on the beach.

Last week Sophie put her bump on display on a drive with Joe around Los Angeles.
The British actress, 24, highlighted her blossoming belly in a form-fitting lilac-colored sundress.

The two also made sure they covered their mouths and noses with face masks amid the pandemic.

Sophie wore a pink polka dot mask, while Joe chose one featuring a portrait of Bob Marley.

In March Joe and Sophie posted a picture of themselves wearing masks on Instagram.

Sophie wrote: “No f*****g around. Stay safe everyone.”

Prior to that Sophie and Joe reportedly took their "babymoon" in Mexico.

The couple was married last year in a surprise Vegas ceremony after the Billboard Music Awards.

A month later they celebrated with friends and family in a second ceremony in France.

While they haven’t confirmed the news themselves, sources say those close to the pair can’t wait for their new arrival.

According to US Weekly, Sophie is due “in the middle of summer”.

A friend told Just Jared: “The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them.”

Another source told E!: "They told their families recently and everyone is ecstatic and so happy for them."

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Heartbreaking video shows stranded kayaker’s final moments

A harrowing video depicts the tragic final moments of a kayaker stranded at sea off the coast of New South Wales, Australia. Jeremy Worthy, 43, had posted the video to Facebook Sunday as a last-ditch rescue plea before his body was discovered in the water just hours later, reports the Daily Mail.

“There’s no going back where I came…that’s too far,” laments the adventurer, who can be seen hopelessly trapped in the tumultuous swells miles from land in either direction. “[Do I] keep going or stay here?”

Prior Facebook photos from 11:20 a.m. Sunday morning show that the Yass, Australia, native had embarked on a kayak fishing trip. Despite getting “swamped while launching,” Worthy says “the conditions weren’t too bad past the shore waves,” according to an 11:36 a.m. post.

Less than an hour later, Worthy uploaded his final video. “This is tiring,” says the exhausted Aussie about his bleak predicament, adding that “it’s cold and wet and dark.”

Despite the dire circumstances, Worthy is not above taking a cheeky jab at his mate. “Paulie, I’m blaming you for telling me to come out here,” he quips dryly. “Paul, this is on you mate.”

The kayaker concludes the clip by commenting, “It’s nice when it calms down.”

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Coronavirus pandemic shows how risk-averse Americans have grown

Do you remember the 1957-58 Asian flu? Or the 1968-69 Hong Kong flu? I do. I was a teenager during the first of these, an adult finishing law school during the second. But even though back then I followed the news much more than the average person my age, I can’t dredge up more than the dimmest memory of either.

I don’t have any memory of schools closing, though apparently, a few did here and there. I have no memories of city or state lockdowns, of closed offices and factories and department stores, of people banned from parks and beaches.

Yet these two influenzas had death tolls roughly comparable to that of COVID-19. Between 70,000 and 116,000 people in the US died from Asian flu. That’s between 0.04 percent and 0.07 percent of the nation’s population, somewhat more than the 0.03% of the COVID-19 death rate so far.

The Asian flu, unlike COVID-19, was rarely fatal for children and was more deadly for the elderly — and pregnant women.

The Hong Kong flu, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says, had more precisely an estimated U.S. death toll of 100,000 in 1968-70 (years that included the Woodstock festival), 0.05 percent of the total population. Both flus had high death rates among the elderly but, apparently, not as high a proportion as COVID-19 has had.

Once again, there were no nationwide school closings, no multi-month lockdowns, no daily presidential news conferences. Apparently, neither the nation’s leaders nor the vast bulk of its people felt that such drastic measures were called for.

Perhaps some of this calm reaction can be ascribed to confidence that a vaccine would be developed, as other flu vaccines had been developed after the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic. But flu vaccines are never entirely effective, and none were widely available until after the Asian and Hong Kong flus had swept over the nation.

Fundamental attitudes can change in a nation over half a century, and the very different responses to this year’s coronavirus pandemic and the influenzas of 50 and 60 years ago suggest that Americans today are much more risk-averse, much more willing to undergo massive inconvenience and disruption to avoid marginal increases in fatal risk.

At least some of this can be explained by different experiences. The Asian and Hong Kong flus arrived in an America amid and at the end of what I call the Midcentury Moment. That’s my name for the quarter-century after World War II when Americans enjoyed low-inflation economic growth, and a degree of cultural uniformity and respect for institutions that some yearn for today.

Midcentury Americans had living memories of World War II, with its 405,000 American military deaths. They were troubled not so much by the number of military deaths in Korea (36,000) and Vietnam (58,000) but by our leaders’ failure, after years of effort, to achieve victory.

Contrast this with the shrillness of outcries over orders of magnitude fewer military deaths in Iraq (4,497) and Afghanistan (2,216). Yes, every death is a tragedy, but those numbers total less than the average number of deaths in America every day (7,707) in 2018. But today’s Americans, beneficiaries of a victory in the Cold War that was almost entirely bloodless, seem to blanch at paying any human price.

They seem to also expect any competent leader to come up with policies that preserve every life at any cost. Thus the high approval of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who said his lockdown is worth it if it saves just one life — although if he really believed that, he’d impose and strictly enforce a 5 mph speed limit on the New York State Thruway.

You can argue that Americans in the Midcentury Moment were too willing to accept pandemic or battlefield deaths, just as they were too willing to accept racial segregation or to stigmatize uncommon lifestyles.

But there’s also a strong argument that they had a more realistic sense of the limits of the human condition and the efficacy of official action than Americans have today — certainly more than the governors stubbornly enforcing lockdowns till the virus is stamped out and deaths fall to zero.

Behind that stance is the assumption there’s an instant and painless solution for every problem, rather than a need to weigh conflicting goals and make tragic choices amid unavoidable uncertainty.

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Hannah Brown Shows Support for Tyler Cameron’s 'Awesome' New Show

Five paw review! Hannah Brown is a fan of her ex-boyfriend Tyler Cameron‘s new show Barkitecture — and she couldn’t stop praising the dog house design show.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's Relationship Timeline

The Bachelorette alum, 25, was on Instagram Live with her brother, Patrick Brown, on Thursday, May 14, when a fan asked if she would let the show build a house for her dog, Roscoe.

“Yeah, have you all been watching it?” Brown replied. “It’s awesome, right? We love it. My favorite house was the second episode [with Kyle Richards].”

When her brother, 23, claimed that only two episodes have aired so far, the former beauty pageant queen promptly corrected him. “There’s an episode every day. Come on. Show support,” she said.

The Quibi show follows Cameron, 27, and designer Delia Kenza as they team up to create elaborate dog houses for stars such as Lisa Vanderpump, Teyana Taylor, Rumer Willis and Joel McHale.

The former general contractor told Us Weekly on May 8 that working with Kenza to build dog homes was an ideal project for the duo.

“Dogs mean so much to us and so much to these people that we worked with,” Cameron said. “It was so cool to give back to the dogs and build these extravagant houses and, I mean, they’re just so over the top, but it’s so much fun.”

Brown and Cameron first met in 2019 on season 15 of The Bachelorette, where the model came in second place. Ultimately, Brown gave her final rose to musician Jed Wyatt. However, the pair called off their engagement and Brown was spotted on an overnight date with Cameron in August 2019. The duo’s romance cooled off and the Florida native briefly moved on with Gigi Hadid.

Although Cameron is focused on his latest project, the reality star has taken some time to relax with his pals in Florida amid the coronavirus quarantine. Brown even joined the self-proclaimed Quarantine Crew in March for a few weeks, which sparked speculation that the former couple were back together. A source told Us at the time that the pair were “just friends.”

The Dancing With the Stars winner shut down the rumors in an Instagram Live video in April.

“A lot of my friends have babies and they are the best moms, but I couldn’t imagine it. I’m not ready for that just yet,” Brown told her fans. “I mean, I could be — if something happened, I could be. But I’m still trying to figure out my life.”

She added, “Also, you have to have a significant other for that. And I don’t, so.”

Cameron, for his part, also denied that their relationship is anything more than platonic.

“We have a great friendship,” he told Us in May. “We both care about each other a lot and want each other to be happy.”

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Britney Spears shows off bikini body after quarantine workout is revealed

Britney Spears is soaking up the sun during quarantine and looking sizzling while doing it.

The 38-year-old pop star posted a photo of herself sunbathing in her pool on Thursday wearing only a tiny bikini.

“Such a beautiful day !!!!” she captioned the slideshow, which also featured her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. “God bless 👔👗!!!!!”

Asghari, 26, posted the same photos and jokingly captioned them, “Who did it better? I choose @britneyspears.”

A source told us this week that the couple have been quarantining together and are “very happy doing many workouts and staying safe together.”

Asghari exclusively revealed to us that he is helping Spears stay in shape by putting her on one of his customized fitness programs, which includes push-ups, squat jumps, moves with light weights and other exercises.

Earlier this week, Spears thanked her boyfriend on Instagram for training her.

“Grateful to have @samasghari to stay in shape with 💪 !!!!!” she captioned a video of them exercising. “So proud of him having a fitness program to keep people in shape while they stay home 💪🌸🌹 couples that workout together stay together.”

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Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stretch Marks In Cleavage Selfie; Fans Go Freakin’ Wild!

Obviously, Kylie Jenner bikini selfies are nothing new.

But in her latest swimwear pic, Kylie decided to show her followers something they’ve never seen before:

Kylie is a mom, of course, and her body has undergone a great number of changes in recent years.

As a result, like most people, Kylie has some stretch marks.

But unlike most celebs whose every pic is scrutinized by tens of millions of followers, Kylie has no qualms about revealing her stretch marks to the world:

As you can see, Kylie showed a lot of skin in her latest pic, but for once, it’s not her curves that fans are obsessing over.

“If Kylie has stretch marks and is still rocking it, why can’t we accept that on ourselves?” one fan tweeted about the pic, as reported by Cosmo.

“Kylie Jenner showing off her stretch marks unapologetically is growth,” another added.

“Kylie Jenner has stretch marks on her boobies, and idk why but this makes me feel like it’s okay that I too have stretch marks,” a third chimed in.

Several fans shared the feeling that Kylie’s perceived “imperfections” made them feel better about parts of their own bodies they might have previously felt uncomfortable with.

“If @KylieJenner can have stretch marks on her boobs then i can them too. #selflove,” one fan tweeted.

Others brought up the long history of Kardashians photoshopping their pics and congratulated Kylie on breaking the cycle.

“Kylie showing her stretch marks on IG stories. That’s a nice change for the Kardashian/Jenner family,” one user tweeted.

Back in 2018, Kylie spoke about the changes her body has undergone since welcoming daughter Stormi.

“I have stretch marks on my boobs. My stomach isn’t the same, my waist isn’t the same, my butt’s bigger, my thighs are bigger,” she said.

When discussing her post-pregnancy workout regimen, Jenner revealed that while she experienced significant progress, she also accepted that certain aspects of her physique might be forever changed.

“I snapped back pretty fast but it was never the same and still isn’t,” Kylie told fans on YouTube.

“Once I accepted the change, my confidence came back. It just takes time.”

The 22-year-old billionaire has received widespread praise for her quarantine content, particularly a post in which Kylie clapped back at body-shaming troll by pointing out that her body has changed because she brought a freakin’ human into the world.

Hopefully, fans will continue to feed off of Kylie’s confidence and grow to embrace every inch of themselves.

Kylie Jenner Playboy Cover: Revealed, Very Busty!Start Gallery

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Meghan McCain shows off her ‘quarantine witch gray hair’ roots

Even Meghan McCain is missing hair salons.

The “View” host, 35, showed off her gray roots on Instagram Monday, revealing that the two months she’s been social distancing at home is the longest she’s ever gone without dyeing her platinum blond hair.

“No lies about ‘lighting,’ ‘dry shampoo’ or at home treatments here,” she wrote. “Reached my full quarantine Witch grey hair completion … Shoutout to all my fellow women who also hereditarily went prematurely grey in your twenties. I’m owning it.”

McCain, who is currently pregnant with her first child with husband Ben Domenech, joked about finding her cauldron and asked if anyone wanted to join her coven, even using the hashtag #witchhairdontcare.

While other celebrities like Kelly Ripa have also been showing off their gray hair growth, some — like Kyle Richards and Cindy Crawford — have tried their hand at touch-ups at home.

However, don’t expect McCain to take to the bleach herself any time soon. “Please don’t ask me to do my color at home, I can barely blow dry my own hair let alone highlight it,” she said.

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Woman shows how to transform grubby trainers so they look brand new using a couple of £1 products

IF, like us, you're guilty of throwing away old trainers because they simply don't look new anymore, then think again.

A cleaning obsessed mum has shown how you can get them looking brand new in minutes using a couple of bargain cleaning favourites.

Nat and Kat, who run a popular Instagram page dedicated to cleaning hacks, have taken to their stories to show just how easy it is to get a pair of old Vans looking new again.

One of the mums demonstrated the cleaning task using two products from the popular cleaning brand The Pink Stuff as well as the Sonic Scrubber cleaning brush also used by Mrs Hinch.

The cleaning guru started by removing the laces from the shoes and popping them inside an old unstoppable scent booster bottle to soak in The Pink Stuff Oxy powder and hot water.

The "Miracle Laundry Powder" is a stain remover used to brighten clothes in the wash, but it seems to work wonders on shoelaces too.

After just a few minutes, you can see the water already turning brown revealing just how much dirt is lurking inside the fibres.

But while that soaks, the mum got to work on the shoes using The Pink Stuff cream cleaner – another popular favourite that has proven to work on EVERYTHING.

She squeezed a generous amount along bottom edges of the shoes and used the Sonic Scrubber to remove the otherwise stubborn stains.

Mrs Hinch previously revealed that she uses the £9 tool from Amazon to get pesky corners of her grimy washing machine drawer sparkling clean – and it takes the tough scrubbing out of cleaning.

Once she'd finished cleaning one shoe, the cleaning fan put the two side by side which revealed the amazing results.

Before the clean, the typically white soles appeared almost entirely brown in colour, but The Pink stuff got them looking super clean and almost brand new.

The brand refers to it's products as "miracle cleaners" and results like this prove it to be true.

Other cleaning fans have used it on a range of household goods including ovens, bathrooms, jewellery and even outdoor patio tiles – so it's no wonder it's become the most talked about product among cleaning fans.

In other news, a clever mum uses the hole in her sink to fit a soap dispenser – and claims washing up has never been easier.

Plus a Hinch fan shows how she gets her windows sparkling using fabric softener and washing up liquid.

Meanwhile we revealed the cheap DIY hacks which add thousands to your home – and why ditching wallpaper and picking the right paint is key.

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Robbie Williams shows off his dad dancing in lockdown with his family – The Sun

ROBBIE Williams has showed off his ‘dad dancer’ moves in lockdown with his family.

The star, 46, posted a video of himself dancing along to Billy Joel’s ‘My Life’ on his Instagram page.

Wearing a grey tracksuit, Robbie danced from side to side, showed off some of his ‘dad dancer’ hand moves and clapped along to the music.

Fans were delighted with his performance.

One wrote: “Loving those moves Rob”.

Another said: “Defo Dad dancing lol.”

A third added: “Ha ha brilliant”.

Robbie and wife Ayda Fields have continued to entertain their followers during coronavirus lockdown, with ‘coronaoke’ musical sessions, hilarious home workouts and funny videos.

Each week, the couple dress up to celebrate ‘Formal Friday’.

Sporting matching pink outfits on VE Day, Ayda, 40, captioned a picture of the pair: “Pink Makes The Boys Wink…FORMAL FRIDAY”.

While entertaining themselves in lockdown, Robbie and Ayda have given fans a sneak peek inside their lavish household where they are home-schooling their kids.

The couple's Beverly Hills home boasts 22 bathrooms and ten bedrooms.

The Los Angeles mansion also has a home gym, huge gardens, a tennis court and swimming pool.

In April, Robbie said he was struck down with virus symptoms while in quarantine following a cancelled gig in Australia.

He said: “When I landed back in LA it was unusually cloudy and grey, and what with everything going on it did feel very apocalyptic.

“I was in quarantine in an Airbnb down the road from my family and started worrying about food, about my medication running out, about Beau and my family, and was just very fearful for a couple of days.

“Then I could feel my body was getting lethargic and tired and heavy and I convinced myself I’d got coronavirus.”

The star says his symptoms disappeared after he “got down on my knees and prayed”.

“I thought about my wife and family. Within 30 seconds I had lifted my vibration and was in love.

“And you know what? The symptoms went away and the fear went away.”

The newly spiritual Robbie credits daily mediation for helping him to keep on the level during lockdown.

Wife Ayda also said the hardest bit about isolation was “making sure we don’t slip into our own dark holes”.

“That’s why Rob’s been doing his coronaoke, trying to lift spirits, make people smile and give back a bit, and why I’ve been doing my workout videos using rosé bottles. Just moving is so important.”

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New mother Grimes shows off her bare bump for Vogue Italia cover shoot

‘A friend of mine died’: New mother Grimes shows off her baby bump for Italian Vogue cover shoot as she discusses how ‘demanding it was to be pregnant during a pandemic’

Grimes gave birth to a baby boy with Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier this week and the singer also appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia. 

The singer, 32, shows off her bump as photographer Ryan McGinley shot her during the ninth month of pregnancy, immersed in California with Gothic outlines. 

During an accompanying interview, Grimes discussed how demanding it was to be pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic and said her friend had died. 

‘A friend of mine died: New mother Grimes showed off her bare pregnancy bump for Vogue Italia cover shoot as she discussed how ‘demanding it was to be pregnant during a pandemic’

Talking to the publication recently, Grimes said: ‘It is certainly very demanding to be pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. It’s hard not to be able to see friends and family. 

‘A friend of mine recently died and it was a nightmare not being able to be close to her loved ones. It won’t be easy in the hospital, I don’t go into details but I feel very empathetic with those who are going through this phase. 

‘And I trust what the maternity wards are doing to manage the situation, I have great respect for the work of the doctors.’

She said: ‘A friend of mine recently died and it was a nightmare not being able to be close to her loved ones. It won’t be easy in the hospital, I don’t go into details but I feel very empathetic with those who are going through this phase’

Grimes said she is taking a positive look at the future post-coronavirus. 

She said: ‘I wonder if there will be a reduction in consumerism. If people fly less, it can only be good. The same goes for petrol cars and everything else. 

‘This is an opportunity to start thinking about how we live, even if it is painful. We are already observing an interesting change in consumption habits and I see more and more people walking in my neighborhood. It seems to be like the 90s (laughs).’

Announcing her Vogue shoot on Instagram, Grimes wrote: ‘I was having a baby this week so I literally didn’t realize my Italian Vogue cover came out!!

Happy: Grimes gave birth to her first baby with Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier this week

She wrote on Instagram: ‘my brain is mega fried right now’ as she spoke about motherhood 

‘This is an honor of the highest order’: Grimes wrote about the cover shoot on social media 

‘Simulation feels like its at level 10 atm. Might be offline for a bit as of today, but this is an honor of the highest order! Thanks so much I want to write more but my brain is mega fried right now. Love G.’ 

Her partner Elon shared the first pictures of the baby, his sixth son and her first child.

One showed him cradling the baby in his arms while in the hospital and the other showed his son lying in bed with a tattoo filter applied. 

Elon, 48, had taken the decision to post the image after a fan wrote: ‘A pic of you holding the baby would break the internet … please share one.’  

Happy arrival: Elon Musk shared the first pictures of his newborn son with singer Grimes on Twitter on Tuesday – her first child and his sixth 

Bizarre: Musk shared a tweet saying the baby boy’s name is X Æ A-12 Musk

Unusual post: Grimes shared this picture of her angelic newborn but added a strange tattoo filter to the baby’s face

Playful: He had jokingly written to a fan the above post as he had a little fun on social media 

You would break the internet: Elon had posted the image of his newborn after this fan begged him to do so 

And he had also responded to a follower who had like the tattooed image, writing: ‘Thanks 🙂 Never too young for some ink haha.’

The Tesla CEO had announced the happy news of his baby’s arrival via Twitter, tweeting on Monday evening: ‘Mom & baby all good’.  

In response to a user’s Tweet that read: ‘We need the name we literally need it,’ Elon replied, ‘X Æ A-12 Musk.’

The latest: The Tesla CEO, 48, tweeted: “Mom & baby all good,” after Grimes, 32, delivered the child


X: Some have suggested the X could come from SpaceX, Musk’s rocket building company. 

Æ:  The a-e ligature is pronounced ‘Ash’. Grimes has a song called 4ÆM. Others have suggested ‘After Earth’.  

A-12: The Lockheed A-12 was a reconnaissance aircraft built for the CIA. It was codenamed Archangel so others have suggested that as a name.

Combine X, Ash and A-12 and you get Sascha 12, according to one suggestion. Another said it could read: X Ash Archangel Musk. 

It was not immediately clear if the new dad Musk was having fun with his followers with this tweet, which could be partially inspired by one of the songs from 32-year-old Grimes’ last album – 4ÆM.

Still, fans were figuring out how to pronounce the very nontraditional moniker.  

One Twitter user theorized that the name is pronounced ‘X Ash Archangel,’ as ‘Ash’ is how the Scandinavian letter Æ is pronounced.

A-12 would then refer to the Lockheed A-12 aircraft used by the CIA, which has been nicknamed ‘archangel.’ 

And though Musk offered no confirmation, he did endorse the tweet with a ‘like’ – suggesting the tweeter could be right.

One Twitter user had another idea, suggesting: ‘X for SpaceX, AE for After Earth and A-12 for the original SR-71 designation which was the first reusable vehicle to go to space.’ 

What’s in a name? One Twitter user suggested the name was pronounced ‘X Ash Archangel’ because Æ is pronounced ‘Ash’ in Scandinavian alphabets and ‘Archangel’ is the nickname for the Lockheed A-12 aircraft

The unusual choice immediately had fans guessing what it might mean, and how to pronounce the series of letters and numbers

Another shared links to pages explaining the unusual stream of letters and deduced it would mean the name is: ‘Ash Lockheed Musk. Final Answer.’

But while some tried to decipher what it means, for many the name was just too confusing. 

One Twitter user joked: ‘Musk: We name our baby X Æ A-12 Midwife: Sir our bracelet printer won’t print that Musk: Let me fix that for you, have this Midwife: Sir that is a submarine.’

Another said: ‘But pronounced “Musk” because the X Æ A-12 is silent.’ 

One replied to Musk: ‘That’s gonna be tough on the teacher’ 

And one user suggested: ‘It’s pronounced “Rachel”.’

One fan said: ‘That awkward moment when all names are taken, so you smash all the keys on the keyboard.’

The tech mogul is father to five sons from his previous marriage. Tragically, Musk lost his first child Nevada in 2002 at 10 weeks old as result of SIDS.

Grimes publicly revealed her pregnancy with a social media shot of a baby bump in January, and later openly speaking about her pregnancy with followers. 

The So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth artist wrote: ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been promoting my album properly or on social media more. This whole thing has been a bit of an ordeal.’

Confirmation: The Tesla CEO announced the birth of his sixth child 

Artsy: Grimes in January publicly revealed the news with a social media shot of a baby bump

She added that she ‘had some complications early on,’ and completed ‘a decent second trimester’ but was aching at the 25-week mark.

‘I feel like I was woefully ill prepared cuz I dunno if pregnancy is as visible or discussed as it should be,’ she said. ‘I just didn’t [really] understand what I was getting into.’

In March, she said to Rolling Stone of her romance with the SpaceX innovator, which began two years ago this month: ‘I do actually just really love my boyfriend.’

In the chat with the publication, the Canadian beauty said that she ‘just did not understand what I was getting into at all’ in dating the famous businessman.

‘No one believes me about this,’ she said. ‘Not that I’m mad about it. I just didn’t think it would be a thing. The s*** that’s happened with my boyfriend this year has overwritten so much of my life’s work.’ 

Grimes in February said she wants to let her baby choose their own gender identity.

When asked whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl during a YouTube live stream  (which has since been made private), the musical artist said, ‘I don’t want to say the gender of the baby … because I feel like their privacy should be protected. 

‘I don’t think they can consent to being famous or being in public.’

Grimes also revealed she doesn’t want to ‘gender’ her baby, saying they can ‘decide their fate and identity’ on their own accord.

‘I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life,’ she said. ‘I don’t know, I just feel like it doesn’t need to be known … They may decide their fate and identity.’

A look back: The couple was snapped at the Met Gala at the 2018 in NYC

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