90 Day Fiancé's Fernanda Flores Enjoys a Virtual Date with The Bachelorette's Clay Harbour

The coronavirus isn't stopping 90 Day Fiancé's Fernanda Flores from getting to know a new man in her life.

In an exclusive clip of Monday's episode of 90 Fiancé: Self-Quarantine, Flores, 21, gets ready for her big night with former NFL player Clay Harbour (of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise fame) and admits she's a bit "nervous."

"Today I'm having a date, a Zoom date. I'm excited," Flores says while curling her hair.

"I'm a little nervous. Clay is a guy that I like a lot. He was a football player. He's been in a few reality TV shows before. He's so hot," Flores says.

Flores shares that she and Clay met a few months ago on social media and went on a first date.

While she liked him early on, Flores shares that it wasn't the "right time," as she wasn't exactly ready to date.

However, now that she is ready, things have become a bit complicated thanks to the pandemic.

"Now we're stuck at home with quarantine and we figure we can have a virtual date," Flores says.

As she continues to get ready for her date, Flores burns her hand a few times with her curling iron, admitting she "forgot how to do this."

Flores eventually gathers herself, and the clip transitions to show her seated with dinner and red wine before launching the Zoom date.

"Oh there she is!" Clay says as they begin their date. "I'm looking forward to this dinner date."

The two then toast together with their wine before enjoying their meals and later salsa dancing together virtually.

Flores, who announced in March that she finalized her divorce from husband Jonathan Rivera, currently lives in Chicago with her roommate Vanessa. Harbour also lives in Chicago.

“Officially single!” Flores captioned her post, which included a photograph of herself sitting outside a Chicago courthouse with a smile on her face and one fist triumphantly raised in the air.

“By forgiving and closing chapters you open your heart to more blessings to come in your way,” she added. “I can’t thank you enough to all my followers, friends and family for all your love and support in all this journey. This isn’t a failure, this is a win! Excited to see what God has planned for me.”

Rivera confirmed in January 2019 that the pair had decided to end their marriage. The former couple were fan favorites from season 6 of the TLC show.

“Every marriage has its problems. Every relationship has its issues,” he said during an Instagram Live, noting that while he “gave 110 percent to my marriage,” he “reached a point” where he had to focus on himself.

“Fernanda and I will remain friends,” he added. “I think you give everything in a relationship — in a marriage — that you can. I will give everything I can to the next person in my life.”

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