‘Build more prisons!’ Jeremy Vine caller stuns panel with furious coronavirus rant

Jeremy Vine asked his guests today what they thought about the idea of letting prisoners free in the hopes of keeping them safe during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One caller, Aavi, left the Channel 5 show’s panel stunned when he went on a very passionate rant about not letting prisoners out because they have done a crime at the end of the day. 

Jeremy welcomed Aavi who was against the idea of letting prisoners free and at first, he wished everyone well during this difficult time. 

The chat quickly took a turn though, Aavi said: “But, you’ve done the crime, now you have to do the time.

“What’s wrong with you lot? If you were the victim of that crime, you’d be like ‘lock him up, lock him up, give him the electric chair’

“Listen, you’ve done a crime, do the time and I’ll tell you something else.”


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Aavi moved onto people who are struggling with money because they have been sent home due to the coronavirus panic. 

He said: “I don’t want your £80, you know these people who are winging about ‘oh we are struggling now, we are struggling’.

“Listen, you should have had some backup funding, I don’t want 80 percent of my wages.

“Build a prison, build another prison cause you can knock these hospitals up as quite as boats.

“Build another prison, criminals, when this is over with the big ‘C’, and everyone will survive it.

“Now let me tell you something, build some prisons,” he said before he was interrupted by Jeremy. 

Jeremy said: “I do understand, you don’t go to jail for stealing a postage stamp.

“You go because you have committed 30 burglaries. You’re absolutely right.”

This wasn’t the only coronavirus debate that got out of hand on Jeremy Vine today, earlier in the show James Max and Salma El-Wardany fell out over Prince Charles’ coronavirus test. 

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The news broke yesterday that Prince Charles had tested positive for coronavirus. 

As a result, the host wanted to know if it is fair that the Prince of Wales should be allowed a test when frontline NHS staff are not.

James Max very clearly thought that testing a royal was going to take priority over NHS frontline workers and branded Salma “ridiculous” for disagreeing. 

But Salma bit back and said: “James, just because you are saying ‘rubbish’ to everything, doesn’t make your argument any stronger.

“I think there is immense private wealth here, which you are not even acknowledging.


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“Remember that something like coronavirus and this pandemic, that we are currently going through is highlighting this massive divide between rich and poor.

“And those who are able to access the test is because of the money, so are able to access tests and healthcare and if god forbid they have any of the symptoms.

“Prince Charles and the Royal Family should not be using NHS resources.”

Jeremy Vine continues on Channel 5 tomorrow at 9:15am. 

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