The Good Doctor fans stunned as Shaun leaves Lea sobbing with brutal attack after shock dumping – The Sun

FANS of The Good Doctor have been left divided over whether Shaun Murphy was too harsh to his friend Lea Dilallo after she rejected him for being autistic.

Dr Shaun (played by Freddie Highmore) was left heartbroken in the latest episode of the ABC medical drama, which aired on Monday, after confessing his love for Lea (Paige Spara), only for her to rebuff his advances.

Despite Lea telling Shaun she felt the same as he did, she insisted they shouldn’t be together because it wouldn’t work due to his autism. 

A devastated Shaun later went to smash Lea’s car windows with a baseball bat, telling her: “I want to hurt you the way you hurt me.

“You’re flaky, and you can’t keep a boyfriend. And you can’t keep a job. And no one likes you.

“And you’re going to end up alone and you deserve it, because you’re a superficial, selfish, and prejudiced person.”

Afterwards, viewers took to social media to debate whether Shaun’s reaction had been reasonable or not – and were split.

One said on Twitter: “Shaun needs to understand that not everything can go as he wants and that he’s not the only one struggling. Lea has her own problems.”

Another added: “I think Lea does care, but she has her own problems and obvious self-esteem issues.

“She never set out to hurt him, but the road to heartache was built by people who never meant to hurt each other.”

However, there was plenty of Twitter support for Shaun for expressing his hurt.

One fan wrote: “As much as I’ve liked Lea she needed to hear what Shaun said. I’m so glad he called her out.”

Another added: “It needed to be said.”

As series 3 draws to a conclusion, with just two episodes left, it remains unclear whether the pair can rebuild their friendship.

The next episode, which will air on Monday March 23 following a week’s break, will see California experience a massive earthquake, with all of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital doctors needed to treat the injured.

The promo teases that not everyone will survive, leaving fans predicting which of the staff might die.

The Sun told recently how filming on season 3 had officially wrapped, with the cast celebrating with commemorative photos and videos, as well as notes to their fellow co-stars.

The Good Doctor continues on Monday, March 23 on ABC.

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