Vogue Williams reveals she refuses to go to work without son Theo, age 1 – The Sun

MODEL Vogue Williams has banned herself from going on reality TV shows that take her away from her family, we can reveal.

The mum-of-one – who has just announced she is five-and-a-half months pregnant with her second child – says she finds it impossible to spend more than two nights apart from 18-month-old son Theodore.

And she adds that her husband Spencer Matthews has ruled out ever going back on Made in Chelsea as he wants to focus on his low alcohol booze company.

In an exclusive interview, Vogue, 34, said: "I am quite picky about the work I do now and I could not do a show that would take me away from Theodore.

“I have never spent more than two nights away from him so I wouldn’t do anything that I could not work around the family.

“I always wanted to do SAS: Who Dares Wins but I wouldn’t do it now I have a child, I wouldn’t be able to leave Theodore for a full week and not be able to talk to him.”

Vogue added of hubby Spencer, 31, who runs the Clean Liquor Company: “He was never thinking about going back on Made in Chelsea. He is 100 per cent not doing that nor would he ever. It’s just not his thing anymore.

“He loved it when he did it but it’s not his vibe anymore. Spencer is very business orientated now so that is what he is concentrating on.

“He doesn’t really like social media at all either. He only follows one person and that’s me.

“If you look at his timeline it’s just a picture of me and that’s the way he likes it. He always says, ‘I don’t want to see anyone else’s sh*t.’”

Vogue says her and husband ‘Spenny’ have come a long way since the days when he was regularly photographed stumbling out of nightclubs having shot to fame on a series of reality shows including MIC.

The couple also appeared together on The Jump, where they met in 2017, and Spencer has also done I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity Masterchef in the past.

Last week they announced that Vogue is due to give birth to a baby girl in the summer.

The Irish telly host said of the happy news: "We're delighted. It's so exciting but kind of scary to think we're going to have another newborn."

Vogue later added that they have yet to commit to a third series of their self-tilted show, Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too.

But in our exclusive chat she admits she would still be tempted to rejoin The Jump despite a snowboarding accident damaging her knee and forcing her to quit the daring winter sports contest the last time around.

She said: "I love The Jump and am waiting for the day that comes back so I can go and prove myself and not injure myself.

“But I’m lucky that I get to spend so much time with Theodore. We have a nanny that comes 30 hours a week so the other 138 hours or whatever it is I am doing."

She continued: "Everyone has it tough. Before I became a mother I thought being a stay-at-home mum would be lovely, but it is a really, really hard job and unless you’ve been a parent you never know how hard it is.

"Hands up to everyone that does that.

"I might make it look easy sometimes but I like to be honest on Instagram and say you know what, it’s not all super easy and don’t think it’s super easy for me if you’re finding it hard. It was just about being honest.

"Theodore went through a phase of about two weeks of waking us up and that was exhausting but he’s gone back now to getting up at about half five and it used to be about half six which was the dream."

She added: "I see some people’s kids waking up at half seven and I think, 'Oh my God, will that ever happen to me?' That’s why Spencer and I go to bed early at around 9.30pm and that’s why we’re boring – because we don’t go out as much as we used to.

"You prioritise and I’d rather be fresh for Theodore in the morning than have a night out on Saturday night. I like to spend quality time with him and you can’t do that when you’re hungover.

"I have been using Lucy Wolfe, the Irish sleep coach.

"You just ring her and she talks you through the schedule and why he is not sleeping and what you have to do to make it better.

"She has guided me through his sleep and has been very very helpful. If ever I think why is he doing this I look at Lucy's book and find that quite helpful.

"I think Theodore wasn’t feeling very well a couple of weeks ago and there’s a lot going on with his words so he could be that but otherwise he just doesn’t want to sleep for me."

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